IntelliJ IDEA 11 116.32 Release Notes

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IDEA-54256 (Feature) "Go to setting" action
IDEA-63866 (Usability Problem) VCS messages window usability problem
IDEA-82123 (Cosmetics) "Run with coverage: <configuration>" would read better as "Run '<configuration>' with coverage"
IDEA-71258 (Cosmetics) Tab settings should not be disabled if "None" is chosen as the tab placement
IDEA-82009 (Bug) {0} appears in the intention name
IDEA-81958 (Bug) Compile server: Make after package rename doesn't remove old classes
IDEA-82035 (Bug) IDEA holding on to memory for too long? Possible leak?
IDEA-82038 (Bug) Run/Debug Configurations: ClassCastException on attempt to open 'unknown' run configuration
IDEA-81301 (Bug) Flex: when merging compiler config files, remove duplicate options


IDEA-80598 (Bug) Android: remove Logcat from Debugger
IDEA-79737 (Bug) Library Android project constantly marks gen/ folder as a source folder
IDEA-81782 (Bug) Some text (tags) missing in inspection results
IDEA-74391 (Bug) Android: "New resource file" action doesn't allow to create property animation in res/animator directory

Code Analysis. Duplicates

IDEA-82049 (Bug) Code wrongly marked as duplicated

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-22436 (Feature) Warn about usage of bitwise operators


IDEA-73744 (Bug) Parameters in Queries in database console not working
IDEA-79111 (Bug) java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2 when refreshing tables
IDEA-81621 (Bug) Wrong error reportings in DB2 dialect
IDEA-82178 (Bug) Error message on successfull connection to DB2 database

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-81966 (Bug) Accepting completion variant for a generic type with < inserts duplicate angle brackets
IDEA-82111 (Bug) Cannot use autocompletion with mouse

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-82024 (Feature) native2ascii: make it possible to manage case of unicode literals used during the processing
IDEA-82131 (Exception) Editing UIBinder templates with inline css throws huge number of NullPointerExceptions

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-82003 (Bug) Redundant type case is not highlighted in assignment?

File System

IDEA-82089 (Usability Problem) Attach sources menu no longer goes straight to the directory where jar file exists

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-82075 (Usability Problem) Selection vanishes on typing in Replace field ... when I want to Replace in Selection
IDEA-82068 (Bug) Find: Don't set selection to the whole fold region that is expanded during navigation to the match


IDEA-81920 (Feature) import from FlashBuilder: map folders where resource bundles are stored to src paths
IDEA-78816 (Usability Problem) Move 'Edit validation options' down in quickfix list
IDEA-59180 (Usability Problem) AIR application descriptor problem when importing from Flash Builder
IDEA-81447 (Usability Problem) don't show map (object or dictionary) structure in file structure
IDEA-82101 (Usability Problem) Flex, desktop packaging: if no pck file name is set in build configuration, use some default name for packaging
IDEA-81808 (Task) ?????
IDEA-81812 (Bug) Flex SDK name is rendered incorrectly in code completion right-hand-side text
IDEA-81816 (Bug) No way to create AIR/AIR mobile package in IDEA 11.1 EAP
IDEA-81818 (Bug) ?????
IDEA-81710 (Bug) 'Included' linkage type must make dependency transitive.
IDEA-82157 (Bug) Flex, air packaging: if the single file is chosen for packaging, set its path relative to src root, not to directory it resides in
IDEA-82099 (Bug) Flex, Package Air application: packaging fails for desktop unsigned package because of invalid file name
IDEA-82026 (Bug) Flex UI Designer: Error: Cannot add [object DocumentFactory] to [object DocumentFactory],[object DocumentFactory]
IDEA-81644 (Bug) Flex Project Structure, SDKs: 'Find usages' should show SDK usages
IDEA-82073 (Bug) accessing an attribute named "default" in XML leads to an unnesscary warning in Actionscript editing
IDEA-82177 (Exception) Flex Project Structure: IllegalArgumentException on pressing OK in Add Dependency dialog if nothing was selected


IDEA-82171 (Feature) 'Enable Groovy hot-swap' debugger setting
IDEA-68415 (Feature) Grails Console Functionality
IDEA-82161 (Bug) Groovy: IDEA does not compete 'instanceof' keyword inside 'while'
IDEA-82044 (Bug) Groovy debugger doesn't show variables clearly visible in the current scope
IDEA-81763 (Exception) Groovy: NPE at GroovyRunnerUtil.getRunningClass() on creating a new Run/Debug Configuration

IDE Configuration

IDEA-82151 (Usability Problem) Colors and fonts configurables: use case-insensitive sorting

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-81731 (Bug) IDEA blocks while tc server is starting


IDEA-72167 (Bug) Introduce variable on JSP page no longer allows entry of variable name


IDEA-76216 (Feature) More intelligent jsQualifiedClassName() and jsClassName() functions in live templates
IDEA-82069 (Cosmetics) A dialog with one option should not be called a wizard
IDEA-62438 (Bug) Good JSON is red when injected
IDEA-79414 (Bug) IllegalStateException at JSFormatUtil.formatClass() on Refactor/Rename ActionScript class from illegal name
IDEA-82051 (Bug) [Too much/Wrong order] JavaScript suggestions when using fluent builder pattern


IDEA-81925 (Feature) Read source and target language level from maven properties
IDEA-53165 (Feature) Nice to have code highlight in groovy plugin source for maven
IDEA-73134 (Bug) Maven dependencies in webapps may override each other due to naming scheme

Play! framework

IDEA-80162 (Feature) Support for Play! custom tags in subfolders
IDEA-78789 (Bug) Play framework support: custom tag rename should be performed correctly - closing tag should be updated

Project Configuration

IDEA-82167 (Bug) Project Structure: src and test roots should be colored accordingly


IDEA-82084 (Bug) Remember my choice "Initialize in" for Introduce field in-place refactoring
IDEA-82127 (Bug) Strange dialog title
IDEA-82103 (Bug) Move Method breaks code


IDEA-68050 (Usability Problem) SQL: code completion does not suggest schema/database name in new table creation statement
IDEA-72900 (Bug) SQL Console results do not display / Table Editor does not display
IDEA-45765 (Bug) SQLite: NOT unary operator within binary expression is red
IDEA-74537 (Bug) SQL: SQLite: PRAGMA with value is red
IDEA-74532 (Bug) SQL: SQLite: REFERENCES without columns is red
IDEA-82054 (Bug) "Data Sources" cannot refresh tables
IDEA-45943 (Bug) SQLite: back slash is processed as escape character by default
IDEA-45461 (Bug) MySQL: ROW constructor is not resolved


IDEA-82012 (Bug) Spring validation seems broken in 114.243
IDEA-81965 (Bug) Spring MVC: don't detect fileset in case of package/class using as dispatcher servlet contextConfigLocation if AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext isn't set as contextClass
IDEA-81913 (Bug) Autowiring that works in 10.5.2 is broken in 11.0.2
IDEA-81962 (Bug) Spring MVC: correctly process dispatcher servlet configuration - set xml config should be autodetected
IDEA-81886 (Bug) Context configuration locations still not recognized for AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext
IDEA-81885 (Bug) Spring Beans Usage not Properly Recognized with Annotation Based Spring Configuration
IDEA-80699 (Bug) Spring 3.1: xml config can be added to existing AnnotationConfigApplicationContext fileset by intention but appears there in red
IDEA-81963 (Exception) INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndex.a

Task Management

IDEA-55045 (Usability Problem) When creating a new task with a changelist, add "track context" option
IDEA-58429 (Bug) Task management: don't allow to create changelists for tasks in non-versioned projects

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-81987 (Bug) Freemarker macro definitions: unnecessary default parameter value warning
IDEA-81647 (Bug) Can't recognize "/spring.ftl"

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-78962 (Feature) JUnit test filters based on regular expressions

User Interface

IDEA-78905 (Usability Problem) Run configuration must be unreasonably wide
IDEA-82162 (Exception) Popup owner must be showing exception

Version Control

IDEA-25610 (Usability Problem) "Move to another changelist" dialog: sort existing changelists alphabetically
IDEA-81569 (Performance Problem) Poor performance when moving lines in web.xml (Alt-Shift-DOWN/UP) while the web.xml is displayed in change details (Changes tool window)
IDEA-82102 (Performance Problem) POM-editor (and others) react slowly to keyboard input / slow response

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-82173 (Usability Problem) Ability to switch to Perforce online mode in Changes View
IDEA-81954 (Bug) Replace 'login silently' option with 'remember password' in Perforce settings
IDEA-82018 (Bug) EAP build 114.243 Changes window shows P4 changelists with no files
IDEA-81504 (Bug) Perforce: unversioned files appear as modified without checkout on going offline

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-81996 (Usability Problem) Subversion: Diff dialog: display Properties tab for files with unchanged svn properties to avoid blinking
IDEA-82107 (Performance Problem) SVN updates working copy format information in EDT
IDEA-82094 (Bug) Subversion: ShareProject: incorrect working copy format is used despite the settings (1.7 always)
IDEA-82148 (Bug) SVN: checkout info 1.6 format didn't worked
IDEA-82144 (Bug) Cannot commit multiple SVN projects in one operation
IDEA-81994 (Bug) Subversion: don't show 'too old command line client' notification on Subversion settings editing if 'use command line client' option is off
IDEA-66410 (Bug) Subversion + SSH: alert when using private key auth in putty format
IDEA-82065 (Bug) Subversion: incorrect Properties Diff is shown for renamed/moved files entries in Repositories view

Version Control. TFS

IDEA-82154 (Bug) TFS: MacOSX: Query WorkItems dialog that appears on searching work items in ConfigureCheckinParameters dialog can't be closed until Configure... one is closed
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