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JetBrains MPS 3.1-RC3 (build 135.944)
release date: 11th June 2014

JetBrains MPS distribution

File Description Size MD5
MPS-3.1-RC3-135.944-macos.dmg Mac Os X installer 144.54 Mb c6f0e5cbf13dad5635428ae46e49b03f
MPS-3.1-RC3-135.944.exe Windows installer 186.69 Mb cbceebee0805987a17fc3237de9a35e6
MPS-3.1-RC3-135.944.tar.gz Unix gzipped tarball 143.82 Mb 7d1870d25906c1ec1d2ae0d47c0b4a55 Unified package 144.67 Mb 29b2f390e3e9a0b50ae68e7f53ce187e baseLanguage.dates and obsolete languages 6.32 Mb 563b78eee10f1f9cb51996e52c05c4a4

MPS IntelliJ IDEA plugin

File Description Size MD5 IDEA plugin 58.93 Mb 5a5dab9941dec2770b342324d4da32f1
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