IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.3 Release Notes

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IDEA-122247 (Feature) CDI stereotype alternative producers
IDEA-98912 (Usability Problem) An Enter license button should be added to the welcome screen
IDEA-123896 (Bug) Navigate -> symbol action doesn't find overloaded methods
IDEA-51883 (Bug) IDEA prints out huge number of pages
IDEA-124320 (Bug) Redundant appearance of 'Functional expression' 'Method Hierarchy' tool window
IDEA-123714 (Bug) almost 1 minute hang
IDEA-124454 (Bug) Code inspection reports no errors
IDEA-124319 (Bug) In 'Method Hierarchy' tool window 'Functional expression' doesn't bring you to code
WEB-10931 (Bug) Bower: synchronize changes on package Update
IDEA-124096 (Bug) Commit dialog: Ctrl+Alt+P doesn't invoke the Commit action popup on Java 7 & 8
WEB-12024 (Bug) Can't create Express project with Hogan.js and session support
IDEA-124057 (Bug) SSL Handshake failure
IDEA-124302 (Bug) @Resource injection fails inspection but compiles & works just fine
IDEA-123826 (Bug) CPU usage skyrockets when opening a specific java file
IDEA-124175 (Bug) JDK 8 style JavaDoc
IDEA-115374 (Bug) "Print file" truncates the code on Mac
IDEA-124097 (Bug) Structure tool window steals a focus
IDEA-124318 (Bug) Persistence SessionFactory in Hibernate module not found
WEB-11736 (Bug) Bad definition of HTMLDocument.querySelector
IDEA-123959 (Exception) cannot create a new file
IDEA-124377 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiSubstitutorImpl$SubstitutionVisitorBase.rebound
WEB-12013 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId
WEB-12014 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId


IDEA-93962 (Feature) Change Proguard logs output dir
IDEA-116225 (Usability Problem) No @Override on OnCreate generated method.
IDEA-123065 (Usability Problem) If no targets are added to Android SDK 'Next' button in Android project wizard silently doesn't work
IDEA-96923 (Task) Add possibility to launch selected Android tests in "Test Results" window
IDEA-124408 (Bug) Exception at
IDEA-124396 (Bug) Exception on update Android
IDEA-120474 (Bug) Android Nine Patch in IntelliJ
IDEA-105759 (Bug) Duplicate output with Maven and project compiler output
IDEA-123992 (Bug) Colour gutter icons are doubled in fxml files (javafx)
IDEA-124858 (Bug) Gradle Android module deletes SDKs.
IDEA-124162 (Bug) Analyze inspection error
IDEA-115810 (Bug) Completion of permissions names doesn't work correctly in IDEA 13
IDEA-124099 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.impl.local.LocalFileSystemBase.findFileByPath
IDEA-123065 (Critical) Unable to close 13.1 RC using menu on Mac
IDEA-125283 (Critical) Deadlock when restoring IntelliJ IDEA window

Build tools

WEB-11936 (Feature) Grunt: add Restart button to Grunt console
WEB-11713 (Feature) Grunt feedback
WEB-11326 (Task) Map help id to the Grunt tool window
WEB-11956 (Bug) The grunt plugin is not using the NODE_PATH environment variable
WEB-11955 (Bug) Grunt task grunt-contrib-clean does not show sub-tasks


WEB-11278 (Performance Problem) Bad performance expanding emmet
WEB-11910 (Bug) Autoformatting on @import statement can break media query

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-124124 (Bug) CDI inspection throws exception for regex

Compiling Project

IDEA-122078 (Bug) Consider excluded output roots on output cleaning
IDEA-124535 (Bug) com.sun.*.internal packages not found
IDEA-123994 (Bug) Java 8 compact profiles support
IDEA-124859 (Bug) Runtime module dependencies are not compiled when run configuration with dependent module is launched
IDEA-124301 (Bug) jdk9 builds cannot be used for project/module compilation
IDEA-124871 (Bug) Can't build project if its name contains colon
IDEA-122591 (Bug) UnsupportedOperationException in JPS when HTTP proxy is configured


WEB-11947 (Bug) Some problems with Dart cmd line app and DartUnit run configurations
WEB-11196 (Bug) 'export' directives are handled incorrectly. Was: Code navigation doesn't work for files in different folders
WEB-11461 (Bug) Dart: In debugger all objects has the same id
WEB-12120 (Bug) ?????
WEB-10524 (Bug) Dart does not observe export library files


IDEA-123900 (Usability Problem) Can't add data source while indexing
IDEA-124598 (Bug) Database table editor: keyboard shortcut for Add New Row is not applied
IDEA-120058 (Bug) Copy-as-update-statements sometimes works incorrectly
IDEA-124835 (Bug) PostgreSQL: exception instead of data at columns of type 'box[]'
IDEA-125074 (Bug) Database table edit doesn't keep the result page
IDEA-125172 (Bug) Cannot execute statement 'EXPLAIN PLAN FOR <statement with parameters>'
IDEA-125008 (Bug) Database Explorer Bug when delete a foreign key
IDEA-123904 (Bug) No Query Found
IDEA-124479 (Bug) MS SQL. SQL Insert Statements data extractor does not wrap text values with quotes.
IDEA-110463 (Bug) INSERT exporter does not honour MySQL backslash escapes
IDEA-124770 (Bug) Table editor does not work with tables starting with a digit
IDEA-125072 (Exception) Database: AE at com.intellij.persistence.database.psi.DbElementImpl.getDataSource


WEB-9103 (Bug) nodejs: Debugger not showing value of getter
WEB-11784 (Bug) slow nodejs debug: huge array cause 100 cpu debug
WEB-6069 (Bug) CoffeeScript Debugger doesn't show value of the variables
IDEA-123931 (Bug) Nashorn debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints in some js files
IDEA-123930 (Exception) AIOOBE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.createValue

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-122732 (Bug) Javadoc invalid html closing tags
IDEA-124527 (Bug) Shift-drag after Shift-click starts new selection in editor

File System

IDEA-123354 (Bug) IDEA 13.1.2 EAP hangs on Project load

File Watchers

WEB-11689 (Bug) SASS/SCSS partials ignored by file watcher
WEB-11517 (Bug) Custom file watcher doesn't watch changes in SASS partials
WEB-11638 (Bug) Less File Watcher dependency tracking does not work as expected
WEB-10884 (Exception) PhpStorm crashes on copying folder in project tree

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-122383 (Bug) PageUp/PageDown don't work in ShowUsages popup (Ctrl-Alt-F7)


IDEA-122823 (Bug) Full class name used when generating getter & setter in AS3 project
IDEA-124413 (Bug) Cannot use iOS simulator without provisioning profile & keystore


IDEA-123980 (Usability Problem) Gradle refresh project breaking Spring MVC integration.
IDEA-123856 (Bug) IDEA looses information which artifact to build in run/debug configuration when synchronizing with gradle
IDEA-124005 (Bug) Reading resources out of a source directory doesn't make it a resource directory
IDEA-123395 (Bug) Gradle: root project name and its tasks are duplicated in gradle tool window
IDEA-122893 (Bug) deploymentDescriptor uses absolute path in .iml file for Gradle web project
IDEA-121795 (Bug) Gradle import doesn't create artifact for second war project


IDEA-123820 (Bug) Typeless Groovy catch parameter is Exception


WEB-11046 (Feature) Inspection for letter case in HTML (esp. for AngularJS)
WEB-11877 (Bug) Emmet transforms escaped $ to 0 (zero)

IDE Configuration

IDEA-123898 (Bug) IntelliJ Configuration server : create/manage JetBrains account error


IDEA-124956 (Performance Problem) PsiShortNameCacheImpl.getClassesByName() is O(N^2)


IDEA-122688 (Bug) Erroneous CDI injection warnings


IDEA-122726 (Bug) JSF tag problems after upgrading to 13.1.1


IDEA-123160 (Bug) Find Usages doing nothing in 13.1
IDEA-124127 (Bug) legal web.xml inspection shows error for <error-page> <exception-type>java.lang.Throwable</exception-type>


IDEA-120292 (Bug) Support custom http port in Websphere LP


IDEA-117698 (Bug) Auto closing of tags in jsp seems to incorrectly prioritize html tags
IDEA-125129 (Bug) I would like to reopen IDEA-117698
IDEA-124021 (Bug) Cannot resolve method 'print(int)' with JSP custom tags
IDEA-121511 (Exception) JSPX: Throwable at DocumentFoldingInfo.writeExternal() on pasting java code

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-124935 (Bug) Completion font issue on Spring
IDEA-122946 (Bug) final modifier not inserted when completing a sequence of parameters from an inner method
IDEA-123493 (Bug) Smart completion makes completed variable final
IDEA-124043 (Bug) IDEA doesn't complete method references

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-124725 (Bug) Ambiguous reference problem
IDEA-122018 (Bug) Java 8 error highlighting problem
IDEA-124352 (Bug) Illegal Java syntax validation error on an overloaded method call
IDEA-124507 (Bug) Overload ambiguity
IDEA-124271 (Bug) Bad code green due to type erasure
IDEA-123289 (Bug) Infer nullability of 'for each' variable from type annotations of the collection parameter
IDEA-123518 (Bug) Java Editor shows (wrong) error message when resolving diamond expression
IDEA-123509 (Bug) Code inspection shows error "required ? super T, found capture<? super T>
IDEA-124148 (Bug) JDK 8 lambda support: wrong "Bad return type in method reference"

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-124322 (Bug) Java 8: Create method from method reference: if generic functional interface is instantiated via m.r., type argument is not propagated to new method
IDEA-124187 (Bug) Intention "Replace lambda with anonymous class" introduces bad code
IDEA-124820 (Bug) Replace with collect. Unresolved symbol.
IDEA-124748 (Bug) Wrong code replacement proposal

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-124349 (Bug) Extract Parameter refactoring fails for nested calls
IDEA-124525 (Bug) Replace with lambda do not take into account generic parameter
IDEA-124385 (Bug) Replace anonymous type with lambda bug


IDEA-124485 (Bug) Java 1.8: Create method from method reference: new method is created in current class if type argumant is specified for method owner
IDEA-124222 (Bug) Inspection "replace with collect" applied to iterables
IDEA-124745 (Exception) Create method from usage: Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.quickfix.CreateFromUsageUtils.setupMethodBody


IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem) 100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies
WEB-11892 (Bug) es6 Array comprehensions - Good code red
WEB-12054 (Bug) Good code red - es6 Multiline String Templates
WEB-11941 (Bug) WebStorm 8 locks the JS file if it see ES6 Types
WEB-11497 (Bug) window.getComputedStyle does not require two arguments.
WEB-11980 (Bug) Good code red - es6 double for
WEB-10432 (Bug) jsHint: support extends

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-12063 (Bug) Angular directive attribute value tokens are broken in Haml
WEB-11449 (Bug) Cannot search for usages on AngularJS directive definition
WEB-11834 (Bug) IIS ACL Permissions when creating foundation/bootstrap projects from templates

JavaScript. Predefs

WEB-10200 (Bug) Add document.head attribute to DHTML.js

JavaScript. Templates

WEB-11969 (Exception) AngularJS conflicts with Handlebars/Mustaches

Live Edit

WEB-11393 (Bug) Live edit doesn't work for linked css


IDEA-44718 (Feature) Maven: provide possibility to navigate from profile node in MavenProjects tree to the corresponding profile


WEB-11993 (Bug) Node.js Plugin: relative module path can't be resolved in `require` call
WEB-11823 (Bug) Trying to create a new Node.js Express App - Error: Wrong Express Generator
WEB-11566 (Bug) Multi-instance run configuration of Node.js

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-124796 (Bug) List of plugins was not loaded: (404 on

Project Configuration

IDEA-123986 (Usability Problem) New project wizard: remove highlighting from disabled templates
IDEA-91446 (Bug) New Project wizard import from the existing sources step works correctly for Java projects only
IDEA-123935 (Bug) New Project wizard: no project/global libraries are created on new module adding via project structure


IDEA-123749 (Feature) Database console syntax checking falls over for JDBC function references
IDEA-124360 (Bug) HSQLDB dialect problems
IDEA-124022 (Bug) SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand convert function
IDEA-124743 (Bug) SQL syntax check fails on multiple rule actions syntax (may be postgres specific)
IDEA-123058 (Bug) Amazon Redshift (Postgres) "ignore nulls" highlighted incorrectly
IDEA-124266 (Bug) [database db2 dialect] good code marked as red
IDEA-114251 (Bug) DB2 call syntax error
IDEA-120509 (Bug) Unrecognized SQL expression (pgTAP test)
IDEA-124143 (Bug) Sybase: some datatypes are incorrectly marked red
IDEA-124142 (Bug) Sybase: some datatypes marked unresolved
IDEA-124465 (Bug) SQL: Inspections: DB2: false positive 'Adding not null column' inspection
IDEA-123957 (Exception) Database/SQL: Show visualisation fails with AIOOBE at SqlForeignKeyDefinitionImpl.getRefColumn()
IDEA-123960 (Exception) SQL: Derby: indexing fails with SOE at ImmutableText.getChars()


IDEA-124427 (Bug) SpringJavaAutowiringInspection fails on beans provided by a FactoryBean

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-124154 (Bug) "Annotations are not allowed here" incorrectly shown in Freemarker template

Template Languages. Velocity

IDEA-123687 (Bug) Velocity formatter inserts wrong linebreak


WEB-11690 (Bug) TypeScript breakpoint is not hit

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-124802 (Bug) Field annotated with @Spy reported as not instantiated (Mockito)
IDEA-124201 (Bug) Cannot start single jUnit test
IDEA-124780 (Bug) Create Test intention: JUnit4: hamcrest is not added

Unit Tests

WEB-11942 (Bug) karma coverage doesn't work after changing Content Root

User Interface

IDEA-79312 (Usability Problem) text cursor gets lost
IDEA-122892 (Bug) Presentation mode: fix TW tree row height
IDEA-53663 (Bug) Middle-mouse (column) select also fires "Go to declaration"

Version Control

IDEA-67409 (Usability Problem) Home/End keys are not working in Git log (Changes view)
IDEA-119996 (Performance Problem) IDEA 13.0.2 slow performance

Version Control. Git

IDEA-122305 (Bug) Git: Log: Structure filter shows all available commits regardless provided paths
IDEA-98189 (Bug) If the password to an HTTP server has changed, authentication fails, and there is no way to change or at least reset the password from the IDE
IDEA-124052 (Bug) Git Log crashes if there are remote branches without correspondent remotes
IDEA-124081 (Exception) Git: IAE at git4idea.commands.GitHandler.checkNotStarted

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-123507 (Bug) Perforce stays offline when some directories outside of perforce workspace are added


WEB-11902 (Task) Spy-js: map help ID for RC and tool window
WEB-12072 (Bug) Spy-JS does not apply CORS headers from proxy
WEB-11934 (Bug) Spy-js: event should be reported identically from all browsers
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