IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.2 Release Notes

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IDEA-102296 (Usability Problem) getting set to transient values
IDEA-98755 (Task) Fix "unsupported class files format" quickfix in the preview
IDEA-102326 (Bug) Can't handle R.fraction.xxxx
IDEA-100697 (Bug) Refactoring Android Styles
IDEA-105676 (Bug) Android debug not working properly
IDEA-104413 (Bug) Style renaming: the IDE doesn't update reference in "parent" attribute
IDEA-102587 (Bug) Something causes UI slowdown/freeze while reimporting maven projects
IDEA-104811 (Bug) Annotation output directory not cleaned (It is set to Android default "gen" root)
IDEA-101024 (Bug) Android: every other artifact Rebuild fails
IDEA-104800 (Bug) Importing apklib: cannot find appropriate Android platform for API level
IDEA-103986 (Bug) [Android] Show error on correct code
IDEA-96347 (Bug) Clear log does not clear adb log for android
IDEA-104412 (Bug) Style renaming doesn't take into account explicit parents
IDEA-91615 (Bug) Cannot find appropriate Android platform
IDEA-105490 (Bug) Cannot Resolve Symbol error for an id I have defined in a layer-list > item drawable
IDEA-102331 (Bug) Fragment marked as Not used if only referenced in layout XML
IDEA-93125 (Bug) Android Tests run configuration incorrectly highlights class as inaccessible
IDEA-102099 (Bug) Project Settings - Android Facet - Fields in structure (Manifest file, Resources directory) are reset when I select another profile or edit my pom


IDEA-98972 (Usability Problem) Cannot start ant target by double click
IDEA-105828 (Bug) Ant javac fails with was not found with JAXB 2.2.7, works outside of IDEA


IDEA-97260 (Bug) External build with parallel modules fails with AJC (aspectjtools 1.6.12)

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-104173 (Feature) Show more of file path in inspection
IDEA-105515 (Feature) "Unused symbol" inspection could be run directly
IDEA-105751 (Feature) Convert line separators: Provide an inspection which reports files with line separator different from project's default
IDEA-104448 (Usability Problem) "Redundant type argument" warning does not match inspection name "Explicit type can be replaced with <>"
IDEA-96859 (Bug) Unused import analysis doesn't work.
IDEA-104858 (Bug) "Replace constructor with factory method" fails on generic classes with default constructor.
IDEA-96741 (Bug) False positive inspection GroovyIfStatementWithIdenticalBranches, when both branches contain assertion with the same condition
IDEA-105004 (Bug) bad code is green: static class extends non-static

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-104609 (Bug) Change line separators action should ignore binary files
IDEA-104544 (Bug) Comments in JSP editor black instead of gray
IDEA-105882 (Bug) "Reformat code" makes uppercase in MySQL strings in the wrong place

Code Navigation

IDEA-104906 (Feature) Show Enum ordinal somewhere
IDEA-103549 (Cosmetics) "Go To Action/Settings": mnemonic results in space of option name
IDEA-105953 (Bug) Quick documentation info is shown when selecting text with Shift-mouse
IDEA-51629 (Bug) Parameters info is not shown for private method of an enclosing class
IDEA-58911 (Bug) Parameter Info popup (Ctrl+p) highlights incorrect overloaded method with primitive arguments

Compiling Project

IDEA-94093 (Feature) Need statistics for new make
IDEA-106029 (Cosmetics) Process module annotations has no effect with external build
IDEA-105755 (Bug) -Djava.endorsed.dirs doesn't work with external build
IDEA-105536 (Bug) Compile class (Ctrl+Shift+F9) also compiles test classes
IDEA-105244 (Bug) Cannot compile single class
IDEA-105554 (Bug) Make infinite loop


IDEA-105205 (Bug) "Jump to source" from stack trace jumps to wrong line in file when using keyboard shortcut (fine when using mouse)


IDEA-104980 (Feature) Ability to view multiple SQL Server databases in the database view and get autocomplete for them as well
IDEA-105629 (Bug) PostgreSQL window function (empty OVER) is marked as red
IDEA-105210 (Bug) Database console query never returns - wormhole busy animation continues
IDEA-105171 (Bug) DB support for Hive/Thrift client
IDEA-105747 (Bug) NullPointerException in Database view
IDEA-105389 (Bug) Database: SQLServer: synchronize on one schema updates all
IDEA-105493 (Exception) Exception on getting tables from ODBC data source


IDEA-105213 (Bug) Code Fragment Evaluation results to wrong value

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-105295 (Usability Problem) 'Syntax aware selection' selects too much
IDEA-105750 (Usability Problem) Convert line separators: Make action text more consistent
IDEA-106080 (Bug) Installing 12.1.1 resulted in broken IDE
IDEA-103915 (Bug) Cannot use "surround with" to create a custom code folding region

File System

IDEA-105580 (Bug) IntelliJ freezes when opening file chooser
IDEA-95319 (Bug) Update Snappy to 1.5M2
IDEA-104784 (Bug) "External file changes sync may be slow" message even when the project is not network-mounted

File Watchers

WEB-7066 (Feature) Ability to save custom file watchers
WEB-7186 (Feature) Watcher settings, allow file type: Any
WEB-7197 (Usability Problem) File watchers, import: disable OK when a wrong file/directory is selected
WEB-7527 (Bug) File watchers settings collide between projects
WEB-7199 (Bug) File Watchers: on re-importing the changed file the cached contents is used sometimes instead of the real one
WEB-7545 (Exception) Exception related to file watchers on opening project after update to 6.0.1

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-105595 (Usability Problem) Select last search / replace string in Find and Replace
IDEA-105223 (Performance Problem) IDEA stucked while searching, and after clicking on expand all
IDEA-105396 (Bug) Find usages: scope chooser combo jumps over two lines by keyboard


IDEA-86543 (Bug) Wrong typo warning with escaped string literals (\n, \r, \t, etc)
IDEA-87718 (Bug) Flash Run configuration: pass arguments in right order
IDEA-105343 (Bug) IDEA does not suggest to create empty test method stubs for setters
IDEA-105046 (Bug) Android package (*.apk) created with AIR SDK 3.7 always includes captive runtime, so IntelliJ IDEA shouldn't suggest to install AIR Runtime on the device.
IDEA-96170 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA always adds -profile extendedDesktop option to adl command line, but should respect <supportedProfiles> option in custom AIR descriptor instead
IDEA-66646 (Bug) flex binding errors and
IDEA-105024 (Bug) "Loading External SWFs" feature of AIR SDK 3.7: 'externalStrippedSwfs' folder is created in [IntelliJ IDEA installation]/bin. Should be created in the output folder.
IDEA-104332 (Bug) Auto suggest not working for native methods of "Object" class
IDEA-53780 (Bug) Wrong typo warning in a color value

GUI Designer

IDEA-105480 (Bug) Regression: 12.1 GUI Designer no longer works with multiple classes in a single file


IDEA-105206 (Bug) Single Grails test cannot be executed. Always all tests are executed


IDEA-103068 (Usability Problem) "Extract field" refactoring in groovy always adds blank lines before the new field declaration regardless of code style configuration
IDEA-101777 (Usability Problem) Complete statement problem
IDEA-102328 (Bug) Incorrect import optimizing
IDEA-104162 (Bug) Groovy: create constructor matching super should add corresponding imports
IDEA-92313 (Bug) Groovy inspection "Assignment to method parameter" behave incorrectly
IDEA-104886 (Bug) Groovy code completion seems to infer the correct type but documentation popup states "cannot infer type"
IDEA-99681 (Bug) Groovy: don't suggest static members of the same name from super classes
IDEA-105273 (Bug) fluent invocations with closure parameters don't indent as expected
IDEA-104400 (Bug) "Not all execution paths return a value" on a switch's case without a break
IDEA-105292 (Bug) IDEA 12.1.1 doesn't allow abstract methods in groovy enums (new feature in groovy 2.1.3)
IDEA-93723 (Bug) Pasting text containing line breaks into multi-line GString literal doesn't work correctly
IDEA-93726 (Bug) When pasting text containing double-quotes into a multi-line GString literal, double-quotes are unnecessarily escaped
IDEA-104469 (Bug) Groovy: remove line feed from method call if necessary during removing parameters
IDEA-105357 (Bug) Griffon: @PropertyListener annotation
IDEA-103082 (Bug) Create New Test for Groovy JUnit does not annotate the new test methods with @Test
IDEA-104161 (Bug) Groovy: insert getter with line feed
IDEA-105246 (Bug) Groovy: "Incompatible type assignments" marks correct code as invalid
IDEA-104786 (Bug) "Convert To Java" refuses to convert groovy file


WEB-7636 (Bug) Zen Coding does not work with Emacs key map


IDEA-100651 (Bug) Hibernate NamingStrategy is ignored in JPA console
IDEA-105989 (Bug) persistence generation,"public" should be "private" before properties In Intellij Idea Version 129.298

IDE Configuration

IDEA-104512 (Bug) Copyright Format Settings Not Saved


IDEA-105994 (Feature) Support inline Regexp language in Bean Validation @Pattern annotation


IDEA-105347 (Bug) Create Servlets without present web.xml


IDEA-83409 (Bug) Find usages on getter or setter method works incorrect


IDEA-105474 (Bug) Jetty 9: on editing start.ini via IDEA application server configuration the user-configured properties are removed


IDEA-105072 (Bug) Struts 2: <param> "name" in <result> should resolve to Action's class properties
IDEA-89442 (Bug) UnusedDeclaration Inspection using Convention plugin for Struts 2 Action Class


IDEA-103787 (Feature) Support WebSphere Liberty Next Profile


IDEA-104371 (Bug) persistence generation creates setters/getters as package level NOT public

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-96664 (Feature) Java 8 support: repeating (duplicate) annotations
IDEA-104347 (Bug) No error is shown for non-constant value in annotation usage
IDEA-105110 (Bug) JDK 1.8: Repeating Annotations: targets of container and repeated annotations could be checked for compatibility
IDEA-105101 (Bug) Java: bad code is green: cyclic annotation element types
IDEA-105021 (Bug) Static method highlighting
IDEA-104314 (Bug) good code marked red: method reference not recognized as having the correct type

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-105420 (Feature) Java level - Suggest to create default / static method in interface
IDEA-105675 (Bug) Parameter info lost generics
IDEA-105275 (Bug) Create multiple if's intention generates wrong code
IDEA-105173 (Bug) "Extract If Condition" quickfix has too long name
IDEA-105431 (Bug) The toString() template for Objects.toString() is infinitely recursive

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-104485 (Usability Problem) Introduce variable suggests inapplicable expressions
IDEA-105265 (Bug) Change signature preview: parameters are badly aligned
IDEA-105562 (Bug) _Array_ inserted on introduce method
IDEA-105566 (Bug) 'Implement abstract class" puts a method before constructor
IDEA-105455 (Bug) Introduce Variable refactoring adds redundant casting
IDEA-104986 (Bug) Make inner class: incorrect accessibility warning about inner class
IDEA-105623 (Bug) Why does IDEA prevent me from extracting an interface in default package?
IDEA-103509 (Bug) extract class as enum refactoring generates bad code
IDEA-105397 (Bug) Undo/redo create class: unexpected dot
IDEA-104536 (Bug) red code after inline variable
IDEA-104925 (Bug) Moving classes by DnD to a compacted package is broken


IDEA-105368 (Bug) JavaFX: no fx:id values from included (via fx:include) fxml files are available in stylesheets added from code
IDEA-105366 (Bug) JavaFX: for stylesheets added as binary from code no completion for existing fx:ids is available
IDEA-105628 (Bug) 500% CPU usage when IntelliJ is idle


WEB-3429 (Feature) JS/JSON: New "Surround with -> Object" option
WEB-768 (Bug) JS: false 'Unused assignment' reported for closure used as HTML event attribute value if declaration and definition are splitted
WEB-1442 (Bug) Duplicate JQuery Selector - if else block
WEB-2213 (Bug) Not displayed custom jsdoc for some methods
WEB-7006 (Exception) Exception is thrown during replacement of double-quoted string to single-quoted

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-7506 (Bug) Invalid warning about JSDoc
WEB-7412 (Bug) 'potentially invalid reference to this' inspection is broken after update to webstorm 6

JavaScript. Refactoring

WEB-6598 (Bug) "declare" is interpreted as a keyword in the JavaScript editor


IDEA-77073 (Bug) Maven filtering in IDEA 10.5.2: settings.localRepository is not substituted
IDEA-103616 (Bug) Use maven output directories setting doesn't work
IDEA-103600 (Bug) UNDO error: Whenever I entered ctrl+z, this always worked. Since the last 2 EAP versions it is problematic
IDEA-103234 (Bug) No way to override systemPropertyVariables values in run configuration VM Options
IDEA-105484 (Bug) Maven integration does not resolve dependency with classifier
IDEA-98479 (Bug) Multimodule maven project - unable to remove module without compile errors
IDEA-105553 (Bug) Maven module dialog UI not refreshing in full
IDEA-105462 (Bug) process-test-classes phase not selectable in select maven goal

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-105363 (Bug) IDEA_JDK is not used correctly by IntelliJ Mac Java launcher

Project Configuration

IDEA-105218 (Performance Problem) Poor performance when HTTP Proxy is autoconfigured using PAC
IDEA-94350 (Task) Create from template: remember last selected project sdk for a template
IDEA-105078 (Bug) Import project from existing sources: library detection doesn't work
IDEA-105188 (Bug) Disable auto-update on copyright profile when files are not edited by user, but updated on branch chage
IDEA-105784 (Bug) dataSources.ids keeps getting corrupted
IDEA-98423 (Bug) Improve Javadoc access for JavaFX

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-105472 (Bug) Incorrect URL parameters escaping when browser path is not specified explicitly
IDEA-104616 (Bug) java.class.path is not passed correctly when using dynamic class loader and


IDEA-43274 (Feature) SQL: MySQL: special comments for server-specific code could be supported
IDEA-105574 (Bug) MySql stored procedure: missing end if isn't detected
IDEA-105384 (Bug) SQL: SQLServer: qualified names are reported as typos by spelling inspection


IDEA-96368 (Feature) Support "spring.schemas" files for Extensible XML authoring in Spring
IDEA-85651 (Cosmetics) Generate->Frameworks-Technologies: popup icon misaligned
IDEA-104389 (Bug) Spring Integration: support nested elements from non-core namespaces
IDEA-105290 (Bug) File included in multiple contexts when it's not (Spring)
IDEA-105365 (Bug) Spring Integration AMQP "advice-chain": wrong required class highlighting
IDEA-105436 (Bug) SPRING-AMQP Rabbit queue not identified by queue "name" when "id" is not present
IDEA-98442 (Bug) Job/step parents not seen when declared in another imported file
IDEA-104134 (Bug) Spring-integration: implicitly created input channels highlighted as red
IDEA-103663 (Bug) Continuous exception thrown while editing spring managed classes
IDEA-105656 (Bug) Empty spring property preview doesn't expand to reference value


WEB-2033 (Feature) TypeScript: provide support for comment references
WEB-2029 (Bug) TypeScript: recognize implicit interface implementation
WEB-6866 (Bug) TypeScript: functions defined in imported external modules not resolved
WEB-7306 (Bug) TypeScript: provide path validation within <reference path> tag
WEB-6578 (Bug) typescript incorrectly recognizing types on imported interface modules
WEB-6946 (Bug) arguments usage with rest parameters is available in TypeScript
WEB-7117 (Bug) Inherited fields are not visible form declaredClasses in "d.ts" files
WEB-6959 (Bug) TypeScript: take new property signature into consideration
WEB-7575 (Exception) IDE crashes on TypeScript parse
WEB-7272 (Exception) TypeScript: NPE when typing file name/complition invocation in ///<reference path/>

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-104364 (Bug) 12.1 looses the ability to extract a field in a JUnit test and initialize the field in the setUp method
IDEA-105334 (Bug) "create new test" in Navigate Test function does not support multiple modules

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-104874 (Bug) TestNG integration doesn't inherit @Test from parents

User Interface

IDEA-103903 (Feature) AutoTest for Ruby/Python/etc. plugin in IntelliJ IDEA.
IDEA-101256 (Usability Problem) Cannot disable scrollwheel tab switching
IDEA-104465 (Usability Problem) Do not ask about quitting when user presses restart in tooltip appeared after successful plugin installation
IDEA-105416 (Bug) Open Tabs are Reordered Upon (Re-) Opening a Project
IDEA-103393 (Bug) exception reloading project after language level change

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-102320 (Usability Problem) The darcula scrollbar thumb is hard to see
IDEA-105229 (Cosmetics) Filtype Icons
IDEA-96265 (Cosmetics) Darcula: Update Info dialog invoked from Welcome Screen cosmetics
IDEA-105982 (Cosmetics) UI:: DB Schema Import window color scheme makes text invisible
IDEA-105830 (Cosmetics) Dracula: All html links in the UI have not dracula style red color in the click state.
IDEA-104442 (Cosmetics) Darcula: <li> bullet in inspection description is black
IDEA-98461 (Cosmetics) todo's not visible in right gutter
IDEA-93568 (Bug) Darcula - Number steppers look terrible

Version Control

IDEA-105068 (Bug) Unversioned Files dialog: Add to VCS action has corrupted presentation

Version Control. Git

IDEA-105577 (Performance Problem) Loading the git commits for the push dialog takes too much time
IDEA-104846 (Bug) Branches are not pushed in git
IDEA-103375 (Exception) Git: AE at git4idea.repo.GitRepositoryImpl.<init>

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-104268 (Performance Problem) Subversion: Create a way in "merge from" to merge without looking for branch copy point
IDEA-104467 (Bug) Subversion: Proxy settings don't apply without command line (with svnkit)
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