IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.79 Release Notes

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IDEA-116348 (Usability Problem) IDEA 13 starts with toolbar and Project structure toolbar hidden
IDEA-116194 (Usability Problem) "Generate equals() and hashcode()" for final classes
IDEA-116422 (Bug) Tweak "Drag'n'Drop" wording
WEB-8669 (Bug) *.[x]html content type <script type=application/ecmascript>
IDEA-116415 (Bug) Event log: all notifications before its opening get the timestamp of the opening
WEB-8323 (Bug) Warning About Tool Icon Size
IDEA-116362 (Bug) ignore extension does not work


IDEA-57875 (Bug) No quick fix to create property from a usage of unknown property in Ant


WEB-9811 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Local variables are incorrectly marked as global variables

Compiling Project

IDEA-116324 (Bug) IDEA 13 compiler uses some old xmx setting


IDEA-115163 (Performance Problem) IDE unresponsive with too many console hyperlinks


IDEA-116485 (Bug) Database Console: incorrect icons for running consoles at dropdown popup 'Choose console' at .sql file
IDEA-116645 (Bug) Run SQL Query intention creates duplicate database consoles
IDEA-116557 (Bug) Database Connections: DDL DataSource: can't add a file to DDL Files
IDEA-116495 (Bug) Database Connections: error message is still at the dialog even after successful connection
IDEA-116611 (Bug) Database Connections and Drivers: non unique names are created for Data Sources by default


WEB-6569 (Usability Problem) Hide internal Chrome scripts
WEB-9965 (Bug) Loading an external JavaScript file via XHR failes when using the debugger
IDEA-116518 (Bug) AspectJ support. Add breakpoint handling

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-115355 (Bug) Irrelevant code completion in XML

File System

IDEA-113483 (Feature) Context-Menu on Symlink: "Jump to origin"

File Watchers

WEB-9958 (Bug) Mac OSX: default encoding is wrongly assumed to be US-ASCII

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-97579 (Usability Problem) Provide option to ignore generated sources in "Find Usages" and "Safe Delete."
IDEA-115258 (Bug) Find Usages: "More than 1001 results" -> Abort -> does not stop search


IDEA-115919 (Bug) Regression on "Make" for Flex multi module and library project
IDEA-116377 (Bug) Idea doesn't work correct with Vector class.


IDEA-109369 (Feature) External system: Correct WAR artifact setup on external system config change
IDEA-115169 (Bug) EAP Cardea Gradle Integration does not detect additional source folders
IDEA-116166 (Bug) Cannot re-import or refresh gradle project


IDEA-116271 (Usability Problem) groovy autocomplete tries to complete in /* */ comments
IDEA-115699 (Bug) Groovy: "Convert to Singleline Literal" intention shouldn't be shown for single-line slashy and dollar-slashy string literals
IDEA-115877 (Bug) Pasting code which needs to be imported isn't imported
IDEA-115703 (Bug) Groovy: reference to $this is not resolved inside slashy and dollar slashy strings
IDEA-116162 (Bug) Wrong groovy's formatting for Spaces with Regular Expression Operators
IDEA-116161 (Bug) Wrong groovy's formatting for Blank Lines with Javadoc
IDEA-113152 (Exception) Groovy: In-Place Introduce Refactoring: PIEAE at GrCodeReferenceElementImpl.multiResolve()


WEB-9900 (Usability Problem) html <style> has type, bad intellisense

IDE Configuration

IDEA-114804 (Bug) File types mapped to text are not remapped when corresponding plugin is installed
IDEA-116371 (Exception) IntelliJ Configuration Server plugin doesn't work with 132.1045


IDEA-115736 (Bug) Editor frequently becomes unresponsive


IDEA-115689 (Feature) IU-132.844. Heroku AS web app deployment link
IDEA-116126 (Bug) NoClassDefFound on attempt to deploy to heroku

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-116521 (Bug) Heroku deployment facet: application by sample creation doesn't work


IDEA-115787 (Usability Problem) Better resolvement for JSF page URLs
IDEA-110064 (Bug) JSF 2.2: Pass-through elements: if upper-case symbols are used instead of default 'jsf' namespace prefix, attributes are red-highlihted
IDEA-110007 (Bug) JSF 2.2: 'invalid Id reference' inspection reports error on referencing h:* element id


IDEA-116456 (Usability Problem) WebLogic - correctly report wrong admin server name
IDEA-115678 (Bug) Weblogic is not recognized and can't be start from IDEA


IDEA-116638 (Bug) Generated DDL/SQL in HQL/JPQL consoles is not highlighted

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-116520 (Bug) JavaDoc: @see macro is broken in IntelliJ 13
IDEA-115199 (Bug) Completion in Evaluate Dialog suggests obfuscated classes and scrolls the desired item down

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-115725 (Bug) Error highlighting - Type inference on varargs methods
IDEA-116359 (Bug) Overload resolution
IDEA-116493 (Bug) Type error not flagged
IDEA-116252 (Bug) Type inference in assignment context
IDEA-116548 (Bug) Type inference - lambda body that throws
IDEA-116441 (Bug) Could not throw generic exception in Lambda expression

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-106670 (Bug) JDK 1.8: "Replace with method reference" quick fix produces incorrect code without generics


WEB-9938 (Exception) NPE during inspections

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-8599 (Bug) JavaScript libraries: correctly update library downloaded via Google CDN link

Language Injection

IDEA-49273 (Usability Problem) Injected language: parameter info tooltip disappears on moving caret
IDEA-102454 (Bug) Parameter Info: TAB/Shift-TAB and editing does not work in language injected fragment

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-116503 (Bug) Cleanup for

Project Configuration

IDEA-115080 (Bug) New Project Wizard: Ruby: ruby-specific settings are missing

Remote Interpreters

RUBY-14555 (Bug) NPE while copying remote gems on Windows


IDEA-115220 (Feature) spring: highlight class using @Autowired but not @Component/@Service/etc
IDEA-44411 (Feature) Spring 2.5: provide inspection that checks that only one bean class constructor is annotated with 'required' @Autowired annotation
IDEA-116132 (Bug) Spring: NoMatchingConstructor notification: generic types are displayed incorrectly
IDEA-116174 (Bug) Spring: NomatchingConstructor inspection: tooltip looks bad for existing c-namespace attributes
IDEA-73639 (Bug) Spring 3.1 support: @Autowired Dependency generation: PsiInvalidElementAccessException
IDEA-116334 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.spring.model.actions.generate.GenerateAutowiredDependenciesUtil.createAutowiredDependency

Template Languages. Velocity

IDEA-44650 (Feature) Allow folding(and fold default) the initial comment/header in Velocity files.
IDEA-116010 (Bug) Quick Help on a @vtlvariable name is not showing the JavaDocs


WEB-9737 (Bug) typescript: member of function type optional parameter is unresolved
WEB-7465 (Bug) typescript prototype support
WEB-9951 (Bug) Typescript: StackOverflowError on file indexing

User Interface

IDEA-115889 (Cosmetics) Framework toolwindows: support scope-based file colors for items
IDEA-116431 (Bug) IntelliJ laf: menu shortcuts are invisible
IDEA-114461 (Bug) Structure tool window: Jump to Source (F4) does not move focus to Editor
IDEA-116666 (Bug) 'Enter' key doesn't work in popups
IDEA-116445 (Bug) IntelliJ laf: Menu bar is hardly visible on Linux
IDEA-116296 (Bug) Search match looks terrible under Retina
IDEA-116197 (Bug) filter improvements

Version Control. Git

IDEA-76670 (Usability Problem) Doesn't handle GIT .gitignore files properly when a directory is being added
IDEA-109511 (Usability Problem) Cannot call git add for tracked files
IDEA-104070 (Bug) Can't add folder to git when it contains hidden files

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-116241 (Task) Support filtering by structure (i.e. files/folders) in Mercurial log
IDEA-116240 (Task) Support filtering by date in Mercurial Log
IDEA-116291 (Bug) New Mercurial log: Details not correct and garbled

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-115010 (Bug) Don't use p4 login to check connectivity as p4 2002 server doesn't support this command
IDEA-105668 (Bug) Perforce: Respect Settings | Version Control | "Limit history by" setting.


IDEA-115702 (Exception) DomAnchorImpl exception
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