Leda 122.592 Release Notes

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No subsystem

IDEA-93159 (Bug) Guice-inspections don't understand javax.inject.Inject-annotations
IDEA-92678 (Bug) OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space after a couple of deployments to CloudFoundry


IDEA-90594 (Usability Problem) Android designer: keep Designer mode consistent.
IDEA-92117 (Performance Problem) In process of Android xml layout editing Idea have filled the entire java memory and freeze
IDEA-93130 (Bug) Can't access Android designer context menu by Ctrl-clicking on Mac
IDEA-90562 (Exception) Android: do not throw "IncorrectOperationException: java.io.IOException: Cannot delete file" on attempt to delete a locked resource file


IDEA-92617 (Exception) SASS: IAE: resource org/jetbrains/plugins/sass/sass_functions.scss not found at SassScssStdlibInclusionContext.addSassStdlibStubs() on startup

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-88148 (Feature) Create new inspection for String concatenation as argument to log statement.
IDEA-86879 (Bug) Inspection "Unused declaration" should not apply to the public constructors of Externalizable classes.
IDEA-92840 (Bug) Grammar mistake in Class.isAnnotationPresent warning
IDEA-92679 (Bug) Deadlock due to unsafe event dispatch thread use
IDEA-92967 (Bug) Inspections / Imports / Unused Import: superfluous warning with both static and non-static elements importing
IDEA-71293 (Bug) Inspections / Imports / Redundant Import: no warning for type import redundant due to static import
IDEA-93043 (Bug) Bad code is green: 'overriding method is static'
IDEA-92776 (Bug) Incorrect warnings for non-matching logging levels
IDEA-71186 (Bug) Inspections / Imports / Redundant import: false positive with static imports of deeply nested elements
IDEA-23333 (Bug) Log condition 'isEnabledFor(Level.INFO)' doesn't match 'info()' statement
IDEA-92724 (Bug) JDK 1.8: "Replace lambda with method reference" quick fix inserts FQN before constructor reference
IDEA-93025 (Bug) JDK 1.8: "Can be replaced with method reference" inspection could report lambdas which return inner classes
IDEA-92759 (Bug) NPE in RefManagerImpl.export
IDEA-92038 (Bug) Find Duplicates
IDEA-92859 (Exception) JDK 1.8: Throwable at LambdaCanBeMethReferenceInspection.createMethodReferenceText() on "Replace lambda with method reference" quick fix

Code Navigation

IDEA-92366 (Bug) Ctrl+B on incomplete constructor invocation leads to class name
IDEA-92740 (Bug) Navigate in Project View doesn't work for cls methods with implicit Object as type parameter bound

Compiling Project

IDEA-89797 (Feature) Annotation processors configuration should has two separate fields for generated test sources and generated production sources
IDEA-92674 (Bug) Test sources no longer compile in 122.519 when they depend on another module's test sources


IDEA-92339 (Feature) Database Console: Copy as HTML improvement
IDEA-92487 (Usability Problem) Added edit record button for Database records.
IDEA-92375 (Usability Problem) Support for closing Database console tabs through middle-click on tab title
IDEA-92243 (Bug) PHP Storm default database interface
IDEA-88742 (Bug) Database tool window: Sybase: Quick Doc fails to show content of table without primary key
IDEA-92638 (Bug) Database console: Copy Data As TSV skips Tabs


IDEA-18659 (Usability Problem) Debugger log tabs must be closable with middle click
IDEA-91516 (Bug) Breakpoint Dialog: I can delete nondeletable default breakpoints with keyboard
IDEA-91890 (Bug) View breakpoint dialog has UI issues

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-92896 (Bug) Invalid parameters names in implemented methods.
IDEA-80858 (Bug) Assigning Start/Stop Record to Keymap key records key that start/stops macro recording
IDEA-93077 (Exception) JDK 1.8: AIOOBE at LambdaUtil.getReturnType()

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-92559 (Bug) Unconventional names for "Find Usages" Menu items.
IDEA-92804 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Find Constructor Usages could find ::new constructor references


IDEA-91927 (Feature) ASC 2.0 (Actionscript Compiler 2.0)
IDEA-92931 (Feature) Support running FlexUnit tests on AIR Mobile Emulator if corresponding build configuration has Target platform: Mobile


IDEA-92623 (Exception) GWT: NCDFE org/jetbrains/jps/gwt/model/impl/GwtModuleExtensionPropertiest com.intellij.gwt.facet.GwtFacetConfiguration.<init>


IDEA-92613 (Feature) 'identity' method is synonym of 'with'
IDEA-81225 (Feature) Groovy: Method generation from usage in GDSL
IDEA-92939 (Usability Problem) Groovy completion: don't auto-popup if I define a variable via the "def" keyword.
IDEA-93015 (Bug) Reformat code in a Spock test breaks table formatting in a where-clause
IDEA-92838 (Bug) "Convert to Java": update enum references (ClassName.ref)
IDEA-92621 (Bug) Groovy: 'Move to package' fix doesn't work
IDEA-92846 (Bug) No Groovy keyword highlighting while indexing
IDEA-92833 (Bug) Type inference doesn't update type after assert instanceof
IDEA-92619 (Bug) type of gstring parameter
IDEA-92814 (Bug) Groovy: don't complete 'def' after 'new'
IDEA-92829 (Bug) Cannot "Change Signature..." of groovy method that is implementing an interface
IDEA-92820 (Bug) Groovy: parse extends list in enums
IDEA-92892 (Bug) Add some spacing before the method declaring class in completion lookup
IDEA-92963 (Bug) Groovy: Good code is red (Invalid value to assign to)
IDEA-92756 (Bug) Invalid class reference aren't error-highlighted in Groovy
IDEA-92614 (Bug) Check types in for-each
IDEA-92730 (Bug) Invalid GroovyDoc breaks code completion
IDEA-89883 (Bug) IDEA doesn't add closing "}" after typing "{" if "unbalanced" brackets appear in Javadoc
IDEA-92608 (Bug) Groovy doesn't warn if a parameter of a function in the anonymous inner class has the same name as is already in the scope
IDEA-92988 (Bug) Wrong 'field aready defined' error when using inner classes


IDEA-62134 (Usability Problem) Hibernate console result tabs should be closeable with middle-click

IDE Configuration

IDEA-92765 (Cosmetics) Settings: long project name should be abbreviated
IDEA-82372 (Bug) Select Font dialog can't render some OTF fonts


IDEA-92890 (Bug) BPMN eventBasedGateway id is not recognized by Diagram


IDEA-87802 (Feature) Support GlassFish 4


IDEA-82855 (Bug) Struts 2 <action> "method": one method displayed multiple times (probably because it is interface method)
IDEA-86768 (Bug) Struts2: do not highlight "{...}" expression in <action> method

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-91838 (Feature) Complete instance members from static inner class
IDEA-92858 (Bug) Code completion: Remove special wildcard * handling
IDEA-88769 (Bug) Java keyword completion: duplicate "final" suggestion
IDEA-92394 (Bug) Completion of inner class name used as type parameter inserts incorrect qualified name
IDEA-92844 (Bug) Bug: Intrusive code completion after '%'
IDEA-92713 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Code Completion inserts unnecessary semicolon when completing method references enclosed in parentheses
IDEA-92934 (Bug) Class completion is damn slow in plugin.xml and I can't write RED code anymore
IDEA-92940 (Bug) Autocompletion inserts incorrect code
IDEA-92823 (Bug) Completion order
IDEA-92884 (Bug) Daemon doesn't start anymore until IDEA restart
IDEA-92705 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Code Completion after :: token in method references doesn't suggest instance methods, only static ones and 'new'

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-92851 (Bug) JDK 1.8: good code is red: type argument in a method reference is error-highlighted in the reference is located in a generic class
IDEA-92641 (Bug) JDK 1.8: good code is red in assignment where both method of a functional interface and a method reference have vararg parameters
IDEA-92842 (Bug) Unnecessary Cast Inspection fails on generic expressions
IDEA-92711 (Bug) JDK 1.8: good code is red in expression with reference to an instance method of an arbitrary object if the method has vararg parameters
IDEA-92273 (Bug) Good code is red when raw type passed to generic method
IDEA-92733 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Good code is red (Incompatible parameter types in lambda expression)
IDEA-67756 (Bug) False error 'Cannot reference this ...'
IDEA-92699 (Bug) JDK 1.8: good code is red in expression with method reference if invocation's receiver has wildcard type
IDEA-92722 (Bug) JDK 1.8: "this::new" and "super::new" constructor references should be error-highlighted
IDEA-67680 (Bug) False error 'Type arguments given on a raw type'
IDEA-91988 (Bug) JDK 1.8: good code is marked red: type inference error
IDEA-92735 (Bug) JDK 1.8: inner class constructor reference should be error-highlighted if no enclosing instance parameter is provided
IDEA-92600 (Bug) JDK 1.8: if there is an invalid assignment with a method reference, quick fix suggests incorrect variants
IDEA-93083 (Bug) Incorrect warning: 'constructor parameter for @Nullable field is annotated as @NotNull
IDEA-92777 (Bug) JDK 1.8: god code is red: inner class constructor reference is error-highlighted even if "this" enclosing instance parameter is implicitly provided
IDEA-93019 (Exception) JDK 1.8: NPE at LambdaUtil.depends() on invalid code with method reference

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-93109 (Bug) Incorrect simplify action of functions with anonymous classes with comments
IDEA-92702 (Bug) JDK 1.8: "Replace method reference with lambda" intention incorrectly replaces references to instance methods of arbitrary objects
IDEA-92862 (Bug) JDK 1.8: "Replace method reference with lambda" intention results with invalid code if type parameter(s) are specified before :: delimiter

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-92956 (Usability Problem) Constructor to builder refactoring window: fields grid limited to 12 rows.
IDEA-92029 (Bug) Files get open for edit even if refactor is canceled.
IDEA-92156 (Bug) Bug when refactoring to a Method/method object, when inside a loop when continues are used
IDEA-92742 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Inline Refactoring: insert type cast if needed when inlining method references
IDEA-92588 (Bug) Use interface where possible refactoring incorrectly handles try construct
IDEA-92815 (Bug) Extract method refactoring with "Fold parameters" is too clever - breaks functioning code
IDEA-93084 (Bug) "Invert Boolean" for class field renames corresponding constructor parameter incorrectly
IDEA-92902 (Bug) "Add constructor parameters" quick fix for multiple fields produces red code if the fields have common name suffix
IDEA-93138 (Exception) JDK 1.8: Throwable at MakeMethodStaticProcessor.changeExternalUsage() on Make Static Refactoring applied to a method used in a method reference expression
IDEA-92601 (Exception) JDK 1.8: IOE at ChangeSignatureProcessorBase.performRefactoring() on Change Signature of a method used in a method reference expression


IDEA-72986 (Usability Problem) Artifact version cut off in Maven Artifact Search dialog
IDEA-91638 (Usability Problem) Make "Maven > Importing > Keep source and test folders on reimport" setting enabled by default
IDEA-92744 (Bug) Errors are not highlighted in Maven Log

Project Configuration

IDEA-93001 (Usability Problem) JSDK should be called JDK instead
IDEA-92642 (Bug) IDEA changes Eclipse's .classpath when opening project
IDEA-92949 (Bug) Copyright per file type profiles gone..
IDEA-91002 (Bug) Load error: undefined path variables!: ECLIPSE_HOME is undefined
IDEA-92948 (Exception) NPE at com.intellij.openapi.command.WriteCommandAction.execute
IDEA-92964 (Exception) Unable to create new module

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-91621 (Feature) Refresh files after run configuration is finished
IDEA-92968 (Bug) IntelliJ does not recognize class that inherits main() method as class that can be run


IDEA-92673 (Feature) See Settings / Code Style / Wrap inside: do we need separate settings for "From clause" and "Join expressions"?
IDEA-92661 (Feature) SQL Dialect intention
IDEA-92670 (Usability Problem) Settings / Code Style / SQL: no way to control Tab size


IDEA-54739 (Feature) Spring MVC: Resolving and completion for URL path variables (@RequestMapping/@PathVariable)
IDEA-93202 (Cosmetics) Spring security debug-mode hint typo
IDEA-92794 (Bug) Infinite hang up on opening a jsp file in editor
IDEA-83021 (Bug) Spring: framework templates: Hibernate template: correct javadoc links

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-92572 (Bug) Freemarker - parser should recognise built-in special variables ".now" and ".template_name"

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-92737 (Cosmetics) DataFlowInspectionTestSuite class doesn't have JUnit icon on it.
IDEA-92725 (Bug) JUnit run configuration editor is too wide

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-92770 (Bug) TestNG should compare Sets as id done for Lists

User Interface

IDEA-89508 (Feature) Show the defining class of methods from superclasses in File Structure Popup
IDEA-93097 (Usability Problem) Recent project list should not contain project with same name
IDEA-92849 (Usability Problem) Too small fonts on toolwindow buttons and in push dialog
IDEA-93092 (Cosmetics) Plugin Manager: "Plugin dependencies detected" modal dialog has Yes and No buttons, but asks no questions
IDEA-92668 (Cosmetics) Recent Projects lines jump
IDEA-78451 (Cosmetics) "Use alternative JRE" Run Configuration option is truncated on Windows Look and Feel
IDEA-92575 (Cosmetics) New Project/Module Wizard: change Grails and Griffon Application to Grails and Griffon Modules
IDEA-92630 (Cosmetics) Browse Repositories: date column values do not fit
IDEA-93059 (Bug) "Open" action does nothing if you select a directory which doesn't have .idea under it
IDEA-89373 (Bug) Open file from command line in recently used project window
IDEA-92435 (Bug) Breakpoints dialog: right-most controls are trimmed
IDEA-79203 (Bug) Re-run keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-F5) doesn't work
IDEA-90515 (Bug) Editor tab dragged by dragging Configuration Menu pop-out items

Version Control

IDEA-48965 (Usability Problem) Version Control: buttons in the toolbar of ChangedFiles tab of Repositories/Incoming view shoud get context from this tab only

Version Control. CVS

IDEA-91558 (Usability Problem) CVS: Import into CVS wizard: while teh repository tree building is in progress, it is hard to press Next button (selection is lost)
IDEA-77869 (Bug) CVS Annotate Error
IDEA-50300 (Bug) CVS: after update with -A the previously switched file is shown as switched until Refresh

Version Control. Git

IDEA-92883 (Usability Problem) Compare with branch should not be modal
IDEA-91436 (Bug) Error on git fetch command: The remote end hung up unexpectedly, RPC handler object "Git4ideaSSHHandler" not found
IDEA-92824 (Bug) "Remember password" does not work

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-81540 (Feature) Mercurial (hg) integration should allow to copy revision number to clipboard
IDEA-64887 (Cosmetics) Mercurial: change dialog that appears on deleted-modified conflict
IDEA-93113 (Bug) IDEA always warns of an outdated version and incoming changelists even when there are no incoming changes
IDEA-92950 (Exception) Mercurial: Unknown status [h] in line [hg status [OPTION]... [FILE]...] Throwable at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgStatusCommand.parseChangesFromResult

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-93165 (Bug) Perforce: new-added files get "modified without checkout" state in some cases
IDEA-39709 (Bug) Perforce: with 'work offline' on the action BrowseChanges should be disabled
IDEA-93033 (Bug) Open for edit in a non-default changelist invokes p4 describe for each file
IDEA-93032 (Bug) When doing partial refresh, p4 opened is executed for each dirty file

Web Services

IDEA-91563 (Usability Problem) Web Services: Glassfish: JavaFromWSDL generation fails for uncompartible JAX-WS versions
IDEA-84982 (Bug) jackson-xc-*.jar missing in RESTful WS library
IDEA-92580 (Bug) JAXB Xml Schema generation handles JXC warnings as errors
IDEA-92058 (Bug) Web Services: CXF: ExposeClassAsWebService duplicates the contents of web.xml if cxf servlet has not-default name there
IDEA-92127 (Bug) RESTful Web Services: JAX_RSCXF libraries configuration problems


IDEA-92208 (Bug) Zen Coding does not work when the .xml extension does not map to XML file type
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