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JetBrains MPS 3.0.2 (build 129.438)
release date: 2nd December 2013
release notes: MPS 3.0.2 release notes

JetBrains MPS distribution

File Description Size MD5
MPS-3.0.2-macos.dmg Mac Os X installer 128.67 Mb ac51b8858ec1f580a288a1581e81f11b
MPS-3.0.2.exe Windows installer 174.04 Mb 61a789b063ea89324eabfc8f1ad84064
MPS-3.0.2.tar.gz Unix gzipped tarball 128.06 Mb 6839c053e76f22e18c01df7e11dfbb45 Unified package 128.51 Mb 60688580647891cf08120177a4964670 baseLanguage.dates and obsolete languages 4.86 Mb 6d78a7473325ebecd5b101f4aec7401b

MPS IntelliJ IDEA plugin

File Description Size MD5 IDEA plugin 51.23 Mb 68c27171edc90551afbbaa312e5d059c
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