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Quick popups are helpful for checking additional information related to the symbol at the caret. Here is a list of popups you should know if you want to be more productive.

1. Parameter info

The information on parameters required for a particular method is available via Ctrl + P (Cmd+P) shortcut. The popup shows the matched overloaded method, highlighting the current parameter.

2. Quick Definition

If you want to quickly look at the implementation of a symbol at the caret, you can call the Quick Definition by pressing
Shift + Ctrl + I (Shift + Cmd + I).

3. Documentation

The documentation popup is one of the most used editor features. To see the documentation, just press Ctrl + Q (Ctrl + J for Mac).

4. Pin popups

If you want to keep the documentation open, click the Pin button in the top right corner. It will show the documentation for the current symbol.

5. Dock popup

If you don’t like float popup windows, you can dock them as a tool window by using the button in the top right-hand corner.

6. Popups in other components

It is well-known that Quick popups are available for symbols in the editor. However, they are also available for items in any other list, via the same shortcuts:

You can use quick popups even if you browse the elements from the Navigation bar via Alt + Home (Alt + for Mac).

7. Show usages

Show usages is a very simple but powerful feature. Just press Alt + Ctrl + F7 (Alt + Cmd + F7 for Mac) and get a list of usages for any symbol at the caret:

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