IDEA X 103.161 Release Notes

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No subsystem

WI-5019 (Feature) Provide a way to customize default working directory for specific Command Line Tool
IDEA-65013 (Feature) add command line option to open file on specific line
IDEA-65502 (Bug) Many plugins failed to work with 10.0.2
IDEA-65201 (Bug) Autosuggest opens on different monitor
IDEA-65579 (Bug) JPA Facet bug
WI-5387 (Bug) Javascript Library Dialog "Detach" only detaches one library at a time if multiple are selected
WI-5310 (Bug) Change Keymap Reference
IDEA-65534 (Bug) Optimizazion Hint shows up on every restart
IDEA-65193 (Bug) Tabmenu click area is very narrow and misplaced
IDEA-65718 (Bug) IntelliJ 10.0.2 hangs at start-up
IDEA-65918 (Bug) Parameter regexp is not stored in JDBC console in case of SQL language
IDEA-65144 (Bug) New library created from downloaded jars is not visible
IDEA-65995 (Exception) Plugin Manager: IllegalArgumentException at CommonBundle.messageOrDefault() on updating plugins with optional dependencies in CE

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-65762 (Bug) NPE in structural search inspection
IDEA-65831 (Bug) "instance field accessed not qualified with this"-inspection is broken
IDEA-65782 (Bug) UnnecessaryUnboxing should not warn when unboxing causes a different method to be invoked.

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-65611 (Bug) "Unrecognized option: -javaagent:..." when running JUnit 3 tests in JDK 1.3 module with debugger


WI-3537 (Cosmetics) CSS selector inspection inconsistency
WI-5082 (Bug) gd, rem, vw, vh, vm, ch, turn CSS3 units aren't supported

IntelliJ Platform

WI-5297 (Usability Problem) Data Sources - Table editor - Column size
WI-842 (Usability Problem) Please add a "Save As" functionality
WI-4355 (Bug) ExtJS-all-debug froses UI for minutes on each tab activation

Flex Support

IDEA-65210 (Feature) Flex 4 CSS: references to class (i.e. default.css)
IDEA-65255 (Bug) good code yellow: CSS: id Selector after Class Selector
IDEA-65338 (Bug) Editor: bug on insert suppressing inspection comment.
IDEA-65225 (Bug) Flex 4 CSS: references to style in files located in library (i.e. default.css)
IDEA-65675 (Bug) Good code marked red - Regular expression
IDEA-65825 (Bug) Flex: [Bindable] public vars implement interface get/set properties but the inspection indicates they don't
IDEA-65361 (Bug) Generating getter/setter breaks reference

Distribution packages

WI-3465 (Bug) Linux: Out of Memory - vmoptions dialog can't save values

Project Configuration

IDEA-65199 (Bug) Ajc setup fails

OSGi Support

IDEA-62784 (Usability Problem) OSGI: provide some warning if 'place in this path' option is used but no path is provided
IDEA-63243 (Bug) OSGI + Maven: <Bundle-SymbolicName> should be genearted properly for pom maven project of bundle type
IDEA-63242 (Bug) OSGI + Maven; correctly update facet settings on instructions removing from maven-bundle-plugin configuration
IDEA-63244 (Bug) OSGI + Maven: <Bundle-Name> should be generated correctly, if not set explicitly
IDEA-62775 (Bug) OSGI support: incorrect jar output path is set for module imported from maven

Ant Integration

IDEA-38634 (Bug) Ant: Create Meta Target does nothing


IDEA-65791 (Bug) classpath error: unable to find org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint (check that aspectjrt.jar is in your classpath)


IDEA-65053 (Bug) spring: good code red: "Bean must be of 'java.lang.String' type"
IDEA-64625 (Bug) spring: duplicate spring method gutter icons rendered

PHP lang

WI-4625 (Usability Problem) Duplicate class definition breaks parent resolving, but is hidden in "extends" clause.
WI-1502 (Usability Problem) PHP home browsing doesn't show file, only directories
WI-5289 (Usability Problem) "Choose declaration" popup does not give enough information
WI-4858 (Bug) Missing properties from all DOM objects in intellisense and code validation
WI-3408 (Bug) PHP: good code stays red on adding alternative control structures syntax
WI-3278 (Bug) PhpStorm doesn't distinguish static and regular class properties
WI-5343 (Bug) Support unreachable statement inspection for switch
WI-4280 (Bug) PHP: Using protected member of nested member access doesn't generate warning
WI-5225 (Bug) External documentation links are incorrect for some PHP constants
WI-5371 (Bug) db2_last_insert_id() is missing from defined stubs
WI-5237 (Bug) Undefined variables in nested closures
WI-5235 (Bug) "Return" type inference fails for interface, but ONLY when interface is defined in external file
WI-4446 (Bug) Bad code is green: Class static properties are case sensitive
WI-5126 (Bug) Recursive use of closures throws inspection error
WI-4629 (Bug) Invalid Inspection Warning - "Ambiguos column reference" in ORDER BY when using UNION in SQL
WI-4426 (Bug) Weird setter with PHP's primitive types
WI-5267 (Bug) Bad parent rename refactoring: child class without constructor will be renamed
WI-5286 (Bug) 'Override methods' inserts code in wrong place
WI-5166 (Bug) __set_state magic method should be declared as static
WI-5378 (Bug) Fix ReflectionClass::getMethod return type in stubs
WI-5102 (Exception) "Generate Getters and Setters" for PhpDoc properties throws IDE Fatal Error


WI-5158 (Usability Problem) Unclear JavaScript warning: Unresolved library URL
WI-5137 (Bug) JavaScript Libraries: external API documentation support for jQuery UI could be added
WI-5360 (Bug) Anonymous function name is not recognized
WI-5198 (Bug) Strict mode for javascript marks prototype assignment as error
WI-5351 (Bug) JSDoc @extends / @augments doesn't affect code completion
WI-5215 (Bug) JavaScript Libraries: Prototype methods of the form .*ClassName are incorrectly substituted to external API documentation link

Task Management

IDEA-58839 (Bug) Redmine connectivity

Compiling Project

IDEA-65467 (Bug) Unable to compile non-Android modules

PHP debug

WI-5121 (Usability Problem) Settings / PHP / Servers: suggestions for server paths for directory miss the last correct one
WI-5252 (Usability Problem) Disable path mappings editor if 'Use path mappings' check box is disabled.
WI-5119 (Usability Problem) No debugger tooltips for variables in method declarations
WI-4568 (Bug) Mapping with some root directories included in project(support non injective path mappings ).
WI-5092 (Bug) xdebug crash: kernel: pid 98370 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
WI-5196 (Bug) add link to php debugger bookmarklets page to debugger settings tab
WI-5046 (Bug) XDebug: Debug 'Copy Value' includes Double Quotes in string Values
WI-5144 (Exception) NPE at ZendDebugProcessDelegate.registerBreakpoint() on setting a breakpoint after first script completion

Maven Integration

IDEA-62941 (Usability Problem) Encoding in Maven console
IDEA-65722 (Bug) Packages view shows classes from all dependent modules


IDEA-65554 (Usability Problem) Database console cannot run batch when selection starts with a comment

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-65563 (Bug) Search for TestNG tests doesn't end when jvm is unable to start


IDEA-65942 (Bug) Method parameter injection doesn't work for this("xxx") and super("xxx") calls

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-62821 (Bug) Can't configure "remote staging" for remote jboss

User Interface

IDEA-65793 (Usability Problem) Use platform default Look&Feel for Patcher and initial License/Import dialogs

Version Control. Git

IDEA-64895 (Bug) Git: Push Active Branches: 'View' button doesn't work
IDEA-66002 (Bug) GitHub project creation does not validate project name
IDEA-65616 (Bug) IllegalStateException at DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread() on attempt to initialize Git repository (Windows)


IDEA-61454 (Cosmetics) Special symbols in javascript inside GSP should be escaped with backslach
IDEA-65500 (Bug) Update to 10.0.2 breaks Java-Groovy integration
IDEA-56675 (Bug) fail to compile when using Groovy @Delegate to implement interface
IDEA-63784 (Bug) [GROOVY] Wrongly flagged as error: method non implemented

WI specific

WI-3602 (Bug) Under some circumstances PhpStorm fails to actually include and parse the files into External Libraries when adding excluded from project folder as external library
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