IDEA 11 110.3 Release Notes

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IDEA-74421 (Feature) Sort auto import exclude list
IDEA-74712 (Task) Map help button and F1 of the Favorites tool window
IDEA-69898 (Bug) Show context expanded generic return type of method in Quick Documentation (as in Resharper)
IDEA-74466 (Bug) Favorites: on attempt to add some class member to Favorites via drag'n'drop the class itself is added
IDEA-74100 (Bug) [yaml] key-value parsing improvement
IDEA-74821 (Bug) IDE hangs on exit if indexing of project was interrupted
IDEA-58199 (Bug) Skip FIFO files when building VFS and indexing
IDEA-74295 (Bug) Deadlock
IDEA-74445 (Bug) Favorites view: SendToFavorites doesn't work
IDEA-69210 (Bug) Upgrade to cglib 2.2.2
IDEA-74963 (Bug) Generate launcher script on Linux does not handle ~ folder
IDEA-74422 (Bug) Thread sort in Unscrambled Stacktrace view is case-sensitive
IDEA-66868 (Bug) Can't open browser in MAC OSX
IDEA-74693 (Bug) Parameter info popup doen't highlight applicable signature
IDEA-74360 (Bug) "2. Favorites" have wrong sorting order.
IDEA-74731 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.DebugUtil.currentStackTrace


IDEA-69925 (Feature) building of renderscript files not supported
IDEA-65949 (Feature) Add filtering in Logcat console
IDEA-74403 (Usability Problem) Android Layout Preview: rendering process could be shown on switching between layouts
IDEA-74776 (Bug) ALT+INSERT in android res/layout folder does not show a "Create new layout resource" menu
IDEA-74151 (Bug) " duplicate entry" in idea 10.5.2

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-74736 (Feature) "I/O resource opened but not safely closed" InspectionGadget does not catch use of Class.getResourceAsStream("")
IDEA-72962 (Feature) Inspection for JUnit tests annotated with @Ignore
IDEA-74705 (Usability Problem) 'Chained method calls' inspection should not report chained method calls in super/this-constructor-calls.
IDEA-74690 (Usability Problem) "disable inspection" at the bottom of the intention context menu is dangerous
IDEA-74602 (Performance Problem) Cannot inspect MediaWiki phase3 directory
IDEA-68815 (Bug) ConstantConditions inspection inside timers
IDEA-74800 (Bug) junit inspections: good code yellow: '@Ignore annotated method won't be ignored' highlighting
IDEA-74545 (Bug) TestNG inspection "groups problem" ignores unknown groups with hyphen/dash ("-")
IDEA-74599 (Bug) IDEA should provide "access to a non-accessible member of an enclosing type" inspection like eclipse does.

Code Coverage

IDEA-74947 (Bug) Code coverage: highlighting disapears after changing of color settings

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-74844 (Bug) Reformat code invoked on directory reformats entire project
IDEA-74374 (Bug) No status indicator when reformatting code
IDEA-74585 (Bug) "Code Style / Wrapping and Braces / Assignment Statement / Align when multiline" doesn't work
IDEA-53842 (Bug) Reformat code invoked for module node should not touch files under .idea
IDEA-74751 (Bug) Spaces options in code style with method call parentheses


IDEA-74496 (Performance Problem) RunQueryInConsoleIntentionAction.isAvailable() blocks EDT

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-71518 (Feature) let parameters completion pass method parameters
IDEA-72992 (Feature) Smart Completion: Suggest enum variants for interface parameter
IDEA-74749 (Feature) smart completion missing where expected
IDEA-74668 (Feature) Smart Completion: improve for interface implementations
IDEA-74541 (Bug) Live templates: "iter" doesn't work well with collections of inner parametrized classes
IDEA-74709 (Bug) Return should not be suggested inside method arguments
IDEA-62229 (Bug) Suggestion autopopup in comments
IDEA-68684 (Bug) Extra parenthesis and semicolon in inserted by smart completion of array type initializer in some cases
IDEA-74784 (Bug) Auto completion probably should not work in method names
IDEA-68605 (Bug) Exclude StringBuffer from completion fails to exclude StringBuffer
IDEA-73057 (Bug) classpath resource reference contributor unhelpful (suggesting names without extension)
IDEA-69253 (Bug) Autopopup completion ignores ellipsis types

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-73149 (Bug) Editor: error markers in gutter are incorrectly updated
IDEA-74409 (Bug) Good code is red
IDEA-67098 (Bug) Error annotations cancel semantic ones
IDEA-74555 (Bug) critical: java class is not parsed
IDEA-74699 (Bug) Inspection does not trigger error for non-constructor annotations put on constructors

Editor. Intention Actions

IDEA-74739 (Bug) Quick fix for renaming an unused exception to 'ignored' triggers a large refactor
IDEA-74951 (Bug) Intentions to "Add static imports" break code

Flex Support

IDEA-74117 (Bug) Flex UI designer: survive or report error correctly when swc is corrupt
IDEA-71484 (Bug) Flex: Usages of class not found in new expressions.
IDEA-67993 (Bug) Flexmojos 4 swf poms do not compile in idea
IDEA-74628 (Bug) Flex UI Designer plugin does not start in IDEA 11 EAP
IDEA-71789 (Bug) 'This' keyword is painted incorrectly if highlighted in injected context
IDEA-74078 (Exception) Flex UI Designer: Throwable at SocketInputHandlerImpl.setProperty() on changing property value from within Designer if target mxml file is not active in editor

GWT Support

IDEA-74645 (Bug) GWT : Class "HashMap.put(K,V)' is not present in JRE Emulation Library


IDEA-74576 (Feature) Align multiline declaration list
IDEA-72864 (Feature) Grails: completion for parameters of method LinkGenerator.resource()
IDEA-66457 (Feature) Make layouts aware of the model they are applied to
IDEA-73218 (Feature) Live template "Iterate Itarable | Array in J2SDK 5.0 syntax" (iter) should work in groovy code.
IDEA-74932 (Task) Map help button of the Groovy code style
IDEA-74572 (Bug) Groovy: Implement Method action: if there is nothing to implement, a warning should be shown
IDEA-74354 (Bug) Multiline parameteres list indentation inconsistency
IDEA-74586 (Bug) "Code Style / Wrapping and Braces / Ternary Operation / Align when multiline" doesn't work for Groovy
IDEA-74582 (Bug) Groovy: Introduce Closure Parameter Refactoring doesn't add arguments to closure calls if closure definition is split to declaration and initialization
IDEA-74623 (Bug) Groovy: Undo Introduce Closure Parameter shows confusing message
IDEA-74435 (Bug) Typing "for(final " in Groovy++ context produces "for(finalize() )"
IDEA-74590 (Bug) 'in' second operand treated as a constructor call
IDEA-74521 (Bug) Groovy: Extract Method Refactoring: when extracting a method from a catch block, parameter with exception type is not added to the new method
IDEA-74535 (Bug) Groovy: Inline Variable Refactoring applied to a variable used in a string literal inserts extra spaces and, hence, breaks code
IDEA-74381 (Bug) collect{} return type not inferred
IDEA-72243 (Bug) Grails: Idea don't recognize additional criteria supplied in invokation time.
IDEA-73879 (Bug) Groovy closure autoformatting
IDEA-72049 (Bug) Navigation for @TupleConstructor constructors
IDEA-69265 (Bug) Groovy++ redefines some GDK methods with more typed variants
IDEA-74368 (Bug) 'Cannot undo' message is shown when undo is performed after compilation of project containing Groovy files
IDEA-74366 (Bug) Import static and inner classes issue
IDEA-74579 (Exception) Groovy: Throwable at GrIntroduceClosureParameterProcessor.insertDeclaration() on Introduce Closure Parameter -> Delegate via overloading method
IDEA-74574 (Exception) Groovy: ClassCastException at GrIntroduceParameterHandler.findScope() on Introduce Parameter Refactoring invoked from closure that is located in method
IDEA-74592 (Exception) Groovy: Throwable at GrIntroduceClosureParameterProcessor.processExternalUsage() on introducing closure parameter if closure is used without "(...)"
IDEA-74489 (Exception) Groovy 1.9: NumberFormatException at ConvertIntegerToDecimalIntention.processIntention() on "Convert to decimal/hex" intention applied to binary literals
IDEA-74565 (Exception) Groovy: SpinAllocator$AllocatorExhaustedException at GroovyPsiElementFactoryImpl.createMethod() after invoking "Generate Getter and Setter" action several times
IDEA-74561 (Exception) Groovy: Throwable at CollectClassMembersUtil.getCachedMembers() on "Convert to dynamic instantiation" intention


IDEA-74614 (Bug) HTML5 entity codes like © aren't recognized

IDE Configuration

IDEA-74733 (Bug) MacOSX: Settings:WebBrowser: impossible to select aplication as default browser


IDEA-70102 (Bug) 10.5 version - JBoss Application not deployed on Debug mode
IDEA-74828 (Bug) Stopping application server does not un-deploy artifacts (JBoss AS 7)

J2EE.App Servers.Generic

IDEA-58796 (Bug) IntelliJ does not undeploy EAR file when Weblogic is shutdown
IDEA-74519 (Bug) JBoss 7: remote deployment fails


IDEA-72267 (Bug) Remote deploy says "Artifact is not deployed" whereas it is deployed at the moment


IDEA-74726 (Feature) Struts 2: JSP tags should highlight duplicate "id" attribute values
IDEA-74967 (Bug) S2: Chained Action class properties not working if no setter available on parent


IDEA-75029 (Usability Problem) JS: Inspection "Unfiltered loop": Description should mention hasOwnProperty()
IDEA-74655 (Usability Problem) New in Nika: Inspection "Referencing this from closure" needs better description
IDEA-74580 (Performance Problem) Editor very slow when editting a JavaScript file
IDEA-74825 (Bug) [javascript] ECMAScript5 Array.reduce() and reduceRigth() methods should be resolved
IDEA-74656 (Bug) New in Nika: Good JS code is yellow: False warning for "Possible iteration over unexpected (custom / inherited) members"

JavaScript. Debugger

IDEA-68680 (Feature) Connect to remote Node.js instance debug port

OSGi Support

IDEA-56112 (Bug) Shutting down a Felix Container shuts down PAX Runner but not the container
IDEA-73086 (Bug) OSMORC Plugin: Running make on module compiles and packages all OSGi modules in project.
IDEA-73087 (Bug) OSMORC Plugin: Errors and warnings in Messages window don't link back to source.

Plugin Support. API

IDEA-69652 (Feature) Automatic plugins update check, similar to that of TeamCity plugin

Project Configuration

IDEA-74546 (Bug) Unreadable facets configuration tree


IDEA-74730 (Usability Problem) Show real progress for "Removing redundant imports"
IDEA-74912 (Usability Problem) Method refactor dialog improvement
IDEA-74540 (Cosmetics) Missing whitespace to the left of "Visibility" block in "Convert to instance method" refactoring dialog
IDEA-74763 (Bug) Don't allow to move file to library archive


IDEA-73867 (Usability Problem) SQL: MySQL: misleading "expected" error message
IDEA-74538 (Bug) SQL: SQLite: REFERENCES without MATCH and DEFERRABLE is red
IDEA-74938 (Exception) SQL: AE at SqlElementFactory.createCompositeElement() on indexing

Template Languages. FreeMarker

IDEA-24880 (Bug) Code Folding: Collapsed macro doesn't show macro name
IDEA-54147 (Bug) Freemarker Formatting Incorrect
IDEA-66599 (Bug) Ftl Code Formatting

Template Languages. Velocity

IDEA-73106 (Bug) Velocity: support scope references

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-74833 (Bug) "Class name" field in "Create Test" doesn't support undo

Unit Testing. TestNG

IDEA-74407 (Feature) "Find usage" should find tests even ig they are inluded using packages
IDEA-74786 (Bug) Strange lock-up around a TestNG parser

User Interface

IDEA-74688 (Cosmetics) Layout next to splitter bar in plugin manager is cramped
IDEA-73907 (Cosmetics) Text field misplaced in the Find Action dialog on Mac
IDEA-74641 (Cosmetics) "Move Module to Group" submenu items: use title case
IDEA-74477 (Bug) Cursor blinking
IDEA-74791 (Bug) Show inheritors popup get expanded out of the screen bounds
IDEA-74717 (Bug) greater/less than characters entity encoded in event log
IDEA-74122 (Bug) Popup with html in the title can trancate its content when content's width is less than title's width
IDEA-73637 (Bug) Can't type in editor after closing Alt-Ins (Generate...) popup by clicking outside
IDEA-74485 (Bug) New project always opens in new window, even with "This Window" choice
IDEA-74476 (Exception) NPE com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ProjectWindowActionGroup.activatePreviousWindow
IDEA-74434 (Exception) IllegalStateException at ToolWindowContentUi$5.getTextFor() on pressing Alt+Down in tool window comboboxes

Version Control

IDEA-74520 (Bug) Change Details: not able to show user associated text files in change details: RE at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiFileFactoryImpl.createFileFromText
IDEA-74711 (Bug) Shelf: Show diff shows outdated current text, if it is just changed and not stored to disk yet
IDEA-74533 (Bug) File that became same after modification in diff view in commit window remains in the modified files listing

Version Control. CVS

IDEA-31173 (Usability Problem) Not enough diagnostics when cvs commit failed
IDEA-34948 (Bug) CVS: the 'server command' field in cvs roots dialog for :local: method shouldnot be editable
IDEA-73167 (Bug) Unable to cvs update a "Created" file in "Check Status Info" tool window
IDEA-51840 (Bug) CVS: pserver method: if .cvspass contains invalid password for some cvsroot, CheckOut fails (no login dialog is shown)

Version Control. Git

IDEA-74106 (Usability Problem) Trouble checking out project using Github plugin
IDEA-74470 (Usability Problem) Git: Branches: show default "no changes" dialog when there is no changes between branches
IDEA-74495 (Usability Problem) Git: Compare with branch: disable action for empty repository
IDEA-74682 (Bug) Deadlock in Git branch widget update

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-74651 (Bug) SubVersion Repository and Incoming-tab not working

XSLT Support

IDEA-71414 (Exception) IOE at HelpSet.<init>() due to absence of help.jar in XSLT debugger
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