IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 129.400 Release Notes

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IDEA-104567 (Usability Problem) intellij idea logcat colors
IDEA-100206 (Bug) Android: declare-styleable problem for custom layout params
IDEA-105294 (Bug) IDEA fails to parse valid XML files in 'res/xml' folder
IDEA-105941 (Bug) IDEA doesn't override maven dependency version of apklib


IDEA-64446 (Bug) Enable AspectJ compilation per-module


WEB-7606 (Bug) Settings are not saved in emmet plugin

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-104992 (Bug) IDEA claims two non-identical methods are identical
IDEA-105740 (Bug) Exception in offline inspections process
IDEA-106039 (Bug) Incorrect Nullable/NotNull inspection for comporator method in SortedSet
IDEA-98078 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA always reports "No suspicious code found" on attempt to run inspections locally

Code Coverage

IDEA-71815 (Exception) java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in IDEAJUnitCoverageListener

Code Navigation

IDEA-26189 (Usability Problem) Navigation to already open java file should not scroll vertically
IDEA-106229 (Usability Problem) Home/End keys won't work in Recent Files popup


WEB-7563 (Task) Upgrade Coffeescript.js version
WEB-6882 (Bug) CoffeeScript (Re)formatter does not handle comments correctly.
WEB-6787 (Bug) CoffeeScript switch statement inspection falsely warns if a case contains an inline if-conditional
WEB-7569 (Bug) Trailing comma in coffeescript is incorrectly marked as a syntax error
WEB-6090 (Bug) Bound variable in list comprehension reported as unresolved (Coffee script)
WEB-7351 (Bug) CoffeeScript false error when using switch statement without a control expression
WEB-7497 (Bug) PyCharm shows error for valid coffeescript
WEB-7496 (Bug) PyCharm shows error for valid coffeescript

Compiling Project

IDEA-105695 (Bug) Bad code green - cast Properties to Map<? extends String, ? extends String>

Cucumber JVM

IDEA-98194 (Bug) cucumber plugin not working
IDEA-100533 (Bug) Cucumber plugin doesn't detect steps with string concatenation
IDEA-99808 (Bug) Cucumber: incorrect highlighting of empty string


IDEA-105601 (Feature) Need database console to export the data from multi-table query to "insert "sql
IDEA-105999 (Performance Problem) #Database table editor slow to load data with #MySQL
IDEA-103732 (Bug) SQL table editor incorrectly processes SQL Insert Statements file with comma in a value
IDEA-103501 (Bug) TSV editor: can't process file with spaces in unquoted cell value
IDEA-103495 (Bug) CSV editor: can't process csv file with commas in a cell value

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-97048 (Bug) Log console - empty lines.
IDEA-103760 (Bug) good code is red
IDEA-94951 (Bug) Java editor: "Add static import" doesn't work properly

File System

IDEA-100125 (Bug) Deadlock between IDEA/fsnotifier (UI thread blocked after new project creation)

File Watchers

WEB-7674 (Bug) File Watcher dont allow program with spaces in path


IDEA-104993 (Bug) AIR desktop app: output app descriptor is not updated when launching Run configuration with overridden main class/output file name
IDEA-103882 (Bug) Flash debugger doesnt break on Haxe breakpoints when launched from IDEA


IDEA-106091 (Bug) Groovy: "Incompatible type assignments" marks legal map access as invalid


WEB-5089 (Usability Problem) Twitter Bootstrap Template


IDEA-100560 (Bug) spring-orm, hibernate 3, Hibernate Console, DuplicateMappingException

IDE Configuration

IDEA-106247 (Feature) Log VM options on IDE start


IDEA-105762 (Bug) Annotated servlet 3.0 not present in code completion for links (no web.xml)

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-106119 (Cosmetics) IDEA doesn't highlight compile error with this keyword in synchronized block
IDEA-105892 (Bug) Error recognizing Foo.this variable when enclosing type is an interface
IDEA-105846 (Bug) Marks as inconvertible Types but still compiles
IDEA-105839 (Bug) Lambdas cast to Serializable intersection types or subtypes are erroneously highlighted as unnecessary

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-106017 (Bug) Refactoring (Extract class) breaks existing usages
IDEA-106144 (Bug) Safe delete empty interface may leave duplicate interfaces implemented
IDEA-105844 (Bug) Refactor does not allow moving static methods to interfaces
IDEA-106175 (Bug) move constant from nested class to outer generates bad code sometimes if constant used in annotation
IDEA-105923 (Bug) Safe-delete on a class counts comments in that class as usages


IDEA-105821 (Feature) Configure security in jnlp for javafx app


WEB-7646 (Bug) Type check error when function is triggered with .call

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-4131 (Exception) Exception while running JS inspection over CoffeeScript sources


IDEA-106145 (Usability Problem) Maven Artifact Search dialog: clicks on "plus"/"joint" tree element are processed as Add
IDEA-103878 (Bug) Option "Don't Detect" for Settings -> Maven -> Importing -> Generated sources folder has not the desired effect
IDEA-105484 (Bug) Maven integration does not resolve dependency with classifier
IDEA-67635 (Bug) Accessing assign shortcut in the context of a maven goal doesn't work properly


IDEA-48703 (Bug) SQL: Oracle: not natural inner JOIN without ON and USING clauses is green
IDEA-103702 (Bug) SQL: Wrong resolve in select with updatability clause


IDEA-105868 (Bug) spring el: IDEA does not resolve in implicit "java.lang" package
IDEA-105863 (Bug) Spring MVC: resolve URLs defined via <mvc:view-controller>
IDEA-95040 (Bug) SpEL warning on inner classes
IDEA-105328 (Bug) Spring Implicit Beans Autowire Failure
IDEA-106361 (Bug) Spring Framework fails to activate "Spring AOP and @AspectJ support" plugin

User Interface

IDEA-101072 (Bug) On some tiling WMs completion popup gets closed when line continuation hint is displayed
IDEA-105639 (Bug) Toolbar Customization is not working in RubyMine 5.4

Version Control

IDEA-105707 (Bug) Update Project Info doesn't show diff for Created files
IDEA-106045 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangesFragmentedDiffPanel.c

Version Control. Git

IDEA-97913 (Bug) Git: cherry pick, "Create patch" -> "cherry picking" task does not end (and can't be stopped/removed)
IDEA-78808 (Bug) Confusing "Yours" and "Theirs" labels when resolving conflicts after rebasing in the command line
IDEA-102290 (Bug) "null" text in "Couldn't checkout" dialog

Web Services

IDEA-104798 (Bug) Generate Java Code from XML schema using JAXB stopped working in 12.1
IDEA-105899 (Bug) Output paths multiplied in Generate Java Code From XML Schema Using JAXB


IDEA-105956 (Bug) Cosmetics
IDEA-105942 (Bug) Relax-NG Compact does not support "external" keyword
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