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JetBrains Academy

Mission Statement: The JetBrains Academy program fosters a community of leading experts who represent at least one of JetBrains products in an informal way. The Academy members support JetBrains and get assistance from JetBrains, too. The Academy contains a group of professionals who do not work for JetBrains. The group connects its members to each other, to JetBrains and also serves as a connection point for end users who want to get in contact with JetBrains and its products. Academy members provide feedback to JetBrains on it's products and spread the word about them.

Communication: using JetBrains forum (for Academy members only!)

Selection of new members (one or more apply):

  1. Writing regularly about at least one JetBrains product (in books, articles, blogs)
  2. Being a major contributor to at least one JetBrains product (e.g. writing IDEA plug-ins)
  3. Being a well-known expert on at least one JetBrains product and supporting it visibly and regularly
  4. Working on a complex (preferably open-source) project with JetBrains products and use JetBrains tools as part of the development process, promote usage of these products
  5. Being visible as a JetBrains evangelist

Process of election: New members are elected by one of the Academy board members, although new members can be suggested by any of the existing members.

*JetBrains Development Academy Principles: *JetBrains Development Academy activities include all visible JetBrains-related contributions. The volume of regular or “voluntary” commitment is left to the Member’s discretion. However, the Academy Board suggests a base level of activity for every Academy Member. See JetBrains Development Academy Principles below.

Benefits: JetBrains

  • Academy members influence other developers to use JetBrains products.
  • Academy serves for JetBrains to show that the company is a good player in the Java/.NET communities.
  • Academy members provide feedback on what is JetBrains doing, future roadmaps, etc.
  • Academy gathers and connects persons who do not work for JetBrains, but contribute as casual evangelists of JetBrains products.
  • Academy provides for JetBrains market visibility benefits with low cost.
  • Academy members support local JUGs / NUGs, help local communities and enable connections with JetBrains.

Benefits: Members

  • Direct access to JetBrains employees, possibility to directly influence future of JetBrains' products.
  • Discussion forums where Academy members can discuss among themselves and with JetBrains employees, especially evangelists and JetBrains marketing.
  • Free personal licenses for JetBrains products per choice of each member.
  • Members can give away licenses of JetBrains products at user group meetings or conferences.
  • Approximately 2 presentations per year with interesting content via webinars from JetBrains employees.
  • Members are listed on the JetBrains Academy site and gain visibility this way.
  • Members gain increased prestige with their Academy status.

The full list of Member benefits is represented here.

Current board members and Academy members: http://www.jetbrains.com/devnet/academy/experts/index.html

Academy Alumni status: if a member doesn’t participate in the regular Academy activities for a year, he/she will be moved to the JetBrains Academy Alumni status. If and when the Member feels ready to return, he/she can return to full Member status.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact robert.demmer@jetbrains.com or maria.sokolova@jetbrains.com and prepare an explanation why you would be a valuable member as well as information about your past contributions to promotion of JetBrains products or other contributions to the community around JetBrains tools. Your membership request will be then discussed by the Academy board.

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