IntelliJ IDEA 11.0.1 Release Notes

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No subsystem

IDEA-78545 (Performance Problem) Memory leak at every project open/reopen
IDEA-78964 (Bug) It should be very clear to a user that she submits an error report with attachments
IDEA-79138 (Bug) build 11.01 fails with CyclicDependencyException on linux
IDEA-77310 (Bug) Internal error in fsnotifier (Linux)


IDEA-76860 (Usability Problem) Android Preview Panel should remember landscape/portrait mode and use correct defaults
IDEA-79192 (Bug) Make module dependant on lib doesn't work properly
IDEA-78400 (Bug) IntelliJ is altering in Android projects.
IDEA-79232 (Bug) Error when compiling resource library without sources
IDEA-78849 (Bug) Cannot create a signed Android APK in IntelliJ 11
IDEA-79011 (Bug) duplicate entry: ....

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-79048 (Bug) False positive 'collection queried but never updated' report
IDEA-78370 (Bug) Unnecessary 'may produce NPE inspection for code
IDEA-78564 (Bug) "Manual array copy" unsafe refactoring

Compiling Project

IDEA-78429 (Bug) Javac in-process(Java6 + only) compiler can't compile correct source in UTF-8


IDEA-78543 (Bug) Can't paste into search box


IDEA-78121 (Cosmetics) Clean up SQL inspections names

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-61534 (Usability Problem) Regression in IDEA X: Split Editor does not retain scroll position

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-78948 (Bug) IntelliJ has problems detecting List<> versus Set<> for grails project

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-78548 (Bug) Alt-F3 doesn't work in analyze stacktrace dialog

Flex Support

IDEA-78295 (Feature) vector debug view title: vector type is missed
IDEA-58307 (Bug) ASDoc @see does not work with displayText
IDEA-79113 (Bug) Inspection flags "method can be static" for Actionscript methods that have non-static references within closures.
IDEA-79421 (Bug) MXML good code red (parsley components, attributes)
IDEA-77499 (Bug) IntelliJ prints fake error when using EventDispatcher methods on Bindable classes/properties
IDEA-70527 (Bug) Update Copyright does not work for ActionScript (.as;.mxml) files
IDEA-79002 (Bug) Stepping over a line in spark.components.List causes Flex debugger to jump to mx.controls.List
IDEA-78550 (Bug) Change Signature dialog: editing parameter name is propagating to all other parameters
IDEA-78859 (Bug) Creates Run Configuration even when unselected
IDEA-78561 (Bug) MXML - Good code red - "Element is not allowed here" warning for public properties when using custom namespace + manifest


IDEA-78469 (Bug) Gradle New Project Wizard: details populated from prior creation
IDEA-78430 (Bug) Gradle: Fix gradle-based run configurations


IDEA-78279 (Feature) grails 2 unit test mixins
IDEA-79298 (Bug) Groovy: Flip '==' intention does not save spaces around '=='
IDEA-78039 (Bug) Constraints on transient fields showing as "Cannot reference nonstatic symbol from static context" in Grails
IDEA-78633 (Bug) Slashy strings with injections false notification
IDEA-78555 (Bug) Intellij fails to compile Groovy class with @Delegate when there is also Java class
IDEA-78396 (Bug) Grails 2.0 RC3 controller not auto-reloading
IDEA-78991 (Bug) Grails: Class reloading is disabled if comand line contains some additional parameters (e.g. "run-app -verbose")
IDEA-78851 (Bug) Grails: Goto Related action called inside domain class shows related tests twice
IDEA-78495 (Bug) script parameters missing from groovy script when run
IDEA-78924 (Bug) Groovy: Copy+Paste a groovy script file doubles the file extention
IDEA-78332 (Exception) Groovy: NPE at mvc.MvcConsole$5$

IDE Configuration

IDEA-78615 (Usability Problem) Provide some different hot key for the button "Edit variables"
IDEA-78181 (Bug) Live Templates Editing-Field is too small
IDEA-79168 (Bug) When keymap is set to Eclipse and viewing a Java source file, Ctrl+Shift+T brings up incorrect dialog
IDEA-78531 (Bug) After installing plugin from disk and uninstalling it several times I can't install it from repository or activate


IDEA-77592 (Bug) JBoss 7.1 support

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-71437 (Bug) Fix in 52080 is not yet complete


IDEA-78888 (Bug) Cannot fetch remote documentation: com.intellij.psi.impl.source.jsp.JspFileImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.psi.xml.XmlTag
IDEA-78655 (Bug) UI frozen after completing code in JSP


IDEA-78835 (Feature) Support type-checking for spring "utils:set" and others
IDEA-78995 (Feature) Add Spring 3.1 libraries as download option
IDEA-78674 (Bug) Spring 3.1.0.RC2: Could not autowire: No beans of 'Environment' type found
IDEA-79116 (Bug) StackOverflowError in Spring Support
IDEA-71739 (Bug) Cannot activate spring profile in new 'Spring profiles panel'
IDEA-77586 (Bug) Parsing of custom Spring beans does not respect the xsd behind the custom namespace (intention)
IDEA-69392 (Bug) No code-completion in facelets if subclass of SpringBeanFacesELResolver is used
IDEA-79449 (Bug) Deadlock in Spring model access
IDEA-77994 (Bug) Exception in spring after git branches switch
IDEA-77345 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiFileFactoryImpl.markGenerated


IDEA-77376 (Exception) Null Pointer excepetion while invoking TC server


IDEA-78050 (Feature) Resolve CoffeeScript files in require attributes
IDEA-78293 (Bug) Javascript Syntax Coloring all grey
IDEA-74186 (Bug) JavaScript: Good code is red: Incorrect "Static member is not accessible"
IDEA-79007 (Bug) Inspection shouldn't work on code like this
IDEA-78242 (Bug) jQuery $.get - Wrong warning
IDEA-78439 (Exception) CCE

OSGi Support

IDEA-77443 (Cosmetics) "Unknown package: ..." inspection in manifest Import-Package section appear and persist forever

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-78769 (Cosmetics) Win Installer Typo

Play! framework

IDEA-79448 (Bug) Enter key not working when editing Play Framework UI template

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-78482 (Bug) Browse Plugins Repository view doesn't update after filter entered
IDEA-78642 (Bug) 'null' in error message about plugin problems

Project Configuration

IDEA-78757 (Bug) ConfigurationErrorsComponent is slow when many errors, locks the dialog


IDEA-78847 (Performance Problem) Idea hangs for long time after "Move methods Used in Extracted Block" is applied within "Extract Method Object" refactoring
IDEA-78977 (Bug) Introduce Constant Refactoring Thread Issues

Task Management

IDEA-79293 (Bug) Task Management Cannot Handle Task Titles Containing CRLF

Template Languages. Velocity

IDEA-78819 (Bug) velocity support: matching start/end highlighting for macros with a content in the call (new v1.7 feature)

User Interface

IDEA-60813 (Usability Problem) View External Documentation doesn't work at the member level
IDEA-78522 (Bug) File chooser: Don't show hidden directories if corresponding option is unset
IDEA-79391 (Bug) Cannot complete new project or module creation on MacOSX - Finish button is enabled but doesn't work

Version Control

IDEA-78710 (Usability Problem) How to stop "Reveal in Finder" dialog after creating a patch?
IDEA-78424 (Bug) Version Control settings are changed for all open projects on CheckOut from another VCS with new project creating from sources
IDEA-78712 (Bug) Apply patch issues

Version Control. CVS

IDEA-69917 (Bug) IDEA 10.5 does no longer support local cvs root
IDEA-78632 (Bug) IDEA 11 REGRESSION: CVS update truncates last line's EOL

Version Control. Git

IDEA-78003 (Usability Problem) Can't update: no tracked branch should show affected repository
IDEA-78087 (Usability Problem) Git: provide some output to console for http/https operations
IDEA-78542 (Cosmetics) Git: Compare with branch: show correct dialog if no changes are detected
IDEA-78245 (Cosmetics) Git Push dialog: increase the alternative branch name field size
IDEA-77985 (Bug) Git stopped working with multiple remote branches
IDEA-78244 (Bug) Git Push dialog: the displayed origin in the 'Push to alternative branch' option should match the suggested remote branch (and the current branch tracked branch)
IDEA-78458 (Bug) Git log not working (git4idea.repo.GitRepoStateException)
IDEA-78533 (Bug) Git: Rejected Push to not-tracked branch works incorrectly
IDEA-78766 (Bug) Git Interactive Rebase hangs on Ubuntu Linux
IDEA-78398 (Bug) Git pull from URL does not seem to do anything
IDEA-78537 (Bug) Git: HTTP: "get remote branches" hangs forever
IDEA-78702 (Bug) IDEA doesn't track .gitignore file changes related to untracked files no more ignored by Git

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-78781 (Bug) hg4idea on OSX doesn't work with project path, that includes whitespaces

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-77315 (Usability Problem) Perforce: Replace 'Reset And Disable Integration' action with 'Work Offline'

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-53015 (Usability Problem) Ask for subversion credentials right away!
IDEA-78868 (Bug) SVN: Authentication failed dialog appears twice if cancelled on creating branch

Version Control. TFS

IDEA-79425 (Task) Map help IDs to the pages of the "Check out from TFS Wizard"
IDEA-79302 (Bug) There's no way to complete TFS checkout wizard on Mac
IDEA-78797 (Bug) By cancelling merge one loses local changes
IDEA-78565 (Bug) Add server dialog: URL is not accepted if port is not specified

Web Services

IDEA-78841 (Bug) When using the Generate Java Code from WSDL/WADL, no OK button is displayed

XML editing

IDEA-78820 (Bug) Greedy removing of unused namespace declaration
IDEA-76958 (Bug) "Optimize Imports" during commit removes XML namespace declarations
IDEA-78862 (Bug) suppressing XmlUnusedNamespaceDeclaration does not prevent optimize imports from removing the declaration
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