IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.162 Release Notes

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IDEA-117070 (Cosmetics) IDEA instead of product name in File type association dialog
IDEA-117119 (Bug) Exception in offline inspections process: com.intellij.codeInspection.ex.GlobalInspectionContextBase cannot be cast to com.intellij.codeInspection.ex.GlobalInspectionContextImpl
IDEA-115198 (Bug) Spring toolwindow: toggle filesets/files view does not update immediately
IDEA-109997 (Bug) Regression: code tag is not working in Quick documentation lookup
IDEA-66494 (Bug) Switching between search and replace
IDEA-117040 (Bug) Ultimate edition suggest to upgrade to the Ultimate edition


IDEA-117037 (Bug) Creating a new Android Library does not enable Gradle plugin
IDEA-116593 (Bug) Android Gradle New Project Wizard: it is suggested to select SDK twice; the first selection is ignored

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-116432 (Bug) Incorrect Spelling of Eclipse

Compiling Project

IDEA-116404 (Bug) Java code compilation does not work with IBM JDK


IDEA-113897 (Cosmetics) SSH Terminal: Select server on every run opens dialog without title
IDEA-117210 (Bug) Terminal: not able to select text


IDEA-117132 (Usability Problem) Cant' close Database "error notifications in editor"
IDEA-117133 (Bug) Can't find how to disable Database error notifications in settings
IDEA-117016 (Bug) Database Connections: changed Scope value is not saved


IDEA-111388 (Usability Problem) Built-in server not "available external" — it is unclear that port number must be also changed
WEB-9968 (Exception) Dart: ClassCastException when debugging web application in Dartium

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-100294 (Bug) Cannot edit a file - text jumps all over the screen

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-117082 (Bug) Anonymous class assigned to final field


IDEA-116824 (Feature) Gradle: Provide an inspection & quickfix for multiple custom maven repo links
IDEA-116881 (Usability Problem) Please time stamp gradle tasks
IDEA-116900 (Bug) War artifact after gradle import should consider runtime dependency as WEB-INF/lib jar
IDEA-116974 (Bug) Gradle Plugin doesn't handle 'providedCompile' dependencies in 'war' projects correctly
IDEA-116891 (Bug) gradle import creates a lot of extra empty directories
IDEA-116756 (Bug) Gradle multi-module project with deep-nested modules - idea places iml file in the wrong directory


IDEA-95170 (Feature) Batching statement isn't identified, and, even if it is, doesn't get sql injected
IDEA-116628 (Task) No nulls in type parameters
IDEA-116784 (Bug) Error Parsing Regex /\s/ in Groovy
IDEA-116378 (Bug) groovy elvis operator incorrectly highlighted as an error when used in for loop, compiles and runs fine
IDEA-116837 (Bug) Groovy: Replace qualified name with import does not work
IDEA-116621 (Bug) Groovy: Extract Parameter Refactoring: 'Replace this occurrence only' replaces all occurrences in current method

IDE Configuration

IDEA-116991 (Cosmetics) "IDE is up to date" message
IDEA-117068 (Bug) Plugin Suggestion: 'Install plugin' action installs a plugin but doesn't enable it
IDEA-117003 (Bug) Plugins suggestion: if there is an enabled outdated incompatible plugin with new compatible version available, 'Install plugins' action could suggest to update the plugin


IDEA-116858 (Bug) CDI: alternative bean is not used if defined using @Alternative stereotype

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-117124 (Bug) JDK 1.8: good code is red: lambda with varargs, if interface method is declared with array parameter (or vice versa)
IDEA-117071 (Bug) Red code in library classes
IDEA-116987 (Bug) Good code red: Lambdas as constructor arguments of anonymous classes

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-10109 (Bug) New project/Foundation: empty project is created


IDEA-116452 (Bug) "Resolve workspace artifacts" option doesn't work with Maven 3.1.x


WEB-9933 (Bug) What should happen when creating node.js Express App as New Module?

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-116866 (Bug) idea64.exe ignores

Project Configuration

IDEA-99885 (Feature) Delete all unused libraries
IDEA-116808 (Performance Problem) Performance problem during solving library configuration errors
IDEA-110799 (Performance Problem) Too many invokeLaters created

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-115854 (Bug) Unable to define custom port in GWT SuperDev run mode


IDEA-116357 (Bug) Spring config inspection: @Configuration class used via <component-scan> marked as not setup in Spring facet

Task Management

IDEA-115708 (Bug) Task & Contexts connection to jira failed

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-116871 (Bug) Run all test on package or source directory runs tests in wrong source directory

Unit Tests

WEB-10085 (Bug) Can't debug JSTestDriver tests in Chrome

User Interface

IDEA-111161 (Feature) Flat tool window design
IDEA-115546 (Bug) Full Screen Mode: main menu persists on screen, when invoked by the keyboard shortcut
IDEA-117192 (Bug) NavBar popup shows in wrong place when navigating to the directory from popup
IDEA-117211 (Bug) empty elements in Search Everywhere
IDEA-117073 (Bug) Recent files and Switcher are not centred in ide window
IDEA-117077 (Bug) Can't remove files from Recent Files
IDEA-116952 (Bug) IntelliJ LAF issue

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-104734 (Cosmetics) Dracula: Cannot see well active tab in Modules Settings.

Version Control

IDEA-116950 (Usability Problem) Don't display all tags if there are too many of them and they hide the commit message
IDEA-115577 (Bug) Commit Changes: keyboard shortcut for Commit Message History does not work
IDEA-109608 (Bug) Wrong paths for non-existing files in Apply patch dialog

Version Control. Git

IDEA-116399 (Bug) Changes window | Log ignores branch filter
IDEA-115571 (Bug) Commit message gets lost after reviewing code analysis results

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-117083 (Bug) Ctrl+D for Perforce changes is not working in 2-3 latest EAPs

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-113730 (Bug) Subversion command line client: in a modified file, non-ascii characters are shown as changed, even though they aren't
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