IDEA X 98.231 Release Notes

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IDEA-55779 (Feature) Add language filter to "Goto class" and "Goto symbol"
IDEA-59933 (Usability Problem) 'EAP build has expired' message box has no means to copy/open link to download
IDEA-56419 (Usability Problem) Add ability to launch IntelliJ to a specific project from command line if another project is already open
IDEA-33675 (Usability Problem) Report exceptions in the background
IDEA-59173 (Cosmetics) Dependency Print Dialog Broken
IDEA-48781 (Bug) Two string literals on the same line without delimiter are green
IDEA-48731 (Bug) Intentions: left angle bracket after generic type is interpreted as relational operator
IDEA-51561 (Bug) RM setups open ports which leak information
IDEA-54732 (Bug) open idea directory project with command line param
WI-3657 (Bug) Fix completion for quoted names in MySQL
IDEA-59992 (Bug) Eclipse integration: ignored path variables list is ignored
IDEA-59874 (Bug) Infer Nullity misses for loop uses
WI-3122 (Bug) Smarty + Template Data Language : CSS
WI-3601 (Bug) Smarty 3: foreach construction issue when using array_merge() php function as cycle parameter
IDEA-60172 (Bug) Ctrl + Y doesn't delete the line
WI-3661 (Bug) "Use Smarty3 whitespaces policy" option is reset (un-ticked) after project was reopened/PhpStorm restarted
IDEA-58793 (Bug) Can't open locate duplicates parameters dialog
IDEA-58288 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.assertTrue

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-53387 (Bug) Include icon images in idea community edition

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-60156 (Feature) Inspection: Detect assignment to @NotNull field from unannotated parameter
IDEA-60292 (Feature) "Log statement not guarded by log condition" inspection - enhance checking
IDEA-15184 (Feature) Inspection "@NotNull/@Nullable" problems misses @NotNull getter for @Nullable field
IDEA-60314 (Feature) Inspection: Warn on Stringbuilder.append(objectWithoutToString()), etc.
IDEA-60315 (Feature) Extension to "Contents written to, never read" inspection
IDEA-19608 (Bug) I/O resource opened but not safely closed is always on
IDEA-60183 (Bug) False positive for "can be static" inspection
IDEA-19114 (Bug) Resource management inspections aren't working correctly
IDEA-60135 (Bug) Narrow Scope does nothing on "Scope of variable is too broad" inspection
IDEA-26256 (Bug) inspection io resource that is not open in a try .... is not working

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-59997 (Bug) Settings/Code Style/JavaDoc: settings changes are not highlighted in preview panel, the big piece of JavaDoc is highlighted instead
IDEA-53850 (Bug) Make java code formatting examples up-to-date
IDEA-60312 (Exception) Throwable at PostprocessReformattingAspect$ on opening Settings with preview panel if Code Style/Wrapping and Braces/'Ensure right margin is not exceeded' option is enabled


IDEA-14063 (Usability Problem) Add Expand\Collapse All buttons to the Structure bar context menu
IDEA-6003 (Bug) XHTML pages must open in the editor, not XHTML Designer (by default).

IntelliJ Platform

WI-3449 (Usability Problem) Open Project confirmation: "Remember, don't ask again" check box exists in IDEA, but not in Web IDE
WI-3625 (Task) "Surround with XML Zen Coding" should work in injected HTML

Flex Support

IDEA-59953 (Feature) flex: show visibility icon in Ctrl-N class chooser
IDEA-60062 (Feature) Provide option for IDEA to show unterminated statements at end of the block in javascript / actionscript context
IDEA-60055 (Performance Problem) Don't recompile a module after modifying project if it has not changed
IDEA-59931 (Bug) flex: smart completion: duplicate and wrong variants for addEventListener(..)
IDEA-59677 (Bug) ActionScript: Inline Refactoring applied to a class property that is initialized with a function results with uncompilable code for usages out of the class
IDEA-60144 (Bug) Invalid variant in [smart?] completion
IDEA-60060 (Bug) flex: bad code green: addEventListenter parameter validation should verify event parameter type
IDEA-59686 (Bug) ActionScript: Inline Refactoring applied to function/variable referencing static class member results with uncompilable code for usages accessed from class instance
IDEA-60125 (Bug) False positive: static field is unused
IDEA-58929 (Bug) flex: fields, variables, functions occasionally marked as unused (while they're actually used)
IDEA-60059 (Bug) don't rename actionscript file when renaming file-local class
IDEA-59583 (Bug) [Maven] ([IdeaX EAP) ... IntellJ asks me to add resources, that don't exist to subversion and starts looping
IDEA-59991 (Bug) Completion shows 'void' type for property
IDEA-60036 (Bug) Incorrect generation of @return in asdocs for getters
IDEA-60040 (Bug) Smart completion should suggest variables for the rest parameter
IDEA-59949 (Bug) Smart completion ignores class [static] field/const when invoked for multiplicator
IDEA-59948 (Bug) Create parameter quickfix does not suggest 'Number' type


IDEA-22517 (Feature) It would be nice if find usages by JSP file will find Spring-MVC controllers using this JSP as their View

Project Configuration

IDEA-59912 (Usability Problem) Attach Sources shows popup with multiple entries of the same library
IDEA-60235 (Cosmetics) Project Structure dialog / "General Settings for Project" label is not updated on applying project name change
IDEA-59971 (Bug) For module created via ProjectStructure dialog no project-level libraries are created from downloaded jars
IDEA-54285 (Bug) XSLT PLUGIN IS NOT REGISTERED IN CE 9.0.2 and 95.X, FIX=Add to community-main dependency
IDEA-60240 (Bug) Directory-based project writes .idea/.name file in system encoding
IDEA-59824 (Bug) Git Exe Path Saved In Workspace

Project View

IDEA-57247 (Cosmetics) Rename 'Reveal in Finder' to 'Show in Finder'
IDEA-60084 (Bug) Copy/Paste in Project pane does not duplicate a file

Version Control. Git

IDEA-59569 (Bug) If there's no git in path, "Detecting..." remains in status bar after opening a project under git

Ant Integration

IDEA-48721 (Feature) Ant integration: improve antlib support
IDEA-59113 (Usability Problem) Ant Build View Doesn't Update When New Targets Are Created
IDEA-60110 (Usability Problem) Ant integration: "Failed to load type" message: report not found class if any
IDEA-58548 (Bug) Ant integration: Refactor / Rename applied to environment property reference works wrong
IDEA-58546 (Bug) Ant: incorrect processing of depends attribute value on Refactor / Rename of a target from imported and included file
IDEA-58931 (Bug) Getting the following error in my ANT script Element 'sshexec' is undefined
IDEA-59873 (Bug) IDEA X regression: ant file is red all over
IDEA-57929 (Bug) Ant: 1.8: support ant.file.type.* built in properties
IDEA-57977 (Exception) Ant: RE at com.intellij.util.xml.impl.InvocationCache$10.invoke() on typing "optional" attribute in import task


IDEA-53805 (Bug) Class shape is not updated when I switch shown categories being in member selection mode
IDEA-60317 (Bug) Layout gets broken when adding interface implementations
IDEA-53824 (Bug) Exception at UML


IDEA-59880 (Feature) Offer way to disconnect IDEA from device so external tools like DDMS can connect again
IDEA-60257 (Usability Problem) Group "New Activity", "New Service" etc actions in one "New Android Class" action
IDEA-60155 (Task) Default destination directory for AAPT compiler should be "target/generated-sources/r" for maven project
IDEA-59794 (Task) Optimize Android compilation in IDEA 9.0.x
IDEA-60149 (Task) file should be regenerated correctly on Make in Maven+Android projects
IDEA-60150 (Task) Android facet configuration options should not be set to default values on Maven->Reimport
IDEA-59888 (Task) Menu option to regenerate in Android project
IDEA-59631 (Bug) Resource rename is not reflected in styles
IDEA-53540 (Bug) Unable to compile Android sample
IDEA-60192 (Bug) Library project multiple dependencies causes 'already added R$' exception
IDEA-60085 (Bug) Native libs are packaged incorrectly

Version Control

IDEA-59512 (Feature) VCS annotations: Show the "age" of a line of code more clearly


WI-2601 (Bug) IDEA/*Storm can't parse CSS 3 media queries


IDEA-39506 (Feature) Import database schema: database connection information could be imported
IDEA-59999 (Cosmetics) Import database schema dialog: checkboxes jumps a bit righter on moving mouse pointer over them

PHP lang

WI-3327 (Feature) Strikeout deprecated method in PHP
WI-1115 (Feature) Smarty 3 Syntax enhancements
WI-630 (Feature) Advanced Switch folding
WI-3668 (Feature) Stubs: Add extra comments text for PHP 5.3 deprecated functions
WI-3579 (Usability Problem) I always have to select code I want to surround with. It should work without selection, like in java editor.
WI-2247 (Usability Problem) code formatting in smarty templates .tpl not reformatting the html the same as in .html or .php files
WI-3347 (Cosmetics) Syntax highlighting: Background color missing for whitespaces within Smarty tags
WI-3535 (Bug) Settings->PHP->Zend Framework (non-zf project) produces exception and doesn't show anything
WI-1322 (Bug) Wrong @return in PHPDoc generated for null
WI-3726 (Bug) Show error on Protected property access in public context
WI-3611 (Bug) Overriding abstact method leaves @abstract in PhpDoc
WI-3571 (Bug) indentation of elseif without braces is incorrect in formater
WI-3570 (Bug) indentation of foreach without braces is incorrect in formatter

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-57880 (Feature) Better handling of org.junit.ComparisonFailure
IDEA-59610 (Bug) Console folding obscures JUnit results

Code Analysis. Dependencies

IDEA-20424 (Feature) Analyze->Module Deps: provide graph output


IDEA-60043 (Usability Problem) "Replace method code duplicates" should have "All" button to accept all replacements automatically
IDEA-59540 (Performance Problem) PyCharm hangs decoding file references after move files/directories refactoring
IDEA-58344 (Bug) Change signature: default var is taken wrongly in some cases
IDEA-59510 (Bug) Refactor "Change Signature" should consider "this" when "Any var" is checked
IDEA-58352 (Bug) Change signature: when propagating parameter, false positive conflict with local variable is detected for existing parameter
IDEA-59817 (Bug) Format parameters list after parameter safe delete fails
IDEA-58456 (Bug) Refactoring: Extract method. Unnecessary type parameter added to extracted method.

Web Services

IDEA-60253 (Bug) Web Services: RESTful web services: check that method doesn't have multiple HTTP method designators

Compiling Project

IDEA-26718 (Feature) Nice to be able to automatically generate manifest in case of jar artifact

Maven Integration

IDEA-60010 (Usability Problem) Maven Settings/RepositoryServices tab: provide possibility to edit existing artifactory ro nexus service url
IDEA-57884 (Bug) Incorrect button label
IDEA-60210 (Exception) NPE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.GraphBase.b


IDEA-60180 (Usability Problem) Data Source Properties: Schemas and Tables: not editable item looks like editable
IDEA-60030 (Task) Map Help IDs to dialog boxes
IDEA-59844 (Bug) "Data Source Properties" window layout when Database URL is long
IDEA-60372 (Bug) Database Table Editor: ability to save LOBs
IDEA-59995 (Bug) Sorting in the Database console results window does not work
IDEA-20506 (Bug) Sorting resultset by date in the grid gives incorrect ordering


IDEA-59574 (Cosmetics) "Tip of the Day" says "Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA 9"
IDEA-60097 (Task) Tip of the day about search in settings
IDEA-59588 (Task) Update image in IssueNavigation tip
IDEA-54676 (Meta Issue) Update GWT documentation

IDEA-59825 (Bug) "Infer nullity" annotates for-loop variables
IDEA-19808 (Bug) External Image Editor cannot have spaces in executable line

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-49742 (Bug) Groovy: "class" property after not resolved identifier makes this identifier red
IDEA-58377 (Bug) 'Make field protected' quickfix is not suggested for reference to private method of enlosing class base

IDE Configuration

IDEA-59608 (Usability Problem) The ordering of Run/Debug configurations seems to change randomly
IDEA-23738 (Bug) Error invoking Gimp as external image editor

GWT Support

IDEA-60099 (Bug) Allow to disable default browser to run automatically in GWT projects and/or allow to set default one
IDEA-60066 (Bug) Generated ant script should include sources from other modules to gwt compilation process
IDEA-60303 (Bug) Reformat Code produces invalid code in GWT compiled style sheets
IDEA-60000 (Bug) disable GWT background compilation


IDEA-60209 (Bug) Persistence does not make correct dependencies of modules

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-60140 (Bug) Bad interaction: Wrapping and rename-in-place
IDEA-32804 (Bug) Undo file movement does not delete created folder


IDEA-15813 (Feature) add gutter mark for <lookup-method>
IDEA-60037 (Feature) Provide gutter icons for Spring init-method and destroy-method in Java code
IDEA-48197 (Feature) Spring MVC: Provide references from ModelAndView constructor to views

User Interface

IDEA-51309 (Cosmetics) Confirm exit dialog: align checkbox to the left
IDEA-58404 (Bug) New Project: Open in New Window vs. This WIndow
IDEA-60079 (Bug) Default to current source folder when creating package
IDEA-60222 (Bug) Run Configuration: selected configuration remains in the list after deleting all the configurations

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-30862 (Usability Problem) Make "Send" button in exception reporter easier to find


IDEA-49086 (Feature) Context-specific sorting in New menu on grails-specific directories
IDEA-53182 (Feature) Groovy script import could be suggested
IDEA-58025 (Feature) Grails: Find Usages for domain class fields could be added
IDEA-59519 (Feature) New Grails Intention in .gsp file: convert static string to message_code
IDEA-59955 (Feature) IDEA does not infert the 'def' type in Groovy if we use factory methods instead of actual constructors.
IDEA-56345 (Feature) Add Code Folding to Multi-Line Strings in Groovy
IDEA-60167 (Feature) Add the ability to create a new Grails Filter
IDEA-49592 (Usability Problem) Grails: Run Grails Target window: completion suggests nothing for not the first token
IDEA-49788 (Usability Problem) Grails: Run Grails Target dialog: there is no completion for a script from user home
IDEA-56186 (Usability Problem) Show the suggestion list in Run Grails target pop-up window without waiting for Ctrl+Space
IDEA-60151 (Cosmetics) Separate color settings for braces, parentheses and brackets in Groovy
IDEA-48931 (Bug) Wrong warnings "'method' cannot be applied to 'Type' " for 'minus' and 'multiply' methods
IDEA-59099 (Bug) Groovy 1.8: Introduce Variable Refactoring applied to command expressions cut off part of resulted definition
IDEA-56492 (Bug) GSP: end tag name is not completed
IDEA-47622 (Bug) fail to recognize GSP variables in style attribute
IDEA-47462 (Bug) Groovy source folders aren't autodetected on 'create project from existing sources'
IDEA-24548 (Bug) Class extending interface is not regarded an error in Groovy
IDEA-60160 (Bug) Don't add semicolon in generated method
IDEA-59166 (Bug) Shorten FQ Names of Live Templates doesn't work

Editor. Intention Actions

IDEA-59807 (Feature) Intention action to add abstract method to list of enums
IDEA-58290 (Bug) Quickfix to change variable initializer type deletes anonymous inner class methods
IDEA-56119 (Bug) NPE at ConvertVarargParameterToArrayIntention.convertVarargsToArray() on "Convert variable argument parameter to array" intention applied to groovy method
IDEA-45530 (Bug) "Create inner class from new" in super() call context should create static inner class
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