IDEA 11 beta 2 (build 111.24) Release Notes

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IDEA-77309 (Feature) wont create new class when copy paste code (only applies to classes that have inner classes)
IDEA-76874 (Usability Problem) Basic completion doesn't show methods when they do not suite by return type
IDEA-75960 (Usability Problem) Confusing "Nothing found to insert" message on generating a constructor
IDEA-77664 (Cosmetics) Unify dialog title borders
IDEA-27216 (Bug) Run Grails Target Dialog is a little small
IDEA-68986 (Bug) "Static Import Method..." intention sometimes excludes candidates
IDEA-38037 (Bug) Evaluation license: cancelling EAP license agreement dialog + start the second time shows no agreement
IDEA-77630 (Bug) A plugin is reported as "Downloaded" while it is not
IDEA-77165 (Bug) dialog is huge and the buttons are outside of the screen
IDEA-74518 (Bug) False-positive warning on a complex condition
IDEA-77448 (Bug) Plugin Manager: plugins which have a newer version become duplicated after Update Plugin action
IDEA-77592 (Bug) JBoss 7.1 support
IDEA-77228 (Bug) Strange message while GWT compilation
IDEA-69758 (Bug) Type migration conflicts view looks ugly for catch parameters
IDEA-69744 (Bug) QuickDoc can't find entry in javadoc
IDEA-77668 (Bug) Regression: understand http://username:password@... syntax and SSL certificates support
IDEA-75693 (Bug) Softwraps doesn't work in Language console
IDEA-26138 (Bug) Import hint while typing: be more smart in "extends" - context
IDEA-77470 (Bug) Change signature dialog: default value spans the whole line when type and parameter name are invisible
IDEA-77479 (Bug) Plugin Manager: list of enabled plugins becomes incorrect after disabling a plugin with dependencies on it
IDEA-73636 (Bug) 'Scopes' dialog: replace 'java-dependent' icon for 'Show Files' action with more generic one
IDEA-77212 (Bug) deadlock. today's sources, reload project
IDEA-46669 (Bug) Reformat code adds extra space in the single line JavaDoc
IDEA-77199 (Bug) Next TODO navigation works on second key press only
IDEA-77314 (Bug) Unable to save changes in a file


IDEA-65729 (Feature) Suggestion/Feature request: Specifying debug keystore for Android buidls
IDEA-77428 (Bug) Logcat panel returns to Split Mode after IDEA restart or reopening project
IDEA-76259 (Bug) Error when running 'Android unit tests' run configuration if there is no tests in the scope

Ant Integration

IDEA-76060 (Bug) Ant task documentation no longer works

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-24454 (Feature) Inspection on implicit uses of super's protected field
IDEA-76013 (Bug) @Resource annotation incorrectly reporting 'cannot autowire' (good code marked as bad)
IDEA-69055 (Bug) Need to be able to specify that 'variable arity method' inspection shouldn't trigger on external apis
IDEA-72859 (Bug) Alt Enter fix for Inspection "Simplifiable Annotation" can produce invalid code


IDEA-77361 (Cosmetics) Table editor tab icon is missing


IDEA-77655 (Bug) XDebugger: Error message is written twice in frames panel


IDEA-76465 (Bug) Statistics Are Gathering Misleading Information

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-75965 (Usability Problem) Completion popup usability/cosmetics
IDEA-77486 (Task) Java smart complete statement: Don't leave code block on non-final statement
IDEA-76928 (Bug) dot doesn't always insert selected code completion item
IDEA-77114 (Bug) autocomplete does not work when requested to autocomplete methods of the java.reflect.Constructor in the javadoc

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-77490 (Task) Soft wraps: Expose more information about soft wraps processing
IDEA-77538 (Bug) Soft-wrapping is broken
IDEA-76537 (Auto-reported Exception) Detected invalid soft wraps recalculation. Event: exact old offsets: 0-365; recalculation old offsets: 0-365; exact new offsets: 0-365; recalculation new offsets: 0-365; old logical lines diff: 12; new logical lines diff: 12; offset diff: 0, normal: true.
IDEA-77099 (Bug) IDEA hangs after double "Fold Code Block" action
IDEA-77474 (Bug) Live Templates: underscoresToCamelCase() in Live Templates doesn't work

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-77139 (Bug) inconsistent handling of links in the quick javadoc popup

Editor. Intention Actions

IDEA-74951 (Bug) Intentions to "Add static imports" break code

Flex Support

IDEA-77798 (Bug) Cannot generate a valid flex config using mvn idea-flexmojos-maven-plugin version 1.4.1
IDEA-77659 (Bug) Deadlock when starting Flex UI Designer
IDEA-77794 (Bug) cannot change signature: from Array to Vector.<T>
IDEA-77793 (Bug) move inner class: Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/psi/impl/source/tree/CompositeElement.replaceChild must not be null

GWT Support

IDEA-70057 (Bug) @UiHandler reported wrongly as unresolved
IDEA-77667 (Bug) Good UiBinder code for ui:style is red
IDEA-77404 (Bug) False Positive with "Overlay Type Restrictions Violated" inspection


IDEA-77528 (Bug) Gradle: Avoid exception on project import
IDEA-77585 (Bug) ctl-shift-F10 not running gradle task


IDEA-48089 (Feature) Would like to be able to set Environment Variables in Run Groovy Script Dialog
IDEA-66695 (Feature) Highlight hyperlinks for GSP stacktrace elements
IDEA-76295 (Feature) Grails: Support Resource plugin
IDEA-76520 (Bug) [Subsystem: Groovy/Grails] It would be nice to have the possibility to create a groovy-facet module from existing groovy source (*.groovy)
IDEA-77178 (Bug) Groovy: incremental selection could select a slashy string without slashes at some step
IDEA-77176 (Bug) Groovy: paste to slashy strings should not escape backslashes
IDEA-77457 (Bug) Grails: weird inspection "GSP Inspection" with no description
IDEA-76606 (Bug) Intellij Attempts to compile groovy files under src/main/resources (maven project)
IDEA-68894 (Bug) Usages in switch case don't count for unused definition inspection

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-75978 (Bug) jboss remote staging with sftp not available


IDEA-70519 (Feature) GlassFish - allow secured connection to remote GF


IDEA-77387 (Bug) Spring EL support: support collection projection operator (![])
IDEA-77304 (Bug) Spring EL: the '^' operator (exponent power) is error-highlighted
IDEA-77379 (Bug) Spring EL support: Safe Navigation operator should be supported
IDEA-77372 (Bug) Spring EL support: the selector operation (?[]) should be supported
IDEA-75775 (Bug) spring testing: good code red: erroneous "no beans of 'SessionFactory' type found"


IDEA-77438 (Bug) [javascript] JSLint integration reports too few errors

JavaScript. Debugger

IDEA-77271 (Bug) Failed to compute properties

Maven Integration

IDEA-77593 (Bug) Maven: cannot update indices for profile-based repositories (like 'central')
IDEA-73020 (Bug) can't connect to artifactory repositories
IDEA-75076 (Bug) Can't search/download libraries from

OSGi Support

IDEA-77597 (Bug) Configuring autodetected OSGi framework corrupts project dependencies

Play! framework

IDEA-76155 (Feature) Play framework support: #{list} tag: should be possible to refactor 'as' argument
IDEA-76814 (Bug) Play framework support: rename is not available for renderArgs.put() keys
IDEA-77060 (Bug) Play framework: can't start Play! on MacOSX

Project View

IDEA-77756 (Usability Problem) Project tree view does not display module name


IDEA-77007 (Bug) Introduce Parameter should always mark it as final if it's introduced from inner class and added to outer method signature
IDEA-77724 (Bug) What does options mean?
IDEA-77352 (Bug) Introduce Parameter Refactoring overrides existing name with generated one
IDEA-68498 (Bug) Introduce Parameter Refactoring applied to method with vararg parameter results with infinite recursion


IDEA-48722 (Feature) JDBC data source: index definition is not included
IDEA-48677 (Feature) SQL data source: index, sequence, function definitions are not included
IDEA-22384 (Feature) MySQL: resolve user-defined functions
IDEA-48178 (Usability Problem) SQL: Oracle: user-defined functions and procedures names are not suggested by code completion
IDEA-76456 (Bug) PostgreSQL: recognize user functions defined in another file
IDEA-77452 (Bug) Misleading parsing error in SQL
IDEA-77501 (Bug) Spellchecker in (My)SQL should not trigger on leading "@" character
IDEA-48230 (Bug) SQL: Oracle: procedure / function definitions added to local data source are not resolved in other files

User Interface

IDEA-76845 (Cosmetics) 'Paths affected in revision' dialog: frame AND separator look ugly
IDEA-77752 (Cosmetics) Navigation bar drop-down is poorly aligned
IDEA-76368 (Bug) Plugins repos: Correct GUI layout
IDEA-77649 (Bug) Splitters are incorrectly resized

Version Control

IDEA-61647 (Bug) IDEA doesn't get valid filenames from patches when file is added
IDEA-77294 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.assertValidSeparators

Version Control. CVS

IDEA-39927 (Usability Problem) (CVS) Checkout location dialog is missing path field
IDEA-17244 (Bug) Problem importing a new module into CVS from IDEA

Version Control. Git

IDEA-75985 (Usability Problem) Git Log: Ordering and color selection widget should be clickable across its entire width
IDEA-77628 (Cosmetics) Push Rejected dialog cosmetics
IDEA-75651 (Bug) idea should allow to shelve even in detached HEAD
IDEA-77725 (Bug) ?????
IDEA-77239 (Bug) Cannot checkout project from github
IDEA-77414 (Bug) Git: On pull Phpstorm stops responding
IDEA-76988 (Bug) Git: server operations fail when http protocol is used instead of https
IDEA-76994 (Exception) Push to http repository fails, if the server doesn't support smart Http protocol

XSLT Support

IDEA-77514 (Bug) XSLT debug: Xalan: xsl:for-each causes warning

IDEA-73781 (Usability Problem) The phrase "Nothing found to update" is awkward and confusing
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