IntelliJ IDEA 11 111.228 Release Notes

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No subsystem

IDEA-78574 (Exception) [build:MPS-20.7651] Assertion failed: Already disposed


IDEA-79255 (Bug) including apklib results in " duplicate entry: AndroidManifest.xml"
IDEA-79534 (Bug) Android: Dependent library with javascript source not copied into apk.

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-79562 (Usability Problem) "Optimize Imports" auto-removes XML namespace declarations used only in element values
IDEA-78556 (Bug) After upgrade my settings for CodeStyle / Imports are lost

Compiling Project

IDEA-58603 (Bug) Messages ToolWindow should not grab focus if there is some user activity

Editor. Intention Actions

IDEA-77968 (Bug) Intention "Replace with 'for each'" with ListIterator: wrong replace

Flex Support

IDEA-79649 (Usability Problem) Allow hiding static fields from Variables view in Flex debugger
IDEA-79694 (Bug) Good code red: for (var fieldKey:* in this) {}
IDEA-79716 (Bug) Default CSS file not included when building a SWF with 'Built-in compiler shell'

GUI Designer

IDEA-61236 (Bug) GUI Designer: inspector shows already undone changes until focus re-setting
IDEA-78807 (Bug) Cannot open forms created in previous version of IDEA
IDEA-68902 (Exception) GUI Designer: Throwable at InplaceEditingLayer.removeInplaceEditorComponent() on closing a form editor when a component's text is in edit mode


IDEA-79900 (Usability Problem) Change Default Shortcut to stop edititing embedded Groovy
IDEA-79640 (Bug) 'Evaluate expression' does not work with Groovy
IDEA-79738 (Bug) Groovy: Nika: Exception throws when closing a project with Groovy plugin enabled.


IDEA-79981 (Performance Problem) IntelliJ 11 bogs down with use
IDEA-77222 (Performance Problem) Spring model validation takes forever
IDEA-79818 (Bug) Spring bean resolving breaks for JUnit test with ContextConfiguration with reference to constant in locations parameter
IDEA-79608 (Bug) Spring property placeholder + multiple *.properties files = unresolved properties.
IDEA-78383 (Bug) Spring Autowire Inspections Failing
IDEA-79628 (Bug) Spring profiles - duplicate bean definitions should be allowed in different profiles
IDEA-79723 (Bug) Problem with Spring "import" element and transitive module dependency
IDEA-79243 (Bug) Regression: IDEA 11: Spring Test: Inherited @ContextConfiguration annotations not being recognized in subclasses
IDEA-78612 (Bug) spring integration does not recognise alias tag
IDEA-79974 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.spring.model.jam.testContexts.ApplicationContextReferenceConverter.getReferencesOnFakeElement

Maven Integration

IDEA-79664 (Bug) false positive - balloon notification of: "Maven projects need to be imported"

Play! framework

IDEA-79940 (Bug) playframework: block parsing error with comments
IDEA-80012 (Bug) Play framework support: Enter doesn't work inside comments in templates
IDEA-79842 (Bug) playframework: parsing error when brace is followed by % sign
IDEA-79778 (Bug) playframework: block parsing error
IDEA-80017 (Exception) ISE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter.documentChanged
IDEA-80015 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.codeInsight.editorActions.enter.EnterInLineCommentHandler.preprocessEnter

Project View

IDEA-25525 (Bug) Project tree should be more robust - show files even if IDE fatal errors occur while parsing files.

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-79383 (Bug) IDEA should run test classes annotated with @RunWith(JMock.class) when the 'Run "All Tests"' action is chosen

User Interface

IDEA-79574 (Usability Problem) "Associate with file type" action should be available for files with auto-detected file type
IDEA-61092 (Bug) Goto Class dialog is dismissed when the list of matched classes reduces and causes loss of mouse focus
IDEA-41938 (Bug) NPE from FileChooserDescriptor.isFileSelectable() in file chooser in case using path field with non-path chooser root
IDEA-53663 (Bug) Middle-mouse (column) select also fires "Go to declaration"
IDEA-64295 (Bug) Split window functionality in an undocked window
IDEA-78303 (Bug) Color picker does not return value (Linux)
IDEA-79964 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.b
IDEA-69445 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.DataKey.getData
IDEA-79955 (Exception) CME at com.intellij.ui.tabs.impl.JBTabsImpl.fireSelectionChanged

Version Control

IDEA-16964 (Bug) Show Diff Compare Next/Previous File order different from Commit Changes dialog order when invoked on file
IDEA-79502 (Bug) Show Annotations throws NPE
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