IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 126.330 Release Notes

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No subsystem

WEB-6470 (Feature) Nesting of generated files created by background tasks in Project view
WEB-6706 (Bug) Background tasks, Dart2JS: file not available in vfs after creation
WEB-6669 (Bug) Background tasks: if both Coffee & CoffeeScript Redux compilers are in path, only one is configured for both tasks
WEB-6734 (Exception) PsiInvalidElementAccessException after file watcher executing
WEB-6698 (Exception) java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.openapi.projectRoots.JdkPopupAction on File/Open


IDEA-100923 (Feature) Support back/forward references in styles
IDEA-96525 (Bug) Unable add Android module as library without sources


WEB-6646 (Feature) Exclude minified JS and CSS files from inspections

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-101176 (Cosmetics) Valid code in Java 8 shows in red with the latest 12.1 EAP release (126.232) with graph inference

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-100693 (Usability Problem) copy/paste of a whole line adds extra space indent
IDEA-99152 (Bug) 'Reformat code' option in a commit window does not honour chosen code style settings


WEB-6495 (Bug) No keyword completion for class, extends, until


WEB-6531 (Bug) Unable to code complete methods on Dart object
WEB-6160 (Bug) Dart File search tests fail when when using DartUnit test runner


IDEA-99801 (Bug) Cannot cancel connecting to database


WEB-6736 (Usability Problem) JSDebugger: provide more user-friendly message about updating the extension
WEB-6672 (Usability Problem) JS Debugger: Strange message
IDEA-101465 (Bug) java debugger evaluator: autoboxing is not honored for constructor call arguments


IDEA-101289 (Feature) Let Ctrl/Cmd+Click on line number of local version in diff dialog go to source
IDEA-100782 (Usability Problem) Left click on line number of local version in the diff dialog moves the focus to the editor

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-63225 (Feature) Provide key for CamelHump selection
IDEA-98684 (Usability Problem) Setting a breakpoint via mouse also places the caret in this line
IDEA-101425 (Bug) Editor: Expand 'quick info' if necessary to avoid showing pin button above text
IDEA-101007 (Bug) Live templates: 'Applicable in' setting not saved
IDEA-31812 (Bug) Extended selection drops first line of text


IDEA-99910 (Feature) Metadata "Frame" don't allow to use "extraClass" property
IDEA-97513 (Feature) Allow to select AIR SDK with ASC 2.0 included (but without Flex SDK) for pure ActionScript build configurations
IDEA-100527 (Bug) Flex Metadata: unknown attribute
IDEA-87457 (Bug) Incorrect "Unknown metadata attribute used" for Parsley PublishSubscribe metadata

GUI Designer

IDEA-101410 (Bug) Swing Designer ignore more component properties in preview


IDEA-101147 (Bug) Gradle: Don't show unnecessary notification about invalid local path
IDEA-101151 (Bug) Gradle: Do not default to 'use local gradle distribution' when it's not necessary


IDEA-101219 (Bug) Grails library autocreation places -source.jar and -javadoc.jar for Groovy into "Classes" section of library


IDEA-94214 (Feature) Convert to multiline String should work on concatenation
IDEA-99333 (Bug) in grails gstring, I click "Remove uneccesary escape characters" and idea multiply my string
IDEA-100072 (Bug) Groovy: Code Completion for "default" keyword is missing
IDEA-100185 (Bug) 'Convert to single-line' intention breaks code


WEB-6181 (Bug) Some HTML5 DOM members are missing
WEB-6688 (Bug) HTML5 Outline: no outline i displayed if the root <html> tag is omitted

IDE Configuration

IDEA-101213 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.options.ex.ConfigurableExtensionPointUtil.buildConfigurablesList

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-101446 (Usability Problem) Print detected app server port numbers on local run configuration start
IDEA-94921 (Bug) Cannot deploy WAR to JBoss 5.1.0. "Server is not connected" error


IDEA-100861 (Bug) IDEA 12.0.3 (IU-12.155) does not deploy to Glassfish

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-101043 (Usability Problem) Pressing Down with autopopup completion should move to the second item

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-101403 (Bug) static methods interface highlighted as non-overriding abstract methods
IDEA-101168 (Bug) Type inference error with method references
IDEA-101169 (Bug) Type inference error in multiply nested generic context
IDEA-101161 (Bug) type inference not properly resolved in if-statement since 12.0.4
IDEA-101166 (Bug) Inference error in nested generic call
IDEA-101167 (Bug) Inconvertible type error with method reference

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-100938 (Bug) Pull members up dialog allows selecting methods already in interface
IDEA-100867 (Bug) Quick fix "Create Constant": Introduces after usages


IDEA-101327 (Feature) JavaFX: resolve fields and methods from the custom component set as fx:root@type
IDEA-99984 (Feature) JavaFX: support 'stylesheets' attribute
IDEA-100003 (Feature) JavaFX, CSS: provide references between fxml elements and associated stylesheets
IDEA-101239 (Bug) JavaFX: rename doesn't work properly for variables if the controller field for thos variable exists
IDEA-101228 (Bug) JavaFX: read-only properties of List type are not available in completion when used as attributes
IDEA-101227 (Bug) JavaFX: when FQN is used for custom component its rename/move is processed incorrectly
IDEA-101326 (Bug) JavaFX: fx:root element: allow attributes valid for specified type
IDEA-101082 (Bug) JavaFX: support setting styleClass using String@fx:value
IDEA-101069 (Bug) JavaFX: support multiple values specified for 'styleClass' attribute
IDEA-101077 (Bug) JavaFX: stylesheets: support referencing files using String@fx:value
IDEA-101073 (Bug) JavaFX: the value of top-level element's styleClass attribute is not resolved
IDEA-101351 (Bug) JavaFX: fxml file opening in Scenebuilder fails on MacOS


WEB-1462 (Feature) Support refactoring for InlineDocs types
WEB-931 (Feature) Support navigation for InlineDocs comments
WEB-6105 (Bug) JavaScript object methods doesn't appear in structure view when prototype aliased to fn
WEB-1520 (Bug) JS Type Hierarchy: variable with @class tag appears twice in class parents list
WEB-1003 (Bug) Type hint for HTMLDocument.prototype.createStyleSheet incorrect
WEB-2295 (Bug) Number.Infinity shown as valid, but incorrect
WEB-6254 (Bug) JSDOC does not work with const, let
WEB-6718 (Bug) Closure Linter support
WEB-6089 (Bug) DHTML.js is missing window.close method
WEB-1019 (Bug) Insert cast quickfix is not applicable in JavaScript code
WEB-6177 (Bug) JSDoc based autocompletion mixes @namespace and @type annotations in Backbone's extend pattern
WEB-1100 (Bug) Structure view does not completely correspond to source file, navigation does not work sometimes
WEB-6252 (Bug) jQuery methods "unresolved" since jQuery version 1.7.2
WEB-788 (Bug) Ext.js: structure view shows invalid items
WEB-6682 (Bug) Debug file is detected as minified


WEB-6647 (Bug) Can't compile LESS after reformating.

Live Edit

WEB-6437 (Task) LiveEdit doesn't support ERB
WEB-1831 (Bug) LiveEdit: no live update when head and body omitted
WEB-1846 (Bug) Live Edit support for HAML
WEB-1742 (Bug) JS Debugger: too many prompts to install browser extensions


IDEA-101185 (Feature) IntelliJ does not use systemPropertyVariables defined in maven-surefire-plugin configuration
IDEA-101087 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA does not override MAVEN_OPTS when VM parameters for Maven runner are specified
IDEA-25146 (Bug) Maven integration, resolve dependencies from project
IDEA-67081 (Bug) Maven Model Inspection generates error about relativePath being empty

No Subsystem

IDEA-101293 (Usability Problem) Can't save while codesense visible
IDEA-97278 (Bug) Update ModuleManagerImpl.moduleDependencyComparator() to latest contract
IDEA-93469 (Bug) Goto class preselection selects the worst item

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-99610 (Bug) Automatic uninstaller of old builds uninstall only one old build
IDEA-100736 (Bug) Installed desktop shortcuts are not removed on uninstalling Idea

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-101339 (Usability Problem) Plugin don't want to update after IDEA upgrade

Project Configuration

IDEA-101362 (Bug) New Project Wizard: selecting Java Module does not suggest technologies page


IDEA-100850 (Bug) SQL: Oracle values inside SUBPARTITION TEMPLATE is red
IDEA-100650 (Exception) SQL: Refactor / Rename of quoted name in-place produces Throwable at TemplateBuilderImpl.buildTemplate()


IDEA-100502 (Usability Problem) Spring: "Change Active Profile" should be popup instead of modal dialog
IDEA-88288 (Bug) Spring: the configuration files located in the web root don't appear in the NewXMLFileset file list
IDEA-100828 (Bug) @ComponentScan from super class not working
IDEA-101018 (Bug) Spring <security:remember-me> "services-alias" not recognized
IDEA-96847 (Bug) CXF Spring integration: implementor bean cannot be resolved

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-100891 (Bug) Test NG 6.8 Assert.equals("a", "b") does not show link to diff

Unit Tests

WEB-6732 (Cosmetics) JsTestDriver Server Tool Window: please update icons for Start/Stop Local Server buttons


IDEA-100933 (Usability Problem) "Undefined path variables" message looks too dangerous and is unclear
IDEA-101359 (Exception) Inspections / Lossy encoding: AE at FileDocumentManagerImpl.getLineSeparator()

User Interface

IDEA-86724 (Usability Problem) Choose color dialog input fields are too narrow
IDEA-101201 (Cosmetics) GitHub login dialog font issues
IDEA-101422 (Bug) Rotating wait symbol in Project list whenever typing
IDEA-101258 (Bug) Windows: Suggest installed JDKs in filechooser
IDEA-101490 (Bug) Print icon is outdated

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-96595 (Usability Problem) definition preview popup illegible filename in darcula theme (jarring colors)
IDEA-96647 (Cosmetics) Font is too dark for changed files in Darcula theme when using VSC
IDEA-96808 (Bug) Modified tabs asterisk color not much visible in Darcula
IDEA-98590 (Bug) Modal Progress dialog is a bit too wide (wider than with default UI) and doesn't use small font for text2
IDEA-99313 (Bug) Unversioned file color on Darcula very difficult to read
IDEA-97351 (Bug) Unreadable filename
IDEA-99497 (Bug) Darcula theme: symbol marking a modified file has an unreadable color

Version Control. Git

IDEA-101292 (Usability Problem) Decrease Github connection timeout value
IDEA-76963 (Bug) Login to Github shows confusing 'Cannot login with given credentials' message even if connection to server was not established, e.g. due to proxy misconfiguration
IDEA-101450 (Bug) GitHub Enterprise: Create Gist action doesn't work
IDEA-99616 (Bug) Git Show History doesn't follow copies
IDEA-101424 (Bug) GitHub Enetrprise: ShareProject works incorrectly
IDEA-100995 (Bug) Rename detection is broken in Show History
IDEA-101433 (Bug) GitHub Enterprise: ShareProject reports that user has no rights to create private repositories always
IDEA-100618 (Bug) GitHub: attempt to Login to GitHubEnterprise fails

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-101135 (Cosmetics) Big empty space in status bar when opening a Mercurial-related project
IDEA-101361 (Bug) Copying file from hg ignored directory and adding it to VCS problem

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-100943 (Bug) Got error "Can't update committed change 313189" when tried to commit a change
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