IntelliJ IDEA 13 132.425 Release Notes

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IDEA-113820 (Feature) Database table editor: Add data filters, columns ordering and structure viewer
IDEA-113938 (Feature) "Submit feedback" should pre-fill project and affected version
IDEA-114002 (Usability Problem) XDebuger breakpoint properties: don't close the dialog by double click
WEB-9342 (Bug) External Tool fails on OSX if an executable file basename specified
IDEA-113882 (Bug) Licensing: starting with clean configs and service: NPE through PasswordSafe.getInstance() and fail on start
IDEA-57940 (Bug) Cyclic expand word should take into account all open files
IDEA-113802 (Bug) Counterintuitive color selection for messages in Error Log
IDEA-113996 (Bug) License: with not available service attempt to register on start gives no response
IDEA-90661 (Bug) recognize IBM JDK jars
IDEA-114004 (Bug) XDebugger breakpoint properties: checkboxes synchronization is broken
IDEA-114003 (Bug) XDebuger breakpoint properties: strage selection jumps in breakpoint tree
IDEA-114001 (Bug) XDebuger Breakpoint Properties: enable in tree is not saved


WEB-9388 (Bug) Wrong comment indent at style tag
WEB-9302 (Bug) CSS: color gutter icons are doubled
WEB-9334 (Bug) Incremental selection works bad with negative CSS values
WEB-9335 (Bug) Bad insert pair brace in CSS
WEB-9339 (Exception) Live Templates: Throwable on creating comment template

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-113143 (Bug) Calling method with contract shouldn't result in nullability suspicion
IDEA-113865 (Bug) 'Equals should check class of parameter' shouldn't warn on identity equals
IDEA-113866 (Bug) this. not suggested for fields of anonymous inner classes
IDEA-70241 (Bug) Replace with '{@code}' inspection doesn't replace all occurrences in file.

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-113815 (Bug) keep "simple methods in one line" does not keep long methods
IDEA-112387 (Bug) Reformat code with rearrange entires on = fail on enum
IDEA-113294 (Bug) indentation of brace in a lambda expression
IDEA-113333 (Bug) Java formatter breaks source code: Merges statements into line comments
IDEA-110203 (Bug) IDEA ignores space after comma setting for methods declaration/call


WEB-9365 (Bug) coffeescript error highlight bug with else if and indentation
WEB-9005 (Bug) Wrong tabulation of function argument after code reformat


IDEA-113836 (Feature) Console folding: add TestNG related patterns


IDEA-113261 (Bug) Make Ctrl-C work on database name

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-114050 (Bug) Enter inserts closing brace in wrong place
IDEA-113971 (Bug) escaped ">" in Ctrl-P popup

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-113788 (Bug) Find in strings with reg exp with start / end match markers doesn't work without string delimiters
IDEA-113885 (Exception) Find: String literals only: Throwable at StringSearcher.scan() on XML with a string


IDEA-113910 (Feature) Gradle: code insight; dependencies DSL resolving
IDEA-113861 (Usability Problem) Gradle: it could be possible to hide 'Gradle: download' progress to the background
IDEA-111335 (Bug) Gradle: task tree is incorrectly displayed if tasks are added to sub-projects via 'subprojects' method


IDEA-114012 (Bug) Grails 2.3 respond method not recognized in IntelliJ IDEA 13 Preview 132.325


IDEA-107453 (Bug) Compilation error if overriding methods have different access modifiers

IDE Configuration

IDEA-108785 (Feature) Allow applying the same context to many selected live templates
IDEA-102674 (Bug) Do not treat normal occurrences of "$" in project files as path variables


IDEA-105758 (Bug) Contradiction between error and fix actions (Java EE artifact)

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-108514 (Exception) NPE at AppServerSupportConfigurable.getOrCreateAppServer() on attempt to add Application Server facet if no server is configured

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-114037 (Bug) Code completion should prefer variable names to unimported class names
IDEA-96713 (Bug) Incorrect options shown for 'implements'
IDEA-90294 (Bug) Don't use substring match in word completion
IDEA-112820 (Bug) Console completion popup shouldn't select the first item by default

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-85961 (Bug) Pattern BACKSLASH_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("
", Pattern.LITERAL) is always marked red.

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-113785 (Bug) "Delegate methods" generates duplicate method annotations

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-113352 (Bug) Introduce Parameter is broken

Live Edit

WEB-1802 (Bug) Can't make LiveEdit plugin working (wicket)
WEB-8698 (Bug) LiveEdit: support highlighting for element ID with Unicode characters


IDEA-66603 (Feature) Maven3: provide inspection that checks duplicate declarations of plugins
IDEA-65114 (Usability Problem) "Add Maven projects" cannot be undone
IDEA-57398 (Usability Problem) Maven "resource" directory behaves like it contains java classes

Project Configuration

IDEA-109943 (Bug) Download Library from Maven Repository: artifacts from repository with provider != maven2 are suggested, but repository is filtered off
IDEA-114064 (Bug) Create "From Maven" library dialog doesn't handle full coords correctly (as advertised)
IDEA-77519 (Bug) Project fails to open when workspace.xml is empty
IDEA-113904 (Bug) Add New Module from Project Structure dialog wants to create new project
IDEA-111030 (Bug) Add Framework Support: Ok is disabled for the only selected Web Application


IDEA-112392 (Feature) SQL Smart Code Completion: no smart completion when comma is used as join
IDEA-112393 (Usability Problem) SQL Smart Code Completion: smart completion for right/left joins with and without inner/outer is different
IDEA-113405 (Bug) PostgreSQL: false positive 'Unresolved reference' inspection at '*' at SELECT ROW


WEB-9118 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: operator used as class selector
WEB-9306 (Bug) ?????

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-113889 (Usability Problem) Provide mnemonics (Alt+<key>) for testing library radio buttons (Create test dialog).

Unit Tests

WEB-9396 (Bug) NodeUnit testcase gives error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

User Interface

IDEA-113855 (Bug) Search Everywhere looks scrambled at first start

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-113780 (Bug) "Annotate" from history doesn't work for renamed/moved files
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