Leda 122.29 Release Notes

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IDEA-89171 (Feature) "Delegate methods" should include substituting default argument values
IDEA-89035 (Feature) File Tab Alphabetical
IDEA-62053 (Feature) Smart completion should suggest "public static final members" of any class
IDEA-89661 (Usability Problem) "Search with Google": only enable when a "useful" text selection is present
IDEA-89659 (Usability Problem) Property Table: expanding property should scroll viewport to fit it.
IDEA-89847 (Usability Problem) Compiler options: provide better locale list editor
IDEA-89646 (Usability Problem) Settings: Code Style: Change color or background for "Set from..."
IDEA-89570 (Cosmetics) Use product full name only
IDEA-66487 (Cosmetics) Replace with indexed loop intention and itli live template do not agree
IDEA-89674 (Bug) NPE in BasicScrollBarUI.setThumbBounds
IDEA-89574 (Bug) Unable to create a Java class in a source root
IDEA-89771 (Bug) Missing error highlighting
IDEA-89582 (Bug) Bad completion insertion
IDEA-89585 (Bug) Code Completion for class names in Run/Debug configurations shows 'import' and 'package' at the top of the lookup
IDEA-89672 (Bug) Too high memory usage on opening 11M large log file
IDEA-89469 (Bug) Menu Selection is not readable with JGoodies Windows LAF
IDEA-82540 (Bug) CoffeeScript debugging fails with invalid debug parameter
IDEA-89759 (Bug) Groovy: Completion for 'catch' keyword should add '('
IDEA-89512 (Bug) Perforce: when 'Remember Password' option is unset, it is impossible to login from IDEA
IDEA-89523 (Bug) The Complete Current Statement menu item/shortcut doesn't do anything for Groovy code
IDEA-89732 (Bug) Database console won't run 'show innodb status'
IDEA-89708 (Bug) Some Icons missing from icons.jar in EAP 12
IDEA-88544 (Bug) Create inspection for Groovy for switch/case statement for enum
IDEA-69866 (Bug) Macro that types a space isn't saved correctly
IDEA-89291 (Bug) Deadlock on project reloading
IDEA-88789 (Bug) Don't load PSI/content for large files
IDEA-89562 (Bug) "Undo Reload From Disk" prevents user changes undoing
IDEA-75793 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.update.AbstractCommonUpdateAction$Updater.runImpl
IDEA-88527 (Exception) Throwable at TypeConversionUtil.getSuperClassSubstitutor() on mouse over Overridden gutter mark with several versions of same library in classpath
IDEA-86609 (Exception) NPE: if invoke Details of element on Show Changes diagram
IDEA-89564 (Exception) Popups don't disappear on closing a project; exceptions are thrown on clicking a stuck popup from welcome screen (Mac OS)
IDEA-89769 (Exception) NFE at java.lang.Integer.parseInt


IDEA-64212 (Feature) Show android: in suggestion list while typing in android xml.
IDEA-89257 (Feature) support android:backupAgent attribute
IDEA-70314 (Feature) Extract Style Refactoring
IDEA-83873 (Usability Problem) Can't launch AVD manager
IDEA-78178 (Bug) First line of logcat output is not filtered
IDEA-89821 (Bug) 'Apply' button is enabled in Project Structure dialog just after opening because Android SDK says that it is modified
IDEA-89658 (Bug) Android: Extract Style refactoring doesn't suggest to extract 'android:layout_width' and 'android:layout_height' properties
IDEA-88565 (Bug) Android BuildConfig is generated in the same, non-configurable, destination directory: {project.root}/gen
IDEA-89493 (Bug) Android new component action is not available from Package view
IDEA-89642 (Bug) Android Designer: Properties: plus and minus controls to the left of expandable properties are missing


IDEA-89620 (Usability Problem) "Collapse Inline CSS": add option to disable

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-89831 (Feature) inspection "Empty class" vs classes like com.google.inject.TypeLiteral
IDEA-89838 (Feature) Configure inspection "'size() == 0' replaceable with 'isEmpty()'" to not flag inside custom implementations of Collection.
IDEA-89070 (Feature) Support Guava @VisibleForTesting annotation
IDEA-87681 (Feature) Create inspection to match the intention "Negate '==' to '!='"
IDEA-89836 (Bug) Inspection "Logging condition does not match log statement" is confused by "if else"
IDEA-89627 (Bug) Inspection "<code>...</code> can be replaced with {@code}" doesn't work with embedded curly braces.
IDEA-89485 (Bug) Empty string used in concatenation quick fix breaks compilation
IDEA-86646 (Bug) inspection "size()==0 is replaceable with isEmpty()" triggers for project level 1.5

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-87087 (Bug) Code formatting corrupts the code
IDEA-89197 (Bug) 'wrap always' for enum constants not saved in code style

Compiling Project

IDEA-89651 (Bug) NPE in external build with Groovy


IDEA-89849 (Bug) The DB2 dialect doesn't like 'with ur'

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-89450 (Bug) Quick Documentation doesn't show package summary documentation
IDEA-89440 (Bug) Quick Documentation: if pinned doc window has been closed through Hide action, it opens automatically for the next clicked item
IDEA-89622 (Bug) Delete line deletes one line more than it should
IDEA-36202 (Bug) Comment disappearing when joining lines
IDEA-89841 (Bug) Auto-Complete Does Not Include Static Imports


IDEA-89588 (Usability Problem) Flex: Refactor/Rename for module class should update RLM main class name in Runtime-Loaded Modules dialog in BC
IDEA-89643 (Bug) In Flex debugger russian text replaced by question marks
IDEA-89436 (Bug) Flex compiler configuration file (.idea/flexmojos/.xml) contains invalid XML for metadata when processing Flexmojos configuration report (target/-configs.xml)
IDEA-75267 (Bug) wrong characters in debug console


IDEA-89606 (Bug) GWT SuperDevMode — SDV server is not running
IDEA-89601 (Bug) GWT: SuperDevMode > java.io.IOException: workspace directory doesn't exist:
IDEA-89657 (Bug) Super dev mode fails to start if project has external dependencies


IDEA-89746 (Feature) select members with their doc by ctrl+w
IDEA-88531 (Bug) warning for implicit getter which does not override base method
IDEA-89476 (Bug) Introduce parameter in Java creates wrong code in Groovy
IDEA-89475 (Bug) Inline method with varargs loses varargs
IDEA-89772 (Bug) @Delegate doesn't work for deprecated methods
IDEA-89670 (Bug) Groovy: 'instanceof' keyword is not exist in completion variants
IDEA-89819 (Bug) undo don't work after 'Convert to GString'
IDEA-89735 (Bug) Incorrect warning "Not all execution paths return a value" when execution paths that do not return a value throws an exception instead
IDEA-88778 (Bug) Run configurations for inner classes
IDEA-89650 (Bug) Groovy: Wrong "Variable 'p' might not be assigned"
IDEA-89716 (Bug) Groovy: "Cannot assign 'Closure' to 'Class' " error message for closure-accepting annotations
IDEA-89760 (Bug) Grovy: complete 'case'
IDEA-89598 (Exception) NPE from GDSL


IDEA-89266 (Cosmetics) HTML doctype resource in .idea/misc.xml is saved with explicit IDE installation path

IDE Configuration

IDEA-23374 (Feature) Add FIXME as default TODO pattern
IDEA-89785 (Bug) Settings->Plugins: search only works after explicit focus of upper right searchfield


IDEA-89386 (Performance Problem) Slow processing of files with JPA queries


IDEA-89803 (Feature) Deployment Order with Tomcat/IntelliJ
IDEA-89880 (Usability Problem) Delay between Tomcat startup and deploy


IDEA-88718 (Bug) Select Word at Caret behaves differently in Jsp comment

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-85330 (Feature) Literals completion
IDEA-86839 (Cosmetics) Auto-import class when you can deduct it
IDEA-89745 (Bug) Stange completion insert handling (Java)
IDEA-85530 (Bug) Override dialog should not match on the parameter names/classes
IDEA-89059 (Bug) Selected item is scrolled off the bottom of the code completion popup

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-89818 (Bug) JDK 1.8: erroneous "Variable used in lambda expression should be effectively final" if a variable declared in a lambda is reassigned
IDEA-88895 (Bug) bad code not highlighted - private field accessed directly on the value returned from the wildcard generic method
IDEA-89801 (Bug) Code editor doesn't highlight compiler error for casting to an inconvertible type.
IDEA-89765 (Bug) false positive for "illegal generic type for instanceof" on inner class when both outer and inner classes are generic

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-89773 (Bug) "Bind Constructor Parameters to Fields" doesn't use parameter for field with matching name
IDEA-89737 (Bug) Deannotate intention is available when external annotations file is not editable (e.g. inside jar), but doesn't have any effect
IDEA-89806 (Exception) JDK 1.8: Throwable at ReplaceExpressionUtil.isNeedParenthesis() on "Flip commutative method call" intention called inside a lambda

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-88688 (Feature) Move Inner class to outer could offer improved preview
IDEA-88719 (Feature) 'Pull members up' dialog should have visibility options
IDEA-89800 (Usability Problem) Extract method code duplicate coverup
IDEA-89827 (Cosmetics) Refactoring balloon is posioned wrong when refactored item is scrolled away
IDEA-89351 (Bug) Refactor out variable of 2 occurrences in a for loop's braces generates uncompilable code


IDEA-89795 (Feature) New inspection: comparing "typeof var1" with undefined, not with "undefined"
IDEA-86441 (Bug) Rename dialog invoked on test Jasmine name shows error
IDEA-88978 (Bug) Wrong JS injection into Spring tags
IDEA-84482 (Bug) JSTestDriver cannot run one test file
IDEA-81652 (Bug) ExtJS & Structure popup confusion

JavaScript. Debugger

IDEA-89243 (Feature) Cannot compare value with clipboard

Local History

IDEA-50535 (Bug) Undo: rename in one open project should not affect undo in other projects opened at the same time


IDEA-89834 (Bug) IntelliJ automatically re-import projects when active profiles change
IDEA-89573 (Bug) OutOfMemoryError in MavenServerManager (No way to tune Xmx)
IDEA-89037 (Bug) disable automatic target folder exclusion in maven projects
IDEA-74131 (Bug) Failed to interpolate field: private org.apache.maven.model.Reporting ...

Plugin Support. API

IDEA-89544 (Feature) Make method public - LayoutCodeDialog#isDoNotAskMe
IDEA-89092 (Feature) ConsoleViewImpl should allow customization of FLUSH_DELAY

Product Documentation

IDEA-89555 (Cosmetics) Autopositioning quick documentation popup if there are not anough free space at bottom of IDE

Project Configuration

IDEA-89380 (Exception) NullPointerException in Project tree view with Flatten Packages set


IDEA-21055 (Usability Problem) In Database tool window, have option to display columns in order they were defined
IDEA-89578 (Bug) SQL: Bit-type columns looks like bool-type (PostgreSQL)


IDEA-68533 (Feature) Spring Integration support: aggregator bean: validate the type of 'release-strategy-method' method

Structural Search and Replace

IDEA-89750 (Bug) NPE performing SSR

Task Management

IDEA-89770 (Bug) Integration with Pivotal issue tracker: Error on line 1: Content is not allowed in prolog
IDEA-89180 (Bug) Tasks: PivotalTracker: "Use HTTP authentication" does not change view on click

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-89719 (Feature) freemarker: better Ctrl-W in @ftlvariable type attribute


IDEA-87161 (Exception) NPE at com.intellij.uml.presentation.DiagramPresentationModelImpl.getEdgeLabels
IDEA-86999 (Exception) NPE at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicScrollBarUI.uninstallListeners

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-89277 (Performance Problem) Test Results creation is slow

User Interface

IDEA-89684 (Feature) recent files: ability to select multiple entries by Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click
IDEA-89532 (Usability Problem) Value tooltip dissapears before I can click on '+'
IDEA-89811 (Bug) 'Complete Statement' action isn't counted for Productivity Guide
IDEA-87603 (Bug) Close Active Tab doesn't work

Version Control

IDEA-89437 (Bug) Git: annotate from File history tab shows incorrect file name for renamed file

Version Control. Git

IDEA-89754 (Feature) Add a pre-commit check on core.autocrlf option and warn if CRLF is about to be committed to the repository
IDEA-66127 (Usability Problem) Git SSH executable as a system wide setting
IDEA-82033 (Usability Problem) Git: process merge which failed because of invalid git executable friendlier
IDEA-57708 (Usability Problem) Version control console: caret moved from the last position could be kept where user put it (like for other consoles)
IDEA-56407 (Cosmetics) Revert action should be disabled in View Window for skipped commits
IDEA-89712 (Bug) Make Github plugin depend on Tasks plugin.
IDEA-76647 (Bug) Git::Too many empty lines in Version Control Console
IDEA-89445 (Bug) Git: Cannot show differences: fatal: Path 'path/to/file' does not exist in 'HASH' for file history refreshed after rename
IDEA-55673 (Bug) Git: in View from Rebasing commits window Revert action should be disabled
IDEA-55533 (Bug) Git: in Stash View window Revert action should be disabled
IDEA-86065 (Bug) Invalid error message: 'Invalid Git root mapping'
IDEA-89552 (Bug) Scary error message on 'Enable VCS integration' if executable is not valid
IDEA-76765 (Exception) Already disposed exception when IDEA was killed

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-89636 (Bug) Ignored folders are added to the version control
IDEA-89168 (Bug) IDEA doesn't work with Perforce Streams

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-89316 (Bug) Subversion: after Cleanup performing the unversioned subfolders are not detected until Refresh

Web Services

IDEA-89332 (Bug) WADL Generation Error: ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jersey.api.core.ResourceConfig
IDEA-89791 (Bug) RestfulWebservices: on RestfulWebservices option selecting in new module wizard GenerateSampleCode options don't work


IDEA-87330 (Bug) XML formatter mistakenly removed schemaLocation of default namespace
IDEA-89481 (Bug) Valid XML not recognized
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