IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.609 Release Notes

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IDEA-111684 (Usability Problem) Quick Documentation should resolve values for aggregated / indirect constants
IDEA-113344 (Usability Problem) An easy way to exit from full screen mode using mouse
IDEA-118487 (Bug) IDEA should suggest downloading missing plug-ins for unrecognised artefact configuration
IDEA-117911 (Bug) Delegate methods duplicate @Override
IDEA-118691 (Bug) Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) often does not display correct javadoc after checking parameters with CTRL+P
IDEA-118696 (Bug) Replace with regex: IOOBE at SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex()
IDEA-118745 (Bug) Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames doesn't work for non-project files
IDEA-118528 (Bug) "Delegate Methods..." function adds @SuppressWarnings annotation
IDEA-118513 (Bug) Reduce size of (e.g. strip retina pictures)
IDEA-117831 (Bug) After deleting last live template in a group, I can't click OK.
IDEA-118718 (Bug) Occasionally seeing "Low disk space on a IntelliJ IDEA system directory partition"
IDEA-118787 (Exception) IAE: Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/codeInspection/dataFlow/value/DfaPsiType.<init> must not be null (with testcase)


IDEA-118672 (Bug) Android Module Settings

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-92545 (Bug) Type maybe weakened does not always work
IDEA-55970 (Bug) Erroneous "type may be weakened to 'null'" in generic method
IDEA-116758 (Bug) 'equals()' between objects of inconvertible types - not working for ...= equals("differentClass");

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-118297 (Bug) Recently updated IntelliJ crashed while performing a constant parameter name change.
IDEA-118989 (Bug) Code Formatting broken in 13.0.2 EAP
IDEA-94950 (Exception) Code Style | Arrangement: AIOOBE at ArrangementMatchingRulesModel.removeRow() on removing the last rule that is in edit mode


IDEA-96081 (Feature) Navigation bar could work for database objects, table editor, database console
IDEA-119313 (Bug) Copy path problem
IDEA-119129 (Bug) Use alternative table scanning method when user has no read access to all databases
IDEA-119119 (Bug) MySQL views with subquery in definition fail to open
IDEA-119245 (Exception) Database console: IOOBE at SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex()


WEB-10360 (Bug) Javascript debugger with non unique file names


IDEA-118970 (Bug) Java 8 Javadoc for methods not found due to URL syntax change

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-117511 (Bug) Hippie completion not working as expected in Intellij 13

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-118521 (Performance Problem) Latest 13.0.1 keeps locking up. Editor becomes unresponsive. Various file types.

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-23831 (Bug) highlight usages: problems with split files

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-118742 (Performance Problem) UI Hang during search
IDEA-97930 (Bug) Idea 12: Find Usages (Alt-F7) always searches in libraries by default, disregards the Scope setting


IDEA-118732 (Bug) MXML id attribute is highlighted as error
IDEA-118767 (Bug) Unable to run Adobe AIR application on Android device


IDEA-117982 (Bug) MissingPropertyException on valid groovy code
IDEA-118027 (Bug) Groovy: constructors with mixed privacy are flagged as errors in IDEA 13.0
IDEA-119085 (Bug) Code style does not recognize Groovy spaceship operator <=>
IDEA-118920 (Bug) RE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PostprocessReformattingAspect.beforeDocumentChanged

IDE Configuration

IDEA-118330 (Bug) IDE hangs
IDEA-118763 (Bug) Can't start IDEA after deinstalling a plugin


IDEA-116803 (Bug) UI frozen after project open

J2EE. Deployment and Run

IDEA-118675 (Bug) Errors in app server run configs not shown in UI


IDEA-118741 (Bug) Jetty9.1 server doesn't start if no module is specified in Run configuration


IDEA-116573 (Bug) IDEA cannot resolve EL variables from all scopes

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-94683 (Bug) Completion popup loses focus when viewing documentation (sometimes, almost always)

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-118564 (Bug) Quick fix to create inner class inside interface generates red code

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-119118 (Bug) onRefactoringDone for Pull Members Up does not contain target class
IDEA-119122 (Bug) Pull up refactoring ID change request
IDEA-119121 (Bug) Push down Refactoring ID contains typo


IDEA-117863 (Bug) Package with disjoint dependency graph ignores interfaces
IDEA-116910 (Bug) Invalid "unnecessary explicit numeric cast" warning
IDEA-118496 (Bug) Customization for "boolean arg in public method" inspection.
IDEA-118493 (Bug) Wrong "declaration can have a final modifier".
IDEA-118429 (Bug) IDEA incorrectly suggests to remove unboxing
IDEA-118743 (Bug) False positive "Number of placeholders does not match number of arguments in logging call"
IDEA-118588 (Bug) Concatenation with empty string fails to fix an expression
IDEA-116682 (Bug) "Collection declared by class, not interface" suggests abstract classes
IDEA-119344 (Bug) Incorrect "Unnecessary call toString()" inspection when super is used
IDEA-118181 (Bug) false positive "number of placeholders does not match number of arguments" for multi-catch


WEB-6911 (Bug) Mysteriously missed Debug file in JavaScript Library
WEB-10171 (Bug) Usage of unintialized variable not reported
WEB-8170 (Bug) Code completion issue with NodeJS and module.exports
WEB-6168 (Bug) ExtJS: external documentation for ExtJS 4.1 doesn't work

Language Injection

IDEA-111535 (Bug) Edit Language Fragment: Synchronization is broken after tab drag

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-119047 (Feature) "Linux" script does not support MidnightBSD
IDEA-118446 (Bug) Installation and plugin update (patch) download ignores Settings / HTTP Proxy

Project View

IDEA-118066 (Performance Problem) Hight CPU when open Project Tee View


IDEA-51167 (Bug) SQL: PostgreSQL: INTERNAL type is red
IDEA-119105 (Bug) MySQL lowercase functions are not resolved


IDEA-119034 (Bug) Only first property match is replaced when using spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
IDEA-117375 (Bug) Spring toolwindow: on @Component adding the view is not updated properly
IDEA-118957 (Bug) Spring property placeholder with default value

Structural Search and Replace

IDEA-61671 (Feature) Structural search & replace should work in jspx and tagx files
IDEA-65610 (Usability Problem) Structural Search/Replace does not have an xhtml File Type selection.
IDEA-119032 (Bug) Can't search xml/html case insensitively
IDEA-119019 (Exception) exception in structural search dialog with bad pattern

User Interface

IDEA-118616 (Bug) Lens mode with tool windows on the right side
IDEA-112104 (Bug) "Find Usages Settings Dialog" button re-emerged in "Find in Path" results

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-118004 (Cosmetics) Find's Regex Help Popup table header bad color with darcula

Version Control

IDEA-116242 (Usability Problem) Allow multiple user selection in the user filter of new VCS Log
IDEA-115594 (Usability Problem) 'Commit Changes' dialog joins two (or more) previous commit messages
IDEA-116834 (Performance Problem) Moving through the list of filtered commits is slow
IDEA-117680 (Bug) Changes from 2 selected commits aren't merged, 2 files with the same name are shown in the right part of panel
IDEA-116718 (Bug) Git Log: Moving selection skips some commits
IDEA-119247 (Bug) Git log filtered results should be requested from Git pre-sorted by --date-order
IDEA-118644 (Bug) Apply patch places new file in new package into incorrect source root

Version Control. Git

IDEA-116738 (Bug) git amend: does not process line endings correctly
IDEA-114111 (Bug) Cherry pick doesn't commit renamed files
IDEA-116207 (Bug) When selecting several commits in git log, and invoking "Show Diff", diff is empty

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-119183 (Bug) Perforce: when 'use login authentication' option is off, it is impossible to go online from offline mode
IDEA-119189 (Bug) Perforce: when 'use login authentication' is off, it is impossible to work with the integration


IDEA-115702 (Exception) DomAnchorImpl exception
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