IntelliJ IDEA 13 130.1179 Release Notes

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IDEA-110235 (Task) Make predexing configurable
IDEA-105476 (Bug) OutOfMemory on Android Build
IDEA-110160 (Bug) Jars and lib modules shouldn't be predexed if ProGuard is enabled
IDEA-110135 (Bug) ProGuard doesn't work with external jars
IDEA-109696 (Bug) IntelliJ's external make should honour dex.force.jumbo, to avoid 'Cannot merge new index 66351 into a non-jumbo instruction' errors


WEB-7112 (Feature) Emmet: completion for results of the fuzzy search
WEB-7774 (Bug) SOEs from css inspections on huge PHP files

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-69573 (Feature) ConstantConditions - Warn when reading a variable that is guaranteed to be null.
IDEA-109222 (Bug) Nullity is not inferred correctly.
IDEA-110065 (Bug) "New in 13" filter is missing in Inspections (Cardea)
IDEA-109304 (Bug) Unused method inspection consider commented out method call in JSP as regular call
IDEA-110280 (Bug) Replace StringBuilder with String produces broken code

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-109966 (Feature) Can't turn on Rearrange in Reformat dialog
IDEA-18505 (Bug) javadoc formatting for @return aligns differently that the general javadoc and javadoc for @param and @throws

Code Navigation

IDEA-109316 (Usability Problem) ?????


WEB-8413 (Bug) coffeescript autoformat code fails for arrays of hashes
WEB-8321 (Bug) Wrong inspection error if variable uses in two for's
WEB-8402 (Bug) Incorrect highlighting of local variable with "?" sign

Compiling Project

IDEA-110165 (Bug) Sources produced by annotation processor are not implicitly compiled

Cucumber JVM

IDEA-108280 (Bug) Navigation is broken if StepDefinition is with timeout value


WEB-8346 (Bug) Dart: IllegalArgumentException when debugging command line application


IDEA-109819 (Feature) Allow to set readonly for a table view
IDEA-109821 (Feature) Add a default-readonly property to data sources
IDEA-105192 (Usability Problem) dataSources.xml stores machine specific data.
IDEA-108864 (Bug) MySQL EXISTS documentation missing


IDEA-108770 (Performance Problem) Adding Java Exception breakpoint is very slow
WEB-8445 (Bug) Elements tab: MDV: text node update breaks formatting
WEB-8389 (Bug) Elements tab: jQuery css().append() chain breaks formatting
WEB-8391 (Bug) Elements tab: wrong update for attributes
WEB-8423 (Exception) Exception is thrown in BuiltInWebServer.process

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-109838 (Performance Problem) IDE slows down for no reason
IDEA-110050 (Bug) Editor ignores bold font setting for Java static fields
IDEA-110120 (Bug) Quick definition for static method is missing class information

File Watchers

WEB-8399 (Feature) File Watchers: support moving denerated files on Refactor/Move original file
WEB-8368 (Bug) Macros in Watcher dialog program input cause errors
WEB-8390 (Bug) FileWatchers use blank values for $ModuleFileDir$ and $ModuleName$


IDEA-75107 (Bug) Invalid behaviour of "Field can be converted to a local variable" inspection.
IDEA-108526 (Bug) Code Inspection Incorrectly Lists 'Field can be converted to a local variable'
IDEA-87164 (Bug) Wrong inspection "field can be converted to a local variable"


IDEA-104500 (Task) Gradle: Allow to reuse common logic for other external systems


IDEA-103274 (Bug) "Scroll from source" not working in "Vertical split" in "Grails View"
IDEA-98475 (Bug) Extract selected text to doesn't work with property text inside tag


IDEA-80399 (Feature) Language Injection does not work in Groovy files
IDEA-110092 (Usability Problem) Java style idents for labels in Groovy
IDEA-109101 (Performance Problem) Searching for usages of "private" method in Java class takes 9secs
IDEA-109503 (Bug) Variable might not have been initialized inspection report warning in enum
IDEA-108936 (Bug) Access to inner non-static class in static methods
IDEA-109312 (Bug) Groovy extract method drops return type information
IDEA-109478 (Bug) "Split into separate declarations" intention is shown for groovy class fields, but does nothing
IDEA-107844 (Bug) Illegal warning cannot assign Closure<LinkedHashMap> to Closure<Map>
IDEA-109473 (Bug) Change signature - untyped parameters are converted to Object
IDEA-109475 (Bug) Change signature - deleting type introduces def keyword
IDEA-109604 (Bug) Format Groovy code incorrect for IN clause

IDE Configuration

IDEA-109907 (Usability Problem) notification settings should be exported for settings import


IDEA-108817 (Bug) intellij hangs typically on indexing


IDEA-107286 (Bug) JSP: provide Code Style settings for JSP files
IDEA-106049 (Bug) "Unescaped EL expressions" jsp inspection: register as safe place has no effect
IDEA-106614 (Bug) "Unescaped EL expressions" jsp inspection: Do not consider raw non-string types in the page body as a hit
IDEA-110201 (Bug) JSON in script type=application/json shows error: expecting new line or semicolon

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-56357 (Feature) add username on author javadoc tag autocomplete
IDEA-22340 (Feature) JavaDoc for method: tag @see to parent class
IDEA-110161 (Feature) Smarter JavaDoc @param tag completion
IDEA-109779 (Cosmetics) Missing key name in one of the tips

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-109875 (Bug) Intellij does not highlight compile error with explicit type arguments in some cases

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-109955 (Bug) IntelliJ hangs on Generate Code Action in a class with errors


WEB-8281 (Bug) JSDoc: from several sub-properties with the same name for different parameters only last in the list is documented
WEB-8283 (Bug) JSDoc: incorrect order of the sub-properties if they are placed not directly after the parent parameter
WEB-8275 (Bug) JSDoc: formatting issues: multiline description for the last @param is shown as is
WEB-3952 (Bug) JS, Inline refactoring: indentation is broken after inlining function
WEB-7864 (Bug) @inheritDoc doesn't work as expected
WEB-2242 (Bug) JavaScript Cannot find declaration/Unresolved function problems

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-8160 (Feature) Ext JS / Sencha Touch: Include xtype references in search result for class

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-8350 (Feature) Make code inspector aware of legit fall-throughs
WEB-7830 (Feature) Add inspection for confusing variable identifiers
WEB-1278 (Bug) Negated "if" statement and double negative contidion
WEB-8251 (Bug) Can we disable "Cnstructor call without new" for $(...) ?
WEB-8331 (Bug) No warning for unimpemented methods

Live Edit

WEB-8376 (Bug) Live Edit: highlighting is broken for element and it's children if element ID begins with a number


IDEA-95727 (Feature) Add option "Show version for Maven project" in Maven Projects window
IDEA-95726 (Feature) Add option "Always show artifactId for Maven Project" in the Maven Projects window
IDEA-83664 (Feature) groovy code completion for gmaven plugin
IDEA-60720 (Feature) Maven: add 'Logs' configuration option in Maven run configurations
IDEA-101599 (Feature) IntelliJ doesn't recognize Maven build number plugin variables in pom.xml
IDEA-101180 (Bug) 'Download sources' works incorrectly when 'Use Maven3 to import project' is enabled in settings
IDEA-104084 (Bug) Maven import does not pick up annotation processor
IDEA-109914 (Bug) Maven -> "M2_HOME is used by default" is not aligned

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-109935 (Task) Merge "Inspection Gadgets" and "Intention Power Pack" plugins into IDEA core

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-107191 (Feature) Tomcat Application Cache Management
IDEA-109726 (Bug) Test is not updated in configuration when test class name changes
IDEA-87726 (Bug) Run configuration: incorrect port editing is not removed from "Run browser" field while edit Rails run configuration.


WEB-8369 (Usability Problem) Allow user configured order of auto completion suggestions


IDEA-109859 (Feature) SQL: Check columns in USING clause
IDEA-110081 (Bug) All MySQL databases are available in completion regardless of Make Default flag.
IDEA-110018 (Bug) incorrect ambiguous column for sql SELECT DISTINCT ON
IDEA-110122 (Bug) Inspection error in MySQL query with BETWEEN operator and negative expressions
IDEA-109009 (Bug) PostgreSQL: ORDER BY not allowed in custom aggregates


IDEA-108991 (Exception) SOE at at com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.addAll

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-59210 (Feature) Suppress inspection for Freemarker
IDEA-110264 (Bug) Freemarker failed to resolve method correctly


WEB-8447 (Bug) TypeScript: formatter adds extra spaces around generic argument
WEB-7999 (Bug) TypeScript: module deprecated in flavor of require
WEB-6420 (Bug) TypeScript: non-callable interfaces referenced via full name are not resolved
WEB-7704 (Bug) Keyword "export" is not required for an ambient module
WEB-6318 (Bug) It is an error to try to call a symbol that can be called.

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-109754 (Feature) request: show time elapsed for unit testing

Unit Tests

WEB-8380 (Bug) Karma: no coverage results produced when running tests with coverage
WEB-8381 (Bug) Karma: can't debug tests, browser is disconnected

User Interface

IDEA-109834 (Usability Problem) Plugin error reporting textbox is awful
IDEA-109836 (Usability Problem) Error while reporting plugin error can't be copied
IDEA-108474 (Usability Problem) Add Select All/None/Invert buttons to export settings dialog
IDEA-110025 (Bug) IDEA cannot start with AssetionError
IDEA-110357 (Bug)
MacOS 10.7.4, JDK 1.6.0_31: Crash on restart

Version Control. Git

IDEA-87245 (Bug) HTML tags in hints
IDEA-96100 (Bug) GitHub: set tracked branch to created github repository on sharing unversioned project

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-65863 (Feature) Mercurial select push url from paths section in hgrc
IDEA-82236 (Feature) Mercurial: show progress when pushing changes
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