IntelliJ IDEA 13 132.106 Release Notes

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IDEA-85457 (Feature) Android. Add option to automatically show logcat window on run
IDEA-89390 (Feature) Proguard heap size setting
IDEA-112692 (Feature) Completion in @+id references
IDEA-112689 (Task) Correct support of custom views with custom attributes in library projects
IDEA-112932 (Task) Android attribute sorting: "width" should be before "height"
IDEA-80976 (Bug) Android Logcat "Clear log before launch" checkbox in run configuration doesn't actually clear the log
IDEA-100046 (Bug) BuildConfig.DEBUG shouldn't be marked as always true/false
IDEA-100044 (Bug) Parceable.CREATOR shouldn't be marker as unused
IDEA-102180 (Bug) Android XML: markup nested to string resources should not be reformatted
IDEA-112979 (Bug) Spellchecker inspection should be suppressed for symbols user cannot edit
IDEA-112293 (Bug) APKLIB modules with incorrect dependencies
IDEA-113138 (Bug) Cannot run single method test in android
IDEA-112276 (Exception) Android Studio - Fatal Error


IDEA-110405 (Bug) AspectJ cannot resolve local aspect libraries during maven import


WEB-8898 (Bug) CSS: support 'local' value of the 'background-attachment' property

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-112813 (Feature) Chain of instanceof checks: Support if/if/if/... chains
IDEA-112317 (Feature) Inspection: Calendar.set() / Calendar.add() parameters order
IDEA-84561 (Bug) The inspection "Code style issue/field may be final" doesn't handle some simple situations
IDEA-91969 (Bug) False positive 'field may be final'
IDEA-84614 (Bug) Erroneous application of "Field may be final" inspection
IDEA-87373 (Bug) Field may be final false positive
IDEA-107730 (Bug) @VisibleForTesting is marked as a warning when called within class
IDEA-111396 (Bug) False positive on Inspection Code Style Issues / Field may be final
IDEA-80439 (Bug) Wrong 'field may be final' inspection.
IDEA-112864 (Bug) Idea suggests to replace a good clear expression with a magic number
IDEA-89711 (Bug) "Field may be final" inspection may produce false positive results
IDEA-112668 (Bug) Inspections configuration issues when using scopes
IDEA-112981 (Bug) Bad warning: "map are updated but not queried" with method reference
IDEA-112678 (Exception) Inspections: Package naming convention: NSFE at PackageNamingConventionInspection.createOptionsPanel()

Code Navigation

IDEA-112779 (Exception) ISE at com.intellij.ide.util.gotoByName.ChooseByNameBase.getNames


WEB-8018 (Feature) DartUnit: links to files in test results should be clickable
WEB-8117 (Bug) Dart plugin - member-variable case (in switch) is formatted weirdly
WEB-7963 (Bug) Dart: no completion in object property value
WEB-9076 (Bug) Dart: error if map key is a constant
WEB-7672 (Bug) What about Dart documentation?
WEB-7217 (Bug) Dart: formatter breaks the cascade operation
WEB-8264 (Bug) Proper syntax with List literal is flagged as error.
WEB-8315 (Bug) Dart: Indent isn't set on enter


WEB-8064 (Bug) Debugger: Pause Program button is not working
WEB-9099 (Bug) JavaScript debug issue - WebStorm 131.24
WEB-8126 (Bug) windows: Debugger, CoffeeScript: breakpoints are not hit if js and coffee files are in different directories


IDEA-112868 (Bug) "Compare middle and left panel contents" swaps the files

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-90438 (Usability Problem) tooltip for constructor/method call should display package

File Watchers

WEB-9084 (Bug) File Watcher: Compass: wrong default settings


IDEA-112107 (Task) flexmojos flex compiler configuration doesn't work due to "The switch in the core from Sonatype Aether to Eclipse Aether." since maven 3.1.
IDEA-109745 (Bug) Flex compile config created from maven has errors.
IDEA-113001 (Bug) Working code shows as incorrect


IDEA-112865 (Feature) Gradle: completion and quick-docs for standard gradle plugins
IDEA-78536 (Usability Problem) Gradle: New Project wizard: notifications on "Gradle home" field disappear too quickly
IDEA-112870 (Bug) Changing a library's scope from compile to testCompile in build.gradle does not change IDEA module settings


IDEA-112910 (Usability Problem) Grails advanced mode
IDEA-112506 (Bug) Named link tags in Grails with optional attributes are marked as error when used without the optional attributes


IDEA-112955 (Feature) Struts2: allow to suppress class name inspection in struts.xml globally


IDEA-112731 (Bug) Cannot start WebSphere v6.1 server anymore


WEB-2137 (Feature) Jade: Provide syntax highlighting of javascript in script-tag

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-112553 (Feature) Ctrl-Shift-Space in a context where a SAM interface is expected should offer lambda expression stub as completion option
IDEA-112173 (Bug) Smart completion after 'new' should honor upper bound of generic parameters

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-113078 (Bug) Java 8: Good code is red: Ambiguous method call when using method reference

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-112562 (Feature) Pull up should allow to pull method body into interface as default method
IDEA-112684 (Bug) Remember "Open copy in editor"


WEB-8562 (Bug) JS incorrect "Unresolved variable"
WEB-972 (Bug) Download JS libraries: correctly handle files deletion/appearance
WEB-9049 (Bug) JSDoc: properties of a type defined with named @typedef not resolved

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-8548 (Feature) Add warning/inspection for two consecutive commas in JavaScript array
WEB-8155 (Usability Problem) Inspection "Signature mismatch problem" highlights complete file (and has wording issues)
WEB-8521 (Bug) Unnecessary inspection

Live Edit

WEB-8367 (Bug) Live Edit not working properly with Jade File Watcher


IDEA-112722 (Bug) Maven: maven-ear-plugin suport: workDirectory tag ignored in "ear exploded" output directory configuration
IDEA-112661 (Bug) OSMORC build will fail if Maven plugin is not activated


WEB-8775 (Bug) Node.js: Create Directory inspection should correctly name folder
WEB-8913 (Bug) NPM: update Project View when background processes will be completed

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-113203 (Bug) dmServer plugin: IDEA fails to start because of NCDFE: org/jetbrains/lang/manifest/ManifestFileTypeFactory

Plugin Support. DevKit

IDEA-112700 (Feature) Devkit: highlight usage of deprecated EPs


IDEA-112800 (Bug) PostgreSQL: string constants separated by line break are red
IDEA-112795 (Bug) PostgreSQL: false positive unresolved reference inspection for FROM ONLY selection for tables with inheritance
IDEA-112395 (Bug) SQL: problems with foreign key referencing table without explicit column mention
IDEA-112663 (Bug) MS SQL: creating foreign key referencing to a table with one primary key should not ask for column specification
IDEA-109546 (Bug) PostgreSQL: COPY ... WITH csv DELIMITER highlighted as error
IDEA-112936 (Bug) PostgreSQL: parameter info: wrong column order in case of inheritance


IDEA-105142 (Bug) Spring: on fileset rename the displayed current context name is not updated


WEB-9050 (Bug) Stylus: Completion: should work inside indented code block
WEB-8964 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize @media
WEB-9087 (Bug) Stylus: Reformat Code: interpolation is broken
WEB-8994 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: second colon is highlighted in the minified CSS Literal rule
WEB-8991 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize and reformat add-property function content correctly
WEB-9095 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: subscript brackets before operators inside if statement
WEB-8999 (Bug) Stylus: turn off W3C validation for the built-in functions
WEB-9096 (Bug) Stylus: disable W3C validator
WEB-9094 (Bug) Stylus: Reformat Code: operators are incorrectly formatted
WEB-9026 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: complex iteration
WEB-9028 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: function arguments
WEB-8963 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize multiple font types declared in the @font-face
WEB-9035 (Bug) Stylus: IAE is thrown on changing color via color preview box
WEB-9037 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize quotes inside url property
WEB-9066 (Bug) Stylus: Completion: no selectors should be shown outside code block
WEB-9048 (Bug) Stylus: Completion: do not add colon
WEB-9040 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize in operator inside conditionals
WEB-9127 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: CSS literal with empty selector
WEB-9125 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: return with conditional if
WEB-9016 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize and Reformat Code with if/else statements correctly
WEB-8942 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize brackets

Task Management

IDEA-112885 (Bug) Task management: Open Task makes no effect
IDEA-112828 (Bug) NPE when trying to close JIRA issue
IDEA-112823 (Bug) PyCharm's Tasks - Servers ignores the "host" field for github


WEB-9053 (Bug) TypeScript generics wrong syntax check
WEB-6833 (Bug) Bad code green: signature of method doesn't match base class
WEB-9091 (Bug) Typescript editor become unusable. Problem with cyclic dependencies, StackOverflowError. Exception in Plugin JavaScript Support.

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-112753 (Bug) "JUnit test method contains no assertions" detailed description mentions missing table
IDEA-112755 (Bug) "JUnit test method contains no assertions" for hamcrest-based assertions
IDEA-112757 (Bug) Test class name is missing in the tree

Unit Tests

WEB-8939 (Usability Problem) Karma: make Run with Coverage more user-friendly
WEB-9115 (Bug) Terminate karma debug session if a new debug karma debug session started
WEB-9077 (Bug) ?????

User Interface

IDEA-109834 (Usability Problem) Plugin error reporting textbox is awful
IDEA-112329 (Usability Problem) IDE Fatal Errors dialog: Details tab can't be scrolled
IDEA-112412 (Cosmetics) "Internal error" modal dialog on startup usability
IDEA-113150 (Bug) Balloon shadow looks bad under Retina
IDEA-112669 (Bug) Project View: "Wide selection" broken
IDEA-112778 (Bug) Custom Plugin Repository: support download url other than repository itself
IDEA-113130 (Bug) Project View on Mac: text is invisible under selection
IDEA-113175 (Exception) Expanding nodes in Variables(Debug tools window) while debug application throws exception

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-113071 (Bug) File Colors feature doesn't work in ProjectView under Darcula

Version Control. Git

IDEA-112867 (Usability Problem) Github Create Pull Request fails to show diff if there is no remote for the parent repository

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-112670 (Bug) Problem with checkout (Perforce)


IDEA-112914 (Feature) Insert closing tag after typing </


IDEA-113046 (Bug) XSL autocompletion insert unnecessary elements
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