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This document provides a quick comparison of Kotlin to Java.


Safety problems in Java that are fixed in Kotlin:

Usability problems in Java that are fixed in Kotlin:

What Java has and Kotlin has not

What Kotlin has and Java has not

What's next

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  1. Nov 11, 2012

    A new language brings advantages for the developer who understands (and loves) the concepts.

    But it would be good to have a transformation to Java (beside the direct transformation to JVM byte code).

    Because usually there is a lot of resistance for acceptance of a new language (e.g. Scala).

    Co-workers know Java and don't want to spend time to learn a new language and new concepts.

    Project managament is affraid that the language might disappear in the near future,

    i.e. that the just developped program will be legacy code without support on new platforms,

    or that the maintenance is a problem if the original developer is not available and no one else in the enterprise knows the language.

  2. Mar 29, 2013

    A feature of Java 8 Lambdas are method references. I observe in my Kotlin-code, that I would like to use them frequently.

    Is there an equivalent in Kotlin. Or is it planned to have one in the future?

    1. Mar 29, 2013

      We are working on this feature.