IntelliJ IDEA 13 132.719 Release Notes

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IDEA-49419 (Feature) Add option to javac2 Ant task to ignore the @NotNull annotations
IDEA-115044 (Feature) Change @Contract retention policy to class
IDEA-94260 (Feature) Provide toString support using commons-lang3 ToStringBuilder
IDEA-84267 (Feature) Show icons and and VCS information in all tabs window
IDEA-114874 (Usability Problem) Live templates: don't allow editing $END$ and $SELECTION$ variables
IDEA-115084 (Bug) Color and Fonts: can't change colors for certain elements
WEB-9666 (Bug) Typo in description of JavaScript inspection "Empty 'try' block"
IDEA-108504 (Bug) Ctrl-G in Visual Studio keymap should map to Goto Line
IDEA-114890 (Bug) Find Jar On The Web: Looking For Libraries progress can't ve cancelled
IDEA-115014 (Bug) Constructor marked with @Inject doesn't report unused parameters
IDEA-114150 (Bug) Analyze Stacktrace does not recognise threads
IDEA-114828 (Bug) Constant Conditions and Exceptions could work without annotations
IDEA-115153 (Bug) 'Cyclic expand word' is broken


IDEA-92084 (Feature) layout_weight attribute should accept integer references
IDEA-114723 (Feature) Access Android SQLiteDatabases on external storage
IDEA-89857 (Feature) Automatically add android:layout_width and android:layout_height. Close with correct tag.
IDEA-92500 (Usability Problem) 'Clear all' button only enabled after clicking in content area of logcat view.
IDEA-114732 (Bug) Genymotion emulator: can't upload Android Data Source
IDEA-114339 (Bug) IDEA doesn't recognize ID for preference headers in res/xml folder
IDEA-114996 (Bug) Make Android SQLite Data Source work with Genymotion
IDEA-96814 (Bug) "Convert to dp" doesn't do anything in Android styles
IDEA-97917 (Bug) Cannot resolve R.* during debugging
IDEA-114463 (Bug) Inspect code (Lint) doesn't work with maven project
IDEA-114700 (Bug) "Safe delete" android drawable is not safe
IDEA-115019 (Exception) Android: Throwable at TemplateManager.getExtraTemplateRootFolders() on opening New Project Wizard


IDEA-14881 (Feature) Ant integration: 'Make build in background' should only show output window on error, show task progress in status bar/background tasks window


WEB-9658 (Bug) Optimize border properties action deletes "!important"

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-114877 (Feature) Checks using java.lang.Class#isInstance should guarantee argument is not null
IDEA-115070 (Cosmetics) Remove "exit" as possible @Contract method effect
IDEA-86387 (Bug) Fields marked with @Inject are not reported as unused
IDEA-114997 (Bug) IDEA 13: inspection to replace StringBuilder with String is incorrect
IDEA-114982 (Bug) Feature: warn if something is calculated inside assert statement
IDEA-114885 (Bug) "Class with too many fields" inspection reports both enum and enum fields
IDEA-114655 (Bug) SortedMap#comparator() should be annotated with @Nullable
IDEA-114791 (Bug) False 'may produce NPE' warning
IDEA-114936 (Bug) Good code is yellow: Confusing floating point constants

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-114953 (Cosmetics) Eclipse code style import: dialog to select a profile to import has no title
IDEA-114949 (Bug) Eclipse code style import: "Align fields in columns" is ignored

Compiling Project

IDEA-40780 (Feature) When code is compled with -g, use the argument name for the @NotNull error.
IDEA-114975 (Bug) Compiling with JDK1.6 shows warning


WEB-9587 (Usability Problem) Dart, cmd application and debug run configurations: remove 'make' from 'before launch' in default configuration
WEB-6705 (Bug) Dart: 'create method' quickfix shouldn't be available for external library methods
WEB-9629 (Bug) Can't disable Settings > Editor > Insert pair quote when editing a Dart file
WEB-9636 (Bug) Dart Unit Testing broken


IDEA-114616 (Feature) Copying sql results as html and pasting them into gmail
IDEA-114087 (Feature) Database view: add JDBC driver management model and replace different datasource edit dialogs with a single datasource/driver configurator.
IDEA-86305 (Bug) Import Database Schema: java.lang.Object is suggested for SQL NCLOB, java.sql.NClob is rejected
IDEA-114992 (Bug) Database: old console-mapping settings produce artefacts in Database tool window
IDEA-115032 (Bug) Database: Table Editor: Exception: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
IDEA-92347 (Bug) Database Console: Table name auto-complete in lower case only searches in the middle
IDEA-114749 (Bug) Database: Table Editor: changed columns' order is lost after applying filter
IDEA-114744 (Bug) Database: Table Editor: false positive 'Unresolved reference' inspection at filter criteria at MS SQL and Sybase
IDEA-114310 (Bug) Problem with MSSQL "MERGE;"
IDEA-109932 (Bug) Copy as SQL from DB grid returns decimal fractions, separated with commas


WEB-9343 (Bug) nodejs debugging hangs on rerun
WEB-8096 (Bug) Breakpoint is ignored in ExtJS app

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-67895 (Feature) Add clipboard to Live Templates
IDEA-105064 (Feature) Is it possible to have even smarter code completion in case of Logger.getLogger(Class)?
IDEA-53093 (Usability Problem) "Indent selection" and "unindent selection" behave differently.
IDEA-112383 (Bug) 'Not implemented' exception from editor.textarea component
IDEA-79905 (Bug) Convert indents to spaces leaves tabs on empty lines

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-25908 (Feature) Add Find Usages for imports
IDEA-82552 (Usability Problem) Option to automatically expand search results
IDEA-82403 (Usability Problem) [Avoid entering/Disable shortcut for] column-mode in single line edit box


IDEA-114904 (Bug) IDEA frozen when opening folder containing a lot of large SWFs


IDEA-115008 (Usability Problem) Gradle: Make 'apply' button enabled at settings dialog only if there are changes
IDEA-114534 (Bug) Gradle: cancelation of gradle tasks for "out-of-process" mode


IDEA-113948 (Bug) With Grails 2.2.1 (possibly all), the Grails test runner is forced in unit tests


WEB-8934 (Feature) Preview for Emmet live templates
WEB-9669 (Usability Problem) Add combobox with history in 'Surround with Emmet' dialog
WEB-9384 (Usability Problem) Emmet expansion collides with PHP completion using Tab
WEB-7733 (Bug) HTML parser breaks with comments


IDEA-114903 (Bug) Hibernate HQL query with hql functions with functions as argument are red
IDEA-42869 (Bug) New project / Hibernate facet / Create main class and configuration: if source root is absent, it does nothing

IDE Configuration

IDEA-50255 (Usability Problem) After settings import IDEA shows 2 exit confirmations
IDEA-106855 (Cosmetics) Initial Configuration Wizard refers to "Settings|Plugins" on Mac
IDEA-114601 (Bug) Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts: value of majority of color scheme settings is not shown
IDEA-114880 (Bug) "Tools" listed twice in File | Export Settings


IDEA-114726 (Bug) UI hung


IDEA-115078 (Feature) J2EE 7: Batch: the self-reference in 'next' attribute/element should be prohibited
IDEA-23763 (Usability Problem) Import Database Schema: Add option to de-select the "n"-side of "1:n" relations
IDEA-115107 (Bug) J2EE 7: Batch: the injected StepContext object is error-highlighted


IDEA-110430 (Feature) Support Weblogic


IDEA-79437 (Bug) Import Database Schema: Object is suggested for Oracle NVARCHAR2, that immediately causes error

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-103266 (Usability Problem) Suggest names for vars by method names without 'get' prefix
IDEA-110640 (Bug) Tab autocompletes to tag name in XML

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-115034 (Bug) Good code red: hex float zero


WEB-3820 (Bug) JS: don't suggest to split constant declaration into declaration and initialization
WEB-3821 (Bug) JS: don't suggest to split var declaration marked with @const or @constant into declaration and initialization

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-9664 (Bug) jshint - ES5 option is now set by default
WEB-7771 (Bug) AMD require([''], ...) throws syntax error


WEB-9618 (Bug) LESS: invalid lengths unit highlight in mixins calls


IDEA-114556 (Feature) Add the ability to have maven targets run before/after "rebuild"
IDEA-115069 (Usability Problem) Maven Artifact Search shows not recent version of the artifacts
IDEA-114965 (Bug) ${pom.parent.version} red in pom.xml file
IDEA-114815 (Bug) maven: new project from archetype: checkbox enabled but treeview inactive
IDEA-114837 (Bug) Should add library in test scope if adding a maven dependency from test class

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-100897 (Usability Problem) Keep OS X application bundle name constant

Project View

IDEA-98891 (Bug) Scroll from source : java.lang.StackOverflowError
IDEA-72618 (Bug) java.lang.StackOverflowError after codeToProject navigation


IDEA-115083 (Bug) PostgreSQL: values of data type 'money' are not displayed correctly


IDEA-37219 (Feature) Inspection: some attributes do not make sense on inner beans
IDEA-37267 (Feature) Spring: inspection for attributes with default values
IDEA-36494 (Feature) Spring: if the factory-bean attribute is used, class attribute is redundant - provide warning
IDEA-114984 (Usability Problem) Spring: do not show internal config files packaged in spring-* JARs
IDEA-114794 (Usability Problem) Spring Facet: show unmapped config files in facet settings window

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-114985 (Bug) Valid freemarker built-in not recognised


WEB-9644 (Bug) TypeScript: "method expression not of function type" when calling generic interface

Unit Tests

WEB-9672 (Bug) support junit reporter in Karma integration

User Interface

IDEA-115042 (Feature) Support audio notifications under Mac OS X (command "say")
IDEA-106794 (Usability Problem) Welcome screen broken with "nosplash"
IDEA-85737 (Bug) Editor tabs: providing unique names does not respect setting "Hide file extensions in editor tabs"
IDEA-107442 (Exception) NPE in com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper$2.componentResized

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-114907 (Bug) Rendering problems in SearchEverywhere under Darcula

Version Control

IDEA-33094 (Usability Problem) "Commit Changes" window: Message History
IDEA-83617 (Bug) Create project from the checked out sources: all folders with name started with dot are considered to be idea project
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