IntelliJ IDEA 13 132.839 Release Notes

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IDEA-115390 (Usability Problem) Running multiple inspections at once opens scope-dialog for each inspection
IDEA-114956 (Bug) Import eclipse jrebelNature
IDEA-57326 (Bug) Renaming type parameter does not resolve a conflict
IDEA-114816 (Bug) Setting up scope in preferences causes a crash
IDEA-115452 (Bug) "Local variable or parameter can be final" – "Report local variables" setting doesn't work
IDEA-114712 (Bug) stack trace on project startup
IDEA-115015 (Bug) Ctrl-Shift-T doesnt offer to create test class
IDEA-114798 (Bug) Comment is missing when use simplify if statement
IDEA-115381 (Bug) NotNull bytecode instrumenter does not update visibility scope for 'this' and parameter local variables
IDEA-115393 (Bug) Settings / Scopes: with local and shared scopes some ones are invisible


IDEA-103320 (Feature) Android/XML code style: add "Insert line break after last attribute" option
IDEA-88460 (Feature) Allow to run/debug android application from atrifact
IDEA-88598 (Feature) don't suggest 'gen' directory as target for refactorings
IDEA-79379 (Feature) Make 'export signed android package' part of the build
IDEA-101688 (Feature) Android AAPT: Support -0 (zero) option, to specify file extensions for which such files should not be compressed by aapt


WEB-9760 (Feature) Allow convert CSS colors to textual ones
WEB-8857 (Feature) Remove blank line on "Remove property"
WEB-9769 (Usability Problem) Can't show the colorpicker if you disable gutter preview
WEB-9773 (Bug) CSS errors don't show inside injection
WEB-9792 (Bug) "Reformat code" breaks IE-specific CSS for gradients (filter and -ms-filter)
WEB-9739 (Bug) Language "jQuery-CSS" doesn't allow atribute !=
WEB-9759 (Bug) CSS color "Convert to hex" intention missing

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-23392 (Feature) Inspection suppression annotations
IDEA-114841 (Bug) False positive "Abstract method overrides abstract method" using virtual extension methods.
IDEA-115326 (Bug) inspections: "Local variable or parameter can be final" inspection treats foreach variables as "method parameter"
IDEA-114884 (Bug) UI should use correct name of @NotNull annotation
IDEA-115516 (Bug) Multiple warnings local foreach parameter can be final
IDEA-112161 (Bug) "Remove explicit array creation" produce bad code
IDEA-115445 (Bug) Unreasonable simplification of code
IDEA-114951 (Bug) .idea/inspectionProfiles/Project_Default.xml is always auto-modified by IJ
IDEA-111026 (Bug) Anonymous can be replaced with lambda incorrect
IDEA-100172 (Bug) Bad @Nullable constructor warning for @NotNull field
IDEA-115468 (Bug) for loop variables, catch block parameters and resource variables not reported by "local variable or parameter can be final" inspection

Code Navigation

IDEA-113445 (Bug) Tooltip: generic declaration presentation broken

Compiling Project

IDEA-115325 (Bug) NPE on compile
IDEA-115260 (Bug) annotation processors are not discovered from compilation classpath for "Android" and "Idea Platform" SDKs


WEB-1561 (Usability Problem) Debug: explicitly execute Dartium browser instead of Chrome


IDEA-115093 (Feature) PostgreSQL: add table's comment ddl script to table ddl script and table's metadata
IDEA-115037 (Bug) Database: Table Editor: highlighting cells is incorrect after reordering of columns


WEB-9647 (Feature) Debugger, node.js: can't debug client js served using connect.static
WEB-9684 (Feature) Debugger: clear the console on page reload
IDEA-71794 (Feature) smart step into: provide some visual indication in editor
WEB-9508 (Bug) JavaScript debug works incorrectly
WEB-9565 (Bug) Debugger: avoid errors about sourcemaps
WEB-9654 (Bug) JS debugger should somehow work with absolute paths in source maps
WEB-9173 (Bug) JS Debugger should use symbol maps from Chrome (Scripts tab)
WEB-4436 (Bug) Javascript debugger console only prints first argument to console.log()
WEB-6961 (Bug) JavaScript Console doesn't show several identical messages

Eclipse Integration

IDEA-114957 (Bug) Import Eclipse sonarNature

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-114911 (Bug) Quick documentation should escape HTML tags in variables

Editor. Intention Actions

IDEA-114995 (Bug) Edit intention settings for "code folding" misbehaves
IDEA-115027 (Bug) Missing quick fix for @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")

File Watchers

WEB-8524 (Bug) File watcher does not respect syntax error option

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-113951 (Bug) Search: Comments only: several words target is not found in javadocs
IDEA-64374 (Bug) Speed search not working in Find Usages toolwindow
IDEA-114105 (Bug) Find: String literals only: java strings in JSP not found
IDEA-114108 (Bug) Find: Comments only: Groovy: first line #! comment is ignored
IDEA-114094 (Bug) Search-replace in files does not happen if comments only is enabled


IDEA-115394 (Bug) Cardea AIR Descriptor Needs Updating To Support iOS 7 Icons

GUI Designer

IDEA-115560 (Bug) UI desigener creates invalid xml .form


IDEA-115230 (Feature) Gradle: settings.gradle script codeInsight
IDEA-115008 (Usability Problem) Gradle: Make 'apply' button enabled at settings dialog only if there are changes
IDEA-115359 (Bug) Gradle: generate apply plugin dsl code with alt-insert
IDEA-115009 (Bug) Gradle: Invalid DSL processing for custom maven repo


IDEA-113270 (Usability Problem) Groovy: In-Place Introduce Variable: please add a hint about possibility to edit type to the refactoring preview
IDEA-114762 (Bug) Viewing Current Caret Location in Groovy (alt+Q shortcut)
IDEA-114606 (Bug) Replace with for-in should replace return with continue
IDEA-114289 (Bug) Groovy: Pull Members Up: 'implements library interface' clause is not suggested it 'Members to be pulled up' list
IDEA-115116 (Bug) Show parameters works wrong in groovy classes
IDEA-115507 (Bug) Create test: Groovy JUnit: "Fix" button should add groovy-all.jar to the corresponding module dependencies
IDEA-107733 (Bug) Idea groovy script classpathes incorrect on run
IDEA-114976 (Bug) Incorrect syntax highlight of Groovy dollar slashy strings
IDEA-114474 (Bug) Groovy: Implement method: Unresolved return type
IDEA-114473 (Bug) Groovy: Duplicated @NotNull annotation
IDEA-115270 (Bug) Extract variable in Groovy - resulting variable always strongly typed
IDEA-114409 (Bug) Wrong type inference in Groovy takeWhile on List<String>
IDEA-114710 (Bug) Groovy: @Language annotation is not inserted before concatenated string on Alt+Enter
IDEA-114703 (Bug) Groovy: "Unnecessary qualified reference" quick fix could be renamed
IDEA-114427 (Bug) Using $this in GString marked as invalid (Identifier or code block expected)
IDEA-113152 (Exception) Groovy: In-Place Introduce Refactoring: PIEAE at GrCodeReferenceElementImpl.multiResolve()
IDEA-113196 (Exception) Groovy: Introduce Field Refactoring: CCE at GrIntroduceFieldProcessor.initializeInMethod()
IDEA-113139 (Exception) Groovy: Introduce Variable refactoring: Throwable at GrIntroduceLocalVariableProcessor.getAnchor()


WEB-9771 (Bug) Emmet preview showing in strange scenarios
WEB-444 (Bug) False 'Invalid ID reference' violation after adding a new label using 'Create a new label from the text for input element' intention
WEB-7228 (Bug) HTML5 Boilerplate breaks HTML completion in .html file


IDEA-115171 (Bug) HQL parser fails to parse Text part of date format in TO_TIMESTAMP

IDE Configuration

IDEA-115020 (Bug) Settings->Scopes: opening entry shows modified immediately
IDEA-115305 (Bug) PhpStorm Invalid SystemPath Issue


IDEA-115115 (Feature) J2EE 7: Batch: detect steps that have both batchlet and chunk elements
IDEA-115133 (Bug) J2EE 7: Batch: check that checkpoint-policy attribute value matches the <checkpoint-algorithm> element presence/absence
IDEA-115038 (Bug) J2EE 7: Batch: in JobOperator#start method suggest the job xml file names instead of ids
IDEA-115122 (Bug) J2EE 7: Batch: on artifact rename from batch.xml its reference is not updated
IDEA-115124 (Bug) J2EE 7: Batch: on @Named#value rename the artifact reference is not updated


IDEA-115089 (Bug) Hierarchy view shows duplicates in case of EJB inheritance


IDEA-41319 (Usability Problem) Import database schema: generate @IdClass argument taking into account code style settings

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-108925 (Cosmetics) RFE: Make "Local variable is redundant" inspection aware of annotations
IDEA-63331 (Bug) Problems with error reporting for generics constructor with wildcards
IDEA-71582 (Bug) Owner type ignored in generics subtyping check
IDEA-54197 (Bug) IDEA incorrectly marks red a call to super thinking it is an abstract method when it is not.
IDEA-100237 (Bug) "Variable might not have been initialized" reported by Javac, but not by IDEA
IDEA-60818 (Bug) Wrong marking: Inconvertible types "cannot cast 'A<capture<?>>' to 'B'"
IDEA-114894 (Bug) Idea doesn't discover error with generics in java
IDEA-65377 (Bug) Infinite code analysis with generics
IDEA-60836 (Bug) Generics highlighting problem
IDEA-113526 (Bug) good code is red: Inconvertible types

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-115255 (Bug) Missing 'Add parameter to constructor' when multiple constructors present

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-114918 (Bug) JDK 8 Extract Interface - wrong default method
IDEA-114908 (Bug) Moving a static method and static inner class creates broken code
IDEA-114902 (Bug) Change variable type changes too many types
IDEA-113989 (Bug) "Extract Delegate" refactoring missing in IDEA 13 EAP 132.325


IDEA-114920 (Bug) JavaFX: does not provide a suggestion to resolve fx:id inside fx:include element

JavaScript. Refactoring

WEB-9616 (Bug) Bad complete statement depending on new line


WEB-9738 (Feature) Support for LESS 1.5.0


IDEA-115474 (Usability Problem) Maven Dependency template broken in latest Idea Cardea
IDEA-114047 (Bug) "Create Class" quickfix places new class in "target/generated-source" by default
IDEA-114355 (Bug) bundleFileName of maven-ear-plugin does not work when deploying to jboss as

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-115525 (Bug) MacOSX installation with bundled jdk can't be run
IDEA-115341 (Bug) Limit the maximum JDK version IDE will run under
IDEA-115231 (Bug) Regression: latest IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP ignores IDEA_PROPERTIES environment variable

Project Configuration

IDEA-112680 (Feature) Introduce 'generated sources' roots for Java modules
IDEA-115050 (Bug) NewProjectWizard: JavaEE: module is not created
IDEA-46994 (Bug) Settings / Scopes: shared scopes are always shown before local on reopening Settings
IDEA-115056 (Bug) NewProjectWizard: for Flash module, no specific settings are available
IDEA-115062 (Bug) New Project Wizard: multi-selection should not be allowed


WEB-9798 (Bug) Quickdoc for pseudo elements doesn't work in SASS and LESS completion
WEB-9732 (Bug) SCSS parsing problems


IDEA-112950 (Feature) PostgreSQL 9.3 support
IDEA-106400 (Feature) MySQL 5.7 updated SQL syntax support
IDEA-115459 (Feature) New SQL code style options: wrap on each group of values
IDEA-115458 (Feature) New SQL formatting options: align on INSERT/UPDATE
IDEA-115548 (Feature) Support new PostgreSQL 9.3 system variables: lock_timeout, wal_sender_timeout
IDEA-115460 (Feature) SQL Code style: align VALUES at left
IDEA-115461 (Feature) SQL code style: Improve formatting for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
IDEA-115437 (Bug) Don't put rparen when I type lparen at the beginning of a token


IDEA-37190 (Feature) Spring: <import> don't allow and suggest files that are not valid spring context files
IDEA-115197 (Feature) Spring Bean Toolwindow: hide/show implicit beans
IDEA-114613 (Usability Problem) Spring: check config file setup on project load and warn for unmapped configs
IDEA-115360 (Usability Problem) Spring: (Quick) Doc improvements
IDEA-115151 (Usability Problem) "Close" link on Spring Profile and Multiple Context Panels is misleading
IDEA-115106 (Bug) Roo download page link does not work
IDEA-115292 (Bug) Spring Facet: do not store user-created removed filesets
IDEA-109637 (Bug) Spring tool window: for selected Java context files, all beans from fileset are shown instead of local ones only
IDEA-115170 (Bug) Spring Integration: <channel> "datatype" does not support primitive types
IDEA-115286 (Bug) "Spring Configuration Check" warning whereas Spring facet detection is disabled
IDEA-115446 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.spring.model.converters.fixes.bean.CustomNamespaceSpringBeanResolveQuickFixProvider$CreateFromUndefinedNamespaceQuickFix.applyFix

Structural Search and Replace

IDEA-99476 (Bug) Structural Replace loses modifiers, annotations, generics...

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-114430 (Bug) Support TemplateMethodModel

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-113479 (Bug) Test class incorrectly reported as Undeclared test

Unit Tests

WEB-9662 (Usability Problem) Mocha: show all assertions in the results tree similarly
WEB-9665 (Bug) Mocha: provide navigation to source for the Exports tests
WEB-9660 (Bug) Mocha: Mac: tests run endlessly
WEB-9651 (Bug) Mocha: Win: silently fails to run tests

User Interface

IDEA-115401 (Feature) Tab (Shift+Tab) should select next (prev) group in SearchEverywhere
IDEA-115232 (Bug) Search Everywhere shouldn't work in modal dialogs
IDEA-115218 (Bug) ComboboxEditorTextField has inner border (IntelliJ laf)
IDEA-115550 (Bug) Not corresponding icons in the search results

Version Control

IDEA-114955 (Feature) Regular expressions in Changes/Repository filter

Version Control. Git

IDEA-113816 (Feature) Default pull request title and description
IDEA-114360 (Cosmetics) GitHub: duplicated frame in empty Description field

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-115272 (Bug) Lots of [partial] incoming changes, and NPE in CommittedChangesCache


IDEA-115240 (Bug) Tags from scheme helptopic.xsd are not recognized


IDEA-115187 (Feature) Support Saxon-specific XSLT extension functions
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