IntelliJ IDEA 13 130.962 Release Notes

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No subsystem

WEB-7148 (Feature) Built In HTTP Preview Server Needed (IntelliJ IDEA)
IDEA-107996 (Performance Problem) Memory leaks after closing all projects
WEB-8084 (Cosmetics) Confusing error message when Remote Host Access plug-in is disabled


IDEA-91916 (Feature) Add support for manifestmerger.enabled
IDEA-108620 (Performance Problem) Multiple rootsChanged events fired when initializing the source/gen roots of a multi-module Android project
IDEA-108329 (Bug) Don't suggest IDEA bin directory as the default to save developer keystore file in
IDEA-106948 (Bug) Android - logcat window hides while IntelliJ reindexes code
IDEA-101291 (Bug) support adt21 pre-dex
IDEA-107028 (Bug) Failure creating new Android Application Module - Error Message on directory creation - console shows "The project wasn't generated by 'android' tool."
IDEA-107398 (Bug) Error: Android Dex:[{Project_name}]{error_count}{package}
IDEA-106026 (Bug) Resources settings reset to default when run maven build


IDEA-108102 (Bug) Can't assign shortcut to ant target


WEB-6462 (Feature) Show image preview for data:image values
WEB-8020 (Feature) Extract image from data:uri intention
WEB-2380 (Feature) Option to relax "cannot resolve file" CSS inspection
WEB-7785 (Feature) Complete Current Statement in CSS files should add braces
WEB-7988 (Bug) Reformat CSS with \9 adds unnessesary space.
WEB-7970 (Bug) CSS colorpicker generates incorrect value for alpha < 0.1
WEB-7977 (Bug) Emmet fuzzy search bugs
WEB-7921 (Bug) Good code underlined as erroneous

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-108605 (Feature) Inspection in compareTo() or compare() might cause integer overflow
IDEA-108517 (Feature) Suggest to convert field to a local variable if in all methods the field is written before usage
IDEA-108920 (Bug) Red code is wrong when referencing a non-static class via a method in an anonymous class from constructor
IDEA-108191 (Bug) project level 6.0, but generic combobox is not marked as error
IDEA-108195 (Bug) JDK good cod is red: lambda of lambda
IDEA-108285 (Bug) Use of type paramter in nested interface not flagged as error
IDEA-108287 (Bug) Instance where nested interface is accessed via sub-interface not flagged as error

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-103092 (Feature) Xml arranger: Support xml namespace rule
IDEA-108385 (Bug) Xml arrangement: Allow to specify a rule which controls namespace attribute position

Code Navigation

IDEA-96943 (Bug) "Find file" doesn't work for filenames which contain a hash (a.k.a. pound sign, #)


WEB-7878 (Bug) CoffeeScript syntax highlighting / parsing thrown off by "for own*"
WEB-7854 (Bug) coffe script highlight error with jquery chaining
WEB-5591 (Bug) Assignment to object or array
WEB-7889 (Bug) Syntax error not shown for invalid coffeescript
WEB-7930 (Bug) CoffeeScript: hang up on indexing broken .coffee file
WEB-6063 (Bug) Arrays in the interpolation are highlighted
WEB-6064 (Bug) Multiple expressions inside the interpolation are highlighted
WEB-7819 (Bug) Incorrect reformat

Compiling Project

IDEA-108215 (Bug) Incremental compilation of Java project fails after a certain change


IDEA-92567 (Bug) Performance problems with run consoles
IDEA-108410 (Exception) Running Tools|Open Terminal... throws exceptions


WEB-7194 (Feature) Run configuration for command-line Dart apps
WEB-7513 (Feature) Dart: close quote completion in a string literal
WEB-1559 (Feature) Provide autompletion for optional named parameters
WEB-7207 (Feature) Create new Dart web app should also create a web and lib directory
WEB-2459 (Feature) Dart: provide completion for types in function parameters list/catch causes
WEB-2456 (Feature) Dart, Structure view: show constructor parameters
WEB-6957 (Cosmetics) Please rephrase "Bad SDK home path" message and provide hyperlink to settings
WEB-6825 (Task) Map help ID
WEB-6761 (Task) Map help button of the Dart code style page
WEB-7962 (Bug) Dart: can't debug DartUnit tests
WEB-6531 (Bug) Unable to code complete methods on Dart object
WEB-2394 (Bug) Dart: check the new class name on creation
WEB-7310 (Bug) Support mixins in the Dart plugin
WEB-6480 (Bug) Dart: no completion in arrow function body if the trailing ';' is missing
WEB-6479 (Bug) Dart: Refactor/Extract variable from arrow function body corrupts the code
WEB-7058 (Bug) Dart: Autoformat fail for comment
WEB-6059 (Bug) Dart plugin in Intellij IDEA EAP latest version. Intellisense doesn't work anymore... on latest Dart from SVN
WEB-6160 (Bug) Dart File search tests fail when when using DartUnit test runner
WEB-6231 (Bug) Support Annotations
WEB-6518 (Bug) Dart code formatter issue
WEB-7846 (Bug) Dart Plugin does not resolve the contents of packages correctly
WEB-2460 (Bug) Dart: named constructors are not correctly resolved/shown in completion
WEB-6419 (Bug) Reformat code not working for Dart code
WEB-7191 (Bug) Bug in the dart Editor Auto-Complete
WEB-2479 (Bug) Dart: 'Implement methods' breaks the code when inserting implementation between existing members
WEB-6458 (Bug) Dart: hangup on Refactor/Extract variable from arrow function body
WEB-6459 (Bug) Dart: Refactor/extract method generates incorrect parameters from method calls
WEB-2334 (Bug) Dart: add the required parameters on Refactor/Extract method
WEB-2333 (Bug) Dart: Refactor/Extract Method should generate correct parameters type for generics
WEB-6313 (Bug) Dart: when creating Dart project by template, don't use Tab characters for indentation in generated pubspec.yaml
WEB-7324 (Bug) Test runner seems to fail on latest Dart SDK
WEB-1541 (Bug) Copyright update text in Dart proyects
WEB-7216 (Bug) Dart: built-in libraries import is marked as not resolved
WEB-6964 (Bug) Dart: Refactor/Extract Variable does nothing
WEB-6447 (Bug) Dart: named factory constructors are not suggested by completion
WEB-6485 (Exception) Dart: Throwable on Refactor/Rename variable to invalid name
WEB-6426 (Exception) Dart: Throwable on Refactor/extract variable from cascade expression


IDEA-106981 (Feature) Add single record transpose view to Database tool
IDEA-108229 (Feature) Show variable substitusion in DB console.
IDEA-107851 (Bug) Problem with case of table names
IDEA-108382 (Bug) Not the entered text is saved in the Database Console window when undocked
IDEA-97615 (Bug) varchar(1000) displayed as text
IDEA-106621 (Bug) Support "SETOF" in postgresql
IDEA-108889 (Bug) Database support - save-to-file ignoring line breaks


WEB-4454 (Usability Problem) JavaScript debug: local and remote run configurations are confusing
WEB-2445 (Bug) JSDebugger: MalformedJsonException when debugging TS unit tests
WEB-7688 (Bug) With WS-129.221 remote debugging with Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m, extension does not connect to WebStorm
WEB-8088 (Bug) Scripts tab: "Open in Browser" action should open corresponding page in browser instead of script, and this action is not available for Google Chrome
WEB-7167 (Bug) JS debug: firefox opens a new tab every time
WEB-7726 (Bug) CORS Proxy
WEB-7987 (Bug) Debugger: HTML page not loaded when debugging in FireFox
WEB-6172 (Bug) JSTestDriver: can't debug JSTestDriver tests, Linkage error
WEB-1930 (Bug) Node debugger does not break on 'debugger' statement
WEB-7727 (Exception) Debugger: Node.js: SocketException on Stop debugging

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-108693 (Feature) Editor: Allow to specify fractional metrics usage on painting
IDEA-94742 (Feature) Add "Make method public" intention action to more scenarios
IDEA-88905 (Usability Problem) Do not show update notifications while user is typing in the editor
IDEA-89029 (Bug) Editor stops working: PSI/document inconsistency before reparse: file=PsiCodeFragment:web_path.txt
IDEA-108783 (Bug) Editor: Correct painting in case of collapsed fold region which covers document end
IDEA-107812 (Bug) {@literal x} inserts extra space
IDEA-107779 (Bug) Live templates perform unnecessary wrong shortening for inner class names
IDEA-107827 (Bug) Rename then edit an open file does not save file changes
IDEA-107826 (Bug) Recover after PSI/document inconsistency before reparse
IDEA-107678 (Bug) Live templates $CLASS_NAME$ variable expands to Outer$Inner for an inner class

External Tools

IDEA-108577 (Feature) External Tools: add macro $ClipboardContent$

File System

IDEA-108892 (Bug) Mounted Directory Issue- JRE problem.
IDEA-109028 (Bug) FSNotifier attempting to register INotify watches inside archive files

File Watchers

WEB-7831 (Feature) File watcher; option to trigger command only once when saving multiple files
WEB-7955 (Usability Problem) File watchers: when creating output from sdtout, don't create a file if watcher execution results in compilation error
WEB-6706 (Bug) Background tasks, Dart2JS: file not available in vfs after creation
WEB-6734 (Exception) PsiInvalidElementAccessException after file watcher executing

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-104534 (Bug) Find in Path does not search for files with empty text search field when there was text in clipboard


IDEA-105992 (Feature) Flash Remote Debug run configuration: connect to the app already installed on the device (debug over USB)
IDEA-107760 (Bug) Packaging AIR Application Fails Due To Failure To Retrieve Timestamp
IDEA-106955 (Bug) Deadlock on code completion
IDEA-73764 (Bug) Make 'foo' extend 'bar' quickfix: don't attempt to change class from library
IDEA-103855 (Bug) `Use semicolon to terminate statements` has no effect with Intention Actions.
IDEA-86473 (Bug) Disable inspection "Method can be static" for overridden method toString()
IDEA-108081 (Bug) Cannot run flexunit tests in Intellij IDEA 13 EAP


IDEA-107980 (Feature) Gradle: Enhance Xmx gradle daemon processing
IDEA-108739 (Feature) Gradle: Use user-defined run configuration name at the 'recent tasks' control if possible
IDEA-108602 (Feature) Gradle: Integrate 'debug task' to the execution system
IDEA-108995 (Feature) External system: Correct tool window visibility processing
IDEA-108633 (Feature) Gradle: Provide 'auto-import' feature
IDEA-108938 (Feature) External system: Provide ability to detach linked external project
IDEA-109042 (Feature) External system: Don't perform automatic external project refresh on ide project opening if external config is up-to-date
IDEA-108740 (Feature) External system: Provide maven-like external project selector at external system run configuration editor
IDEA-108599 (Feature) Gradle: Integrate 'run task' to the ide execution system
IDEA-108974 (Feature) External system: Provide ability to link external project via 'external system' tool window
IDEA-108615 (Feature) Gradle: Add 'recent tasks' control
IDEA-104500 (Task) Gradle: Allow to reuse common logic for other external systems
IDEA-108279 (Bug) Gradle: Don't ignore project name specified by external system implementation during import


IDEA-108180 (Bug) IU130-754 Always Gives "Could not find or load main class"
IDEA-103419 (Bug) IDEA suggests incorrectly files for Missing i18n Codes inspection


IDEA-99756 (Feature) Groovy: 'incorrect assignment' inspection should suggest to change l-value type
IDEA-99872 (Feature) Groovy: Remove unnecessary 'else'
IDEA-80399 (Feature) Language Injection does not work in Groovy files
IDEA-108235 (Task) Groovy: show static suggestions after instance qualifier if nothing else matches
IDEA-108318 (Bug) "Method call is ambiguous" when using groovy builders
IDEA-107733 (Bug) Idea groovy script classpathes incorrect on run
IDEA-107742 (Bug) Mixin method to metaclass with property
IDEA-108073 (Bug) Wrong formatting for comments with asterisks
IDEA-108291 (Bug) All groovy refactorying fail with exception Cannot modify a read-only file
IDEA-108052 (Bug) Groovy: "@DelegatesTo inspection" could report unused @DelegatesTo.Target if a closure parameter delegates to a different target
IDEA-108685 (Exception) Introduce parameter from 'null'


WEB-8108 (Bug) Don't add a ="" when completing HTML boolean attributes
WEB-7993 (Bug) Web Components: support 'constructor' attribute for the <element>
WEB-7837 (Bug) Use relative paths when selecting a "double" tapping autocomplete
WEB-7981 (Bug) Web Components: recognize 'is' attribute
WEB-8115 (Exception) Editor sometimes begins rejecting typing on ASP files (Plugin: ASP)

IDE Configuration

IDEA-107709 (Feature) StringUtils within a File Template
IDEA-98527 (Feature) Provide a Create New Group button on Live Templates to better organize templates
IDEA-108780 (Usability Problem) Don't show update notifications about disabled plugins
IDEA-106863 (Usability Problem) Impossible to specify description to custom File Templates
IDEA-106865 (Bug) [File Templates] Possible to create new template with name of already existed template
IDEA-108293 (Bug) Saving of TODO filter is broken
IDEA-87213 (Bug) Search in Settings: should be possible to find settings for templates of overridden or implemented methods
IDEA-108398 (Bug) Cannot manage saved scopes in the Settings
IDEA-108050 (Bug) Settings: Inspections/Intentions: if type 'each' into the search fiield all nodes will be shown instead of filtered appropriate ones
IDEA-106875 (Bug) [File Templates] 'Reformat according to style' checkbox is always marked for copied template


IDEA-22953 (Usability Problem) Popup balloon for low space on disk where are cache is stored


IDEA-109077 (Bug) Java template project creation failure


IDEA-108644 (Bug) Inspection "Ambiguous EJB reference, beanName or more precise beanInterface should specified" triggers if Local interface extends Remote interface
IDEA-108606 (Bug) JPQL Orderable attribute expected Inspection message


IDEA-107612 (Feature) Tiles: recognize type implicitly


IDEA-107368 (Bug) EJB Modules should be included to classpath for JSP validation of nested WARs

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-108113 (Feature) Would be great to have an instanceof operator in keyword completion
IDEA-108197 (Usability Problem) Warn user about incomplete completion results in dumb mode
IDEA-107444 (Cosmetics) Simplify code completion settings
IDEA-107978 (Task) Remove 'show static after instance qualifier' completion setting
IDEA-108563 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Shortcut "sout" doesn't work in lambda body.
IDEA-108068 (Bug) Idea suggests two identical completions for an array constructor

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-108821 (Cosmetics) Wording of inspector for "replace statement lambda with expression lambda" should be brought in line with JLS
IDEA-55510 (Bug) Bad code is green: parameterised class
IDEA-108505 (Bug) IDEA highlights reference to inner class as having redundant qualifier but removing them causes reference to become ambigous
IDEA-108955 (Bug) Incompatible return type in lambda expression when using diamond operator
IDEA-108584 (Bug) IDEA does not detect access to private nested class which is not compilable
IDEA-107794 (Bug) IntelliJ fails to flag invocation of static interface methods attempted through subtypes or instances
IDEA-104969 (Bug) IDEA should not offer to add class to import section when class already imported

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-109079 (Bug) Focus doesnt pass when doing implement method
IDEA-53678 (Bug) Create Constant Field quick fix pollutes imports
IDEA-108433 (Bug) "replace String concatenation with MessageFormat.format()" intention escapes curly brackets incorrectly

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-108939 (Feature) RFE: show inferred types of lambda formals
IDEA-93319 (Feature) RFE: Finer control over inline superclass
IDEA-108243 (Usability Problem) Add option to the Copy dialog to not open files after pasting
IDEA-108666 (Usability Problem) Safe delete on a method implementation produces unnecessary confirmations
IDEA-109108 (Cosmetics) Refactor / Copy on package with class suggests not usable destination
IDEA-108667 (Cosmetics) The Safe Delete warning about base method existence uses the short name for the class, but fully-qualified name for the interface
IDEA-97777 (Bug) Extract method on overloaded methods with objects in same hierarchy
IDEA-108187 (Bug) Extract Parameter Object creates wrong Javadoc
IDEA-108025 (Bug) Pull members up does not preserve method order, places new interface method at the top
IDEA-104417 (Bug) Refactoring creates "silly assignment"
IDEA-107654 (Bug) One more 'Type parameter is not within its bound' not highlighted
IDEA-108691 (Bug) Rename property error
IDEA-83353 (Bug) When move refactoring is invoked for constant initialized in static initializer, it breaks compilation
IDEA-82093 (Bug) "Make class implement interface" quickfix for class with bounded type parameters generates invalid code; should prompt to select the type parameter
IDEA-108809 (Exception) Assertion error while performing inline refactoring
IDEA-108701 (Exception) DefineParamsDefaultValue & GenerateDelegatedMethodWithDefaultParameterValue intentions should correctly treat read-only status


IDEA-108601 (Bug) fxml editor highlights constant usage as incorrect


WEB-8059 (Cosmetics) JSDoc. No padding in quick documentation on multiple parameters with properties
WEB-7172 (Bug) @todo inside JSDoc is not recognized as "todo" tag.
WEB-6474 (Bug) Choose declaration "console" duplicated
WEB-7548 (Bug) @class JSDoc tag breaks autocomplete
WEB-748 (Bug) Method expression is not of Function type
WEB-6143 (Bug) Good code is red: JQuery selector starting with +
WEB-7284 (Bug) Fields defined by Object.defineProperty/Object.defineProperties are not recognized.
WEB-6817 (Bug) Variable highlighted as unused if it's used in 'new' expression
WEB-7745 (Bug) JSDoc: don't report 'returned expression type null not assignable to non-nullable type' when returning variable initialized with null
WEB-7744 (Bug) JSDoc: don't report 'type null not assignable' error when comparing non-nullable type with null

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-1501 (Feature) Ext JS / Sencha Touch: Special handling for 'xtype' property
WEB-8041 (Bug) Incorrect "ExtJS class for xtype not found"

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-8089 (Feature) Add visual cue on jslint, jshint configuration options
WEB-4697 (Bug) Expressions in CSS - incorrect inspection
WEB-8082 (Bug) inspect.bat hangs analyzing JSHint inspections
WEB-7958 (Bug) JSDoc: "Argument type X is not assignable to parameter type String" for type {Object.<string, X>} (hasOwnProperty)
WEB-8034 (Bug) a condition is simplified with a double negation, which could easily be removed
WEB-7759 (Bug) JsDoc: No documentation found for javascript get/set functions

JavaScript. Refactoring

WEB-7915 (Bug) suggested refactoring action "remove redundant else" breaks the code (Javascript)

JavaScript. Templates

WEB-7927 (Bug) New Foundation Projects incorrectly check out the git repo, instead of using compass to instantiate a project.


WEB-8079 (Bug) LESS CSS Support: False error in LESS files
WEB-8097 (Bug) Broken LESS markup

Live Edit

WEB-1795 (Feature) Show effective DOM
WEB-8103 (Bug) Live Edit doesnt work. OuterHTML error


IDEA-108475 (Usability Problem) User-defined Maven dependency types
IDEA-57787 (Usability Problem) Attach artifacts from repository ordering of search results
IDEA-54120 (Bug) Maven: Extract Dependency refactoring: for dependencies of non-default type refactoring is incorrect
IDEA-107804 (Bug) version is not included in Maven jar artifact name


WEB-1917 (Bug) Node.js Debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints
WEB-6418 (Bug) Create New Project with separate Module name/subfolder creates bad project structure for Node.js modules

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-109172 (Bug) IDEA-130.960 fails to start on Windows
IDEA-107315 (Bug) IDEA doesn't start if installation path contains + sign
IDEA-92962 (Bug) Installer should ignore bin\ and bin*.vmoptions when checking whether installation target folder is empty

Plugin Support. API

IDEA-105525 (Feature) Add optional parameter 'exceptionMessage' to @NotNull annotation
IDEA-107011 (Task) Updating jdom library?

Product Documentation

WEB-8013 (Bug) Help for web project generators

Project Configuration

IDEA-51214 (Usability Problem) Artifacts: quick fix for adding all dependencies does not add them recursively

Project View

IDEA-83510 (Usability Problem) Read-only XML configuration files (Spring, Struts, ...) icon in the project tree looks the same to writable
IDEA-99160 (Bug) UI not responsive on opening new project (disk activity initiated from ScopeTreeViewPanel$MyPsiTreeChangeAdapter)
IDEA-108614 (Bug) Project tool windows: Test and Production Scope: empty folders from different scope appear on package rename/ undo package rename

REST Client

WEB-7176 (Feature) The REST client should create the Authorization header for you
WEB-8074 (Usability Problem) REST Client run doesn't trigger PHP file save
WEB-7227 (Bug) REST Client does not allow custom Accept headers

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-108207 (Exception) Rerun process in Run tool window throws NPE


IDEA-108493 (Feature) SQLite: highlighting keywords for common datatypes
IDEA-102412 (Feature) Add a separate Word Case rule for 'types' in the SQL Code Style.
IDEA-108330 (Usability Problem) SQL: navigation to the related data doesn't highlight the row if target table editor is closed
IDEA-46062 (Usability Problem) SQLite: BLOB, CLOB and TEXT could have keyword highlighting
IDEA-108712 (Usability Problem) PostgreSQL: no completion for executing functions statements
IDEA-105777 (Bug) SQL: Label isn't resolved
IDEA-105775 (Bug) MS SQL: Insert values inspection fails with local tables
IDEA-108363 (Bug) SQL Server: OVER clause with aggregate functions doesn't handle multiple PARTITION BY items
IDEA-108327 (Bug) SQL: foreign key popup: no action for pressing Ctrl + Q
IDEA-108030 (Bug) SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: period immediately after a substitution variable not recognized
IDEA-108430 (Bug) SQL: Inspections: PostgreSQL select from procedure call check: false positive inspection for calling procedure with out parameters without alias
IDEA-109014 (Bug) PostgreSQL: empty array flagged as error
IDEA-109020 (Bug) PostgreSQL: exception types flagged as errors
IDEA-109026 (Bug) PostgreSQL: PL/pgSQL incorrectly flags 'AT TIME ZONE'
IDEA-108122 (Bug) SQL: Oracle: parameter tooltip shows float type for numeric type
IDEA-109016 (Exception) SQL: PostgreSQL: Throwable at SqlStubbedDefinitionImpl.getDefinitionType() on CREATE CAST


IDEA-108485 (Bug) Spring: <description> tag not handled in all beans
IDEA-108192 (Bug) Spring MVC: correctly rename <mvc:view-controller> "path"
IDEA-107948 (Bug) Spring EL: T() operator: the type rename is performed incorrectly if inner type is referenced

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-108878 (Bug) Freemarker plugin: ?xhtml built-in not recognized

Template Languages. Velocity

IDEA-108579 (Usability Problem) Collapsing #macro in Velocity
IDEA-108407 (Bug) Valid Velocity markup shown as invalid

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-77380 (Feature) In test run statistics, allow order by "Time elapsed"
IDEA-108509 (Feature) Option to include un-started tests with rerunning failed
IDEA-106927 (Bug) Previously working run configuration for running all JUnit tests in a module now do not work
IDEA-109086 (Bug) Right click on test source root - Run all tests - runs last folder instead
IDEA-107895 (Bug) Wrong JUnit test is run, when multiple classes with the same name exist in a project
IDEA-98867 (Bug) Unit tests in Ignored class could not run individually

Unit Tests

WEB-7953 (Feature) Karma: provide completion/validation for paths in karma configuration file
WEB-7954 (Bug) Karma run configuration: configuration file value is erased on opening configs drop-down
WEB-7951 (Bug) Karma: don't suggest creating/running JSTestDriver run configurations from the karma test results pane
WEB-7976 (Bug) Karma: can't run QUnit tests, 'Suite name is null!'

User Interface

IDEA-82242 (Feature) Scroll the tabs with mouse wheel
IDEA-107736 (Feature) Add layout switcher for tool windows: widescreen/normal
IDEA-108786 (Feature) Provide a "Restart" action in menu
IDEA-108500 (Usability Problem) Settings / Intentions: provide collapse (all) action
IDEA-98256 (Usability Problem) If 'Check for updates' is invoked from menu or the settings the notification should be shown in a message box
IDEA-90589 (Usability Problem) "Find in Path" results has an unnecessary "Find Usages Settings Dialog" icon
IDEA-78845 (Usability Problem) RestoreWindow over double click in editor tab area
IDEA-109003 (Usability Problem) Main menu / File: Restart is placed below Exit
IDEA-108971 (Usability Problem) Don't show "Do you wish exit phpstorm" window on Invalidate caches and restart
IDEA-107274 (Usability Problem) Editor tabs in vertical mode: show only invisible items in popup
IDEA-108762 (Bug) About dialog closes immediately under Oracle jvm 1.7 and there is no way to press Meta+C
IDEA-108760 (Bug) Oracle JVM calculates text width incorrectly under Retina displays
IDEA-108181 (Bug) Property key is visible (missing translation)
IDEA-108781 (Bug) "Close tab" button in "Duplicates" tab is "Close active tab"
IDEA-108079 (Bug) Strange behaviour when attach sources
IDEA-108190 (Bug) Editor tabs: the current (active) tab should remain always visible
IDEA-108849 (Bug) Explicitly state that IntelliJ IDEA includes JRE only, not JDK
IDEA-108903 (Bug) Incorrect breadcrumb size after presentation mode
IDEA-108320 (Exception) Restart action is broken

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-105062 (Bug) Android "Choose keystore file" dialog broken on MacOS X

Version Control

IDEA-108302 (Bug) Git history: "Show all affected files" in context menu uses wrong case
IDEA-105708 (Bug) "Annotate" command works incorrectly

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-107291 (Bug) IJ12: "Unshelve" into a new changelist puts new files into default changelist when integrated with Mercurial
IDEA-107677 (Bug) Incorrect displaing branch in case of two heads

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-109156 (Performance Problem) Perforce going online executes external process synchronously
IDEA-108251 (Bug) Cannot login into perforce with "Access for user has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'." error
IDEA-25093 (Bug) Set P4CONFIG=.p4config when running perforce if it's not already set
IDEA-96383 (Bug) Idea Freezes while checking out the file in perforce
IDEA-93174 (Bug) Perforce: Checking Perforce Authentication State process cannot be cancelled

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-108217 (Exception) IAE: No enum constant org.apache.subversion.javahl.ConflictDescriptor.Operation.switch
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