IntelliJ IDEA 13.0.1 Release Notes

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IDEA-117677 (Bug) License Server discovery does not use correct search domain on Ubuntu
IDEA-118107 (Bug) Internal Error when starting IDEA 13 on Windows 7
WEB-10280 (Bug) All "Test Sources Root" folders map to the wrong path in the web server preview
IDEA-116260 (Exception) ISE: RPC handler object "AddOnlineUser" not found at com.intellij.ide.XmlRpcServerImpl.process


IDEA-116883 (Bug) Creating an Android Application does not put default intent in AndroidManifest.xml & Project SDK set wrong


IDEA-117936 (Bug) IDEA13 fails to stop at breakpoint inside advised method


WEB-9986 (Bug) CSS: fuzzy search shows turned off abbreviations
WEB-10143 (Bug) Code readability in css color preview


IDEA-117783 (Bug) Openshift: Cannot connect on Linux

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-117728 (Bug) Inspection: 'Unsatisfied dependency' on many injection points

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-113977 (Bug) Formatter: caret is moved on next line if closing brace has wrong indent

Code Navigation

IDEA-117498 (Bug) Caret locks up after using ctrl+tab to switch editors

Compiling Project

IDEA-117024 (Bug) IDEA Runner: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted


WEB-10178 (Feature) Dart: Missing option to run Pub Get
WEB-9949 (Bug) Dart: remove interface from completion
WEB-10190 (Bug) Dart Command Line Launcher not working
WEB-10018 (Bug) Nested comments in Dart are not supported
WEB-7752 (Bug) No Dart SDK support for Java projects


IDEA-117230 (Bug) Database Console: inspections and errors do not appear at status bar
IDEA-118022 (Bug) Cannot rename DataSource via context menu item
IDEA-117802 (Bug) DDL data source in Database tab doesn't support multiple schemas


IDEA-116160 (Bug) Trying to set value of boolean variable reverts quickly to not editable state
WEB-10182 (Bug) NodeJS debugger can't step into
WEB-10231 (Bug) first navigation to http file doesn't open desired location
WEB-10175 (Exception) Exception is thrown while debugging JS: can't debug
WEB-10241 (Exception) NPE when debugging Angular.js

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-111701 (Bug) Emacs: pressing Ctrl+k several times should add lines to muti-line buffer
IDEA-103199 (Bug) Undo: UTF problem
IDEA-111275 (Bug) emacs kill appends when it shouldn't
IDEA-18764 (Bug) Emacs-Mode: Ctrl-y only pastes the last line killed and not the entire kill buffer
IDEA-113684 (Bug) Soft wraps insert additional spaces


IDEA-117469 (Bug) Intellij IDEA 13 complains about number of parameters to Vector constructor
IDEA-118011 (Bug) Method toString() on Error class reported as "Unresolved function or method"
IDEA-117548 (Bug) Bad function parameters highlight
IDEA-117369 (Bug) Impossible to use -useLegacyAOT option for the ADT tool from the AIR SDK 4.0 beta
IDEA-117646 (Bug) Flex attribute "direction" report false positif when set as string
IDEA-117581 (Bug) Good code red: Type of 'this' misdetected


IDEA-117613 (Bug) Gradle: tool window is missing after the update
IDEA-117601 (Bug) Gradle integration ignores in build.gradle
IDEA-116880 (Bug) Intellij 13 doesn't auto-save files before Gradle task
IDEA-117556 (Bug) Gradle custom provided configuration added with compile scope
IDEA-117669 (Bug) gradle multi-module project executing subtask uses wrong gradle version


IDEA-117988 (Bug) Grails plugin module not create for new project using old grails version (1.2.2)
IDEA-117494 (Bug) 133.193: Importing grails modules not labeled as grails enabled


IDEA-116851 (Performance Problem) Freeze while editing tomcat run configuration jvm arguments
IDEA-116547 (Performance Problem) Groovy code analysis: 100% CPU; UI freeze and IDE force kill reqd if Ctrl+B used
IDEA-117227 (Bug) Groovy imports are not stubbed
IDEA-117389 (Bug) Groovy: Introduce constant from string part
IDEA-117390 (Bug) 'IntelliJIdeaRulezzz' in Code Completion


WEB-10019 (Usability Problem) Don't show emmet preview after simply dot
WEB-10017 (Usability Problem) New "Surround with emmet" popup breaks usability
WEB-2229 (Bug) Html with strict DTD doesn't end the img tag properly


IDEA-114924 (Feature) WebSockets: check that @OnMessage method has parameters
IDEA-114923 (Feature) WebSockets: check that @OnOpen, @OnError, @OnClose, @OnMessage annotations appear once per endpoint
IDEA-116860 (Feature) CDI: alternative bean should not be @Vetoed
IDEA-116976 (Feature) CDI: if same stereotype appears twice in beans.xml as alternatives#stereotype, show error
IDEA-116969 (Bug) CDI: no navigation to injection point is available for beans created via producer method
IDEA-116989 (Bug) CDI: alternative produced bean should be used if any

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-96586 (Bug) Can't run Geronimo 3.0.0 (wrong script name)


IDEA-117409 (Bug) Deployment to GlassFish 3.0.1 fails with: "Invalid option: target"


IDEA-117012 (Exception) JSF: creating faces-config.xml without web.xml: NPE at AddFacesSupportUtil.write2WebXml()


IDEA-117566 (Bug) Cannot start Weblogic from Idea 13


IDEA-63049 (Bug) Could not commit in svn
IDEA-118087 (Bug) Inspection: Unescaped EL Expression suppression is not working


WEB-3581 (Bug) Incorrect inspection of JQuery selector

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-908 (Bug) "Invalid number of parameters" inspection should be suppressed when parameter list contains outer language elements


IDEA-117620 (Bug) IntelliJ 13 throws NullPointerException in Maven plugin


WEB-10191 (Cosmetics) Weird field in the Configure NodeJS Modules Sources
WEB-10181 (Bug) Choose a Destination Directory Keeps Popping Up

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-113862 (Bug) Confusing Run as dialog

REST Client

WEB-9845 (Bug) REST-Tool: Save Request to .xml


IDEA-117221 (Bug) Current statement highlighter should be aware about with current line


IDEA-117750 (Cosmetics) "No matching constructor" inspection tooltip on Darcula
IDEA-117983 (Bug) IntelliJ hangs while editing spring context file
IDEA-117442 (Bug) springframework: inspection autowiring for bean class in servlet
IDEA-117017 (Bug) spring: @Autowired without @Component: relax for abstract types
IDEA-117371 (Exception) PsiInvalidElementAccessException at com.intellij.jam.JamClassGeneratorImpl$JamReferenceHolderImpl.$$$getPsiRef$$$

Task Management

IDEA-116558 (Bug) Tasks: Jira Integration - unable to close Jira task

Unit Tests

WEB-10274 (Bug) Can't run karma tests with coverage using karma-coverage 0.1.4

User Interface

IDEA-115859 (Bug) Presentation mode is broken
IDEA-117426 (Bug) deadlock in MPS

Version Control

IDEA-115675 (Usability Problem) new git log: date column sizing
IDEA-116040 (Usability Problem) "Author" and "Date" columns are constantly restoring its size.
IDEA-117212 (Bug) "Contained in branches" displays incorrect information if there is active non-branch filter

Version Control. Git

IDEA-117500 (Performance Problem) New git log is slow when there are many (3K+) branches in the project
IDEA-117365 (Bug) RubyMine 6.0 - Git changes log does not load
IDEA-118265 (Bug) For multi-root projects Git branch menu not showing when clicked

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-115906 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.graph.mutable.GraphBuilder.createBranch
IDEA-117401 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.vcs.log.util.SequentialLimitedLifoExecutor$DetailsLoadingTask.consume

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-117432 (Bug) svn checkout not working - PhpStorm 7.1 Build #PS-133.168


IDEA-84166 (Feature) Support "CTRL+H" on class in .xml file
IDEA-105450 (Bug) Attribute id in OSGI reference element not allowed
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