IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 134.1160 Release Notes

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IDEA-120750 (Feature) Fold single-statement methods into one line
WEB-6401 (Feature) Twitter Bower support
WEB-10894 (Usability Problem) Increase the width of Surround with Emmet popup (MacOS)
IDEA-116542 (Usability Problem) IDE Fatal Errors dialog: cannot reduce its size in case of long message
IDEA-120533 (Performance Problem) Selection by double click in big files has slowed since last update
IDEA-120629 (Bug) PluginManager doesn't handle dependencies for plugins specified with system property.
WEB-10967 (Bug) WebStorm EAP 8: Throws exception when commenting out HTML containing AngularJS bindings
IDEA-110268 (Bug) Lossy encoding: false positive for separated 0A/0D as UTF-8
WEB-10964 (Bug) WebStorm 8 EAP suggests wrong old settings directory on 1st start
WEB-10960 (Bug) Good code red: replace pattern
WEB-10926 (Bug) Bower: disable Install with empty config field
IDEA-120870 (Bug) Inspection config changes upon update 13.0 -> 13.1
IDEA-117734 (Bug) Clipboard history no longer works by num hotkeys
IDEA-120665 (Bug) Custom file type identifiers should include underscores
WEB-10924 (Bug) Bower: provide indication for loading description
IDEA-117794 (Bug) in the message shown in "magnifier" view
IDEA-120481 (Bug) Ctrl+Alt+F7 cannot find usages in Selection
IDEA-120339 (Bug) Type Hierarchy works only when the cursor is over a class name
WEB-10929 (Exception) Bower: Throwable on Uninstall package


IDEA-120219 (Feature) Delete alternative resource files. Default action.
IDEA-120238 (Task) Do not suggest JavaFX and Swing classes during autocompletion in Android+Maven project
IDEA-120696 (Bug) Maven AAR dependency fail to generate R resource class
IDEA-117093 (Bug) params in method in onClick marked as never used


IDEA-120720 (Bug) AspectJ post weaving don't work on Windows if not in c:


IDEA-120034 (Feature) Propose to upload SSH keys on connection problems


IDEA-120744 (Bug) OpenShift: logs and debug doesn't work for artifacts

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-120117 (Bug) Rearrange entries is not idempotent (and misplaces static fields)


WEB-10893 (Bug) Coffeescript inspection fails with regex
WEB-10881 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Red code if class extends expression
WEB-10878 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Red code: RegExp inside interpolation


WEB-9948 (Feature) Dart: highlight deprecated functions in Editor
WEB-10227 (Feature) Make Dart plugin compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 13 Community Edition
WEB-10460 (Bug) Dartium browser startup options
WEB-10626 (Bug) Dart: Cannot navigate to other classes
WEB-7752 (Bug) No Dart SDK support for Java projects
WEB-10427 (Bug) Ask for Dartium location if it is not found in the standard place


IDEA-116315 (Bug) SQL: Oracle: DataSource does not resolve table name with $ in name


WEB-1171 (Feature) javascript live console
WEB-6413 (Task) sourcemap backed breakpoints do not work until page is loaded
IDEA-95952 (Bug) Debugger tooltip is shown in the incorrect place and overlaps annotation tooltip.
IDEA-120410 (Bug) It's not possible to select old values of the variable via mouse
IDEA-120680 (Bug) Breakpoints are not shown until indexing finished after IDE start

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-120535 (Bug) SelectableChannel.register should have the same magic constants as SelectionKey.interestOps

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-120719 (Usability Problem) Accessors folding is not always desirable
IDEA-120694 (Bug) collapsing one liners is overly eager
IDEA-120265 (Bug) Incorrect whitespaces (tab) painting when cursor change position

Editor. Intention Actions

IDEA-120480 (Bug) Invalid set of actions on enum's constants.

File Watchers

WEB-7909 (Feature) TypeScript: "Mark as compile target"
WEB-8484 (Bug) Project View of Typescript Project fails to Hide .js and files
WEB-10858 (Bug) File Watchers plugin doesn't work
WEB-10915 (Bug) Limit on command for File Watchers?

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-120726 (Cosmetics) Double "Press" word in hint when Find Usages
IDEA-119615 (Cosmetics) Find in path mixes "occurrences" and "usages" terminology
IDEA-119606 (Bug) Find in Path settings icon has issues
IDEA-120542 (Bug) "Find Usages" uses scope of last "Find in Path"
IDEA-114244 (Bug) Find in path tooltip wrongly parses HTML entities


IDEA-120685 (Bug) Classes defined in ECMAScript.js2 cannot be overridden by library


IDEA-120310 (Bug) Super Dev Mode Doesn't work with GWT 2.6.0


IDEA-120668 (Usability Problem) Gradle: Impossible to get Gradle classes resolved in guild.gradle file when project is not of Gradle type
IDEA-118917 (Bug) Gradle: multiple war artifact configuration issue
IDEA-119851 (Bug) Gradle: the "out-of-process" mode doesn't work
IDEA-120717 (Bug) The Gradle plugin ignores http.nonProxyHosts
IDEA-120407 (Bug) Directories copied in Gradle war task are exploded in the created web facet
IDEA-119187 (Bug) Gradle produces wrong Web Facet
IDEA-118795 (Bug) Gradle configuration with multiple artifacts not all reflected in IDEA module dependencies
IDEA-120588 (Bug) Gradle plugin broken with Gradle 1.12 dev builds
IDEA-119818 (Bug) Gradle war plugin packaging: resources for the artifact are merged incorrectly if located in different modules
IDEA-120562 (Bug) IntelliJ 13.0.2 does not respect Gradle IdeaModel Configuration


IDEA-120664 (Bug) Valid Grails 2.3 group symbol flagged as 'cannot resolve symbol'


IDEA-118222 (Bug) Closure to SAM interface coercion doesn't handle contravariant types correctly
IDEA-120502 (Bug) Support renamed gmaven-plugin plugin (groovy-maven-plugin)


WEB-10916 (Performance Problem) Heavy memory usage to the point of crashing


IDEA-118827 (Bug) IntelliJ 13.0.1 hangs on OS X 10.9


IDEA-120284 (Bug) CDI disposer method is marked as unused
IDEA-120786 (Bug) Log gets crowded with warnings while configuring JavaEE artifact


IDEA-120497 (Bug) Tomcat versions: consider MANIFEST.MF#Implementation-Version


IDEA-87526 (Bug) Impossible to search only for setters


IDEA-120431 (Cosmetics) "Generate->Create JSP/JSPX" can simply be "Generate->JSP/JSPX"


WEB-2253 (Usability Problem) Jade: provide Darcula friendly color scheme

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-120636 (Bug) Wrong "enum cannot be instantiated"
IDEA-120376 (Bug) Java editor highlights correct Java 8 method reference use as error
IDEA-120370 (Bug) Overload resolution problem
IDEA-120784 (Bug) "Class is public should be declared in a file named <Classname>.java" for inner interface

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-120600 (Bug) "Create Inner Class" is wrong here
IDEA-120738 (Bug) Complete current statement creates broken code

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-120353 (Cosmetics) Type Migration dialog has confusing text in some cases
IDEA-119785 (Bug) Inline local variable does not fire refactoring events
IDEA-120667 (Bug) No safe delete with usage search in navigation bar


IDEA-120623 (Feature) Add "org.mockito.InOrder" to the list of known classes for "JUnit test method without any assertions"
IDEA-120557 (Feature) Add an option to Inspection "Method can be variable arity method" to only apply to public methods.
IDEA-120586 (Bug) @ParametersAreNonnullByDefault support broken


WEB-10214 (Feature) Support referencing a type in JSDoc comments
WEB-10913 (Bug) Copyright update does not update for *.js
WEB-10841 (Bug) JSDoc: variable used as @typedef marked as unused inside immediately-invoked function expression
WEB-10895 (Bug) File watcher template for Traceur compiler
WEB-10108 (Bug) WebStorm hangs on Replace All in javascript file
WEB-10562 (Bug) Inside of a JSON files can't edit injected lang ex. html.
WEB-10917 (Bug) Module property not resolved when using relative path in require()
WEB-10139 (Bug) Autoscroll from source not working on JSON structure view
WEB-10035 (Bug) Module function is not resolved

JavaScript. Formatter

WEB-884 (Feature) Javascript Code Style Request: multi-line var declaration alignment
WEB-8558 (Bug) JavaScript Code Style: "Chop down if long" doesn't work as expected

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-10981 (Bug) AngularJS: ngro : define an otherwise condition : missing {
WEB-10982 (Bug) AngularJS: directives with ':' not allowed.
WEB-10986 (Bug) AngularJS: img tag with ng-src
WEB-10979 (Bug) AngularJS: data- prefix is not working for directives
WEB-10984 (Bug) AngularJS: Expressions in inline styles are shown as errors

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-1185 (Bug) Top-level this expression is fine in module file
WEB-10879 (Bug) Closure Linter: support '--disable' flag

Language Injection

IDEA-114386 (Bug) Width of Inject Language options
IDEA-100755 (Exception) Language injection: properties: prefix causes ISE at PropertyImplEscaper.decode()


IDEA-120840 (Bug) Bundled Maven 3.0.3 corrupts local maven repo on redirects
IDEA-119665 (Bug) Memory leak in RemoteMavenServer when buildnumber plugin is used
IDEA-120823 (Bug) Runnig TestNG test fails if using variable in POM in maven-surefire-plugin's configuration
IDEA-120642 (Bug) maven surefire argList


WEB-10955 (Cosmetics) provide icon for 'Node.js and NPM' action


IDEA-74272 (Bug) Bundle-Version is not correctly imported from Maven
IDEA-104772 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 12.1 - Has problem making/compiling projects due macro translation error
IDEA-118664 (Bug) getcwd() problem with Osmorc & Felix
IDEA-56021 (Bug) OSGi Facets created for non-bundle Maven modules
IDEA-118506 (Bug) OSGI Package accessibility inspections: good code red
IDEA-112920 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.RefreshQueueImpl.execute

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-120338 (Feature) Create log for update to the same place where idea (idea based product) logs are located.

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-119903 (Bug) IDEA should disable broken plugins automatically

Project Configuration

IDEA-120591 (Task) Simplify new Flash module creation in 13.1
IDEA-120518 (Bug) Cannot create new Ruby on Rails application
IDEA-120544 (Bug) 13.1 EAP (134.1007): impossible to add empty Web module to the project

Project View

IDEA-120461 (Bug) Edit "Scope View Popup menu" does not have effect


IDEA-120529 (Bug) Duplicated 'in' in sql console


IDEA-81741 (Feature) Spring: support resource resolving for
IDEA-120478 (Feature) spring: recognize "requestContextAttribute" if configured
IDEA-112177 (Feature) (Inject) "Spring Bean" reference: limit by expected type
IDEA-120661 (Feature) spring: ResourceBundleMessageSource: support "/" as separator
IDEA-83587 (Feature) Spring MVC: provide completion variants for web.xml parameters
IDEA-36383 (Feature) ResourceBundleMessageSource support
IDEA-17248 (Feature) Special treatment of properties of type "InputStream" when editing spring context file.
IDEA-95076 (Performance Problem) Idea freezes forever when I try to navigate to advised methods using bean() pointcut
IDEA-120380 (Bug) Spring security: cannot resolve bean
IDEA-120479 (Bug) spring: bad code green: validation does not consider <entry>/@value-type
IDEA-120887 (Bug) Spring Index: fix <alias> handling
IDEA-117473 (Bug) Project Structure Dialog does not open


WEB-10792 (Bug) [Good code bad] arguments.length in function expression unresolved
WEB-10745 (Bug) Dictionary returns confused type in TypeScript

Unit Tests

WEB-11010 (Bug) Cucumber-js: escape RegExp special characters on creating step definition
WEB-11007 (Bug) Cucumber-js: correctly create expression for step definition
WEB-11008 (Bug) Cucumber-js: correctly create And and But step definitions
WEB-11009 (Bug) Cucumber-js: correctly create star steps definitions

User Interface

IDEA-120626 (Usability Problem) UI / Colors & Fonts: "Lens mode" color not adjustable
IDEA-120304 (Usability Problem) Exception reporter has no soft wraps and no horizontal scrollbar
IDEA-115128 (Cosmetics) Status bar: exception count font
IDEA-91883 (Bug) Edit breakpoint dialog: cannot click on combo if it expands out of the popup border
IDEA-120631 (Exception) SOE through UsageViewTreeCellRenderer.isRowVisible() on showing Find Usages results

Version Control

IDEA-119215 (Usability Problem) Git: Log: Filter by User: me doesn't work in multi-user filter
IDEA-115442 (Cosmetics) Empty lines appear in the log when filtering by branch

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-119506 (Feature) Show active Mercurial bookmark instead of a named branch in status bar
IDEA-112737 (Usability Problem) Mercurial: hide closed branches
IDEA-100495 (Usability Problem) Ignoring invalid hg configuration
IDEA-120663 (Usability Problem) Log and History broken for mercurial 2.9


IDEA-120291 (Bug) XML configuration files in META-INF/services


WEB-11021 (Feature) Spy-js: provide possibility to Mute file from the Stack panel
WEB-10452 (Feature) Spy-js: UI: provide Events filter
WEB-10453 (Feature) Spy-js: UI: provide Mapper filter
WEB-10973 (Feature) Spy-js: add event tree document node context action to remove all its events
WEB-10864 (Feature) Spy-js: change selection from disappeared Event to the document root
WEB-11020 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Events: move "Remove all" action from context menu on toolbar
WEB-11022 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Stack: provide info message when all functions are muted
WEB-10959 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: limit width of the Exclusion list
WEB-10946 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: open Condition for editing on double-click
WEB-10948 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: Provide "Copy" action for Exclusions
WEB-10861 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: not shorten URL in the Editor tab
WEB-10957 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: provide possibility to hide Exclusions from the list
WEB-10976 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: display "Loading..." text in the stack panel when loading large events
WEB-10801 (Bug) Spy-js: color settings should be applied immediately
WEB-10958 (Bug) Spy-js: Exclusions: prohibit empty name for Exclusion
WEB-10943 (Bug) Spy-js: Exclusions: show empty dialog description on the first opening
WEB-10971 (Bug) Spy-js: Exclusions: long Condition should not hide toolbar from the view
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